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Geese and ducks

A long time ago, wild geese and ducks were two sisters who lived by a lake in the south.

By KianaPublished 6 months ago 7 min read

A long time ago, wild geese and ducks were two sisters who lived by a lake in the south. Wild geese were born seven days earlier than ducks, so wild geese naturally know more things than ducks.

The geese and ducks grew up slowly, that is, they were able to fly. At this time, the climate in the south changed, and the weather gradually became hotter and hotter day by day. Later, the lake where they lived dried up; moreover, all the nearby lakes dried up. The geese proposed to fly to the sea in the north, because it was cool, there was water, and there must be many, many fish. The ducks agreed with the geese, and they set off to leave the south immediately.

This was their first time traveling far, and they were very interested in everything they met on the road. Especially the duck, she was young and didn't know anything, so she was curious about everything.

When they were flying over a plain, they met a flock of pigeons circling low. The geese nodded and smiled at the pigeons and flew over. The duck kept looking back and said to the geese:

"Sister! Why are you flying so fast, wait for them to be bad? We should have more companions to fly with us."

Dayan replied: "They are playing, and they don't plan to fly to the seaside far from home."

"How do you know?"

"I'm seven days older than you, and I know them as pigeons who like the plains. There is their food on the plains, and their home is in the woods on the plains. They won't be our companions."

"I don't believe it. How could they not like the sea in the north?"

"If you don't believe me, just ask them."

So the duck flapped its wings slowly, turned back and shouted to the pigeons, "Hey! Beautiful friends! You can't go to the beach in the north? You won't be lonely on the road, let's fly together."

A pigeon replied, "It's a long flight, it's too hard, let's not do it."

The duck said in surprise, "Really? Really?"

The pigeons were silent and continued to play as if they had not heard her voice. Later, the pigeons landed on the plain one after another, singing coo and pecking at the grains on the ground.

Duck sighed and looked down a few times before speeding up and rushing forward. After chasing for a while, Duck

Just caught up with the geese.

Now, they suddenly heard a strong and tragic cry below.

Duck asked in panic, "Sister, sister! Listen, what's that sound?"

Dayan tilted his head and looked down, saying, "That's a wild donkey shouting."

The duck's eyes immediately filled with tears and said, "I'm afraid, I'm afraid! Why are the wild donkeys shouting?"

"It's okay, it's okay. It's them calling their companions. Look, they're running to the river to drink water."

The duck looked down for a while and asked again:

"Why don't they go to the great seaside in the north, ask them to go with us, okay?"

"They don't like the sea. They have a home here."

"Really? Really?"

The duck slowed its wings and kept looking back.

A group of black wild donkeys on the ground jumped and jumped to the edge of the small river, all of them stretched their necks to drink water. After they finished drinking the water, some rolled on the beach, some were chasing each other, and some were chasing each other.

The duck looked and laughed:

"Let's go down and play with them!"

Dayan replied:

"No! Let's fly, we still have a long way to go."

"Really, really? When can we have a home?"

The sun went down to the ground, and there was a gust of wind blowing in the sky. The duck shivered a few times and said:

"Sister, have we already flown to the north?"

"No. It's still far away."

"Why is it so cold? Didn't you say it's only cold in the north?"

"It's not cold, it's just a little wind at night."

"Sister, tell me, what kind of cold law is in the north?"

"I don't know. --Don't be afraid, little sister, I hear the lack of courage in your voice. Haven't our father and mother already been there? They have been there, what are we afraid of?"

The duck did not answer, and after a while said to the geese:

"Sister, I like warmth, how nice it is to be warm!"


"Because we grew up by the lake in the south. Alas! How I miss the warm sunshine and the warm lake!"

"You are talking about the past. We are going forward. The south was good when we were young, but the north is better for our future growth. Fly hard! There is a sea in the north that we have never seen before, and there are countless delicious fish in the sea. For a bird that can fly, there is home; or better than home." "Really?"


The duck was silent, flew after the geese for a while, and said again:

"When can we rest?"

"Soon. There is a small swamp ahead, and we can rest there. We should have a good place to spend the night tonight."

"I'm so tired, I want to rest right away."

"Hold on for a while, good sister, just a moment, we can rest."

"All right!" the duck answered softly, flapping its wings reluctantly.

They finally flew to a small lake. They found some small fish to eat, and then went to sleep in the reeds. Each of them buried their heads under their wings and fell asleep quickly.

In the middle of the night, the duck was suddenly awakened by a sound. She heard the cry of an animal, and said happily to the geese:

"Sister, listen, those are a few living things, they are here."

After listening for a while, Dayan said, "They are living things, but what are they? We have to be careful."

"Watch out for what? I'm happy as long as they can make a sound. Look how lonely we are now. I love sound. Do you remember how lively our life was by the lake in the south! So many frogs, so many bugs, they screamed like a concert. But on this day's journey, everything has changed, almost no sound can be heard, and it's so quiet that it scares me."

"Don't say that. As long as we get to the beach in the north, we won't feel lonely anymore, where there are countless of our brothers and sisters. --Get up quickly, that voice is weird, scary, and doesn't seem like a good thing."

A little light flashed in the depths of the darkness, and gradually the light and voice approached them.

The wild goose screamed: "Fly quickly!"

Duck disagreed, arguing:

"It doesn't matter, what are you afraid of! It's light. Oh! It's dawn. Sister, let's fly when the sun is fully out, I'm really tired."

"Quick, quick! That's not sunlight."

"That's light, no different from sunlight. It doesn't matter, wait a moment! Look, what a beautiful light!"

The flickering dark red light came closer to them.

The geese cried alertly:

"No! I'm going to fly, hurry up and follow!"

The duck is still praising:

"Beautiful, beautiful! What a beautiful light!"

The geese didn't wait for the duck to finish speaking, and flew up with a few snaps.

"Crack"! A few reeds broke, and there was a loud noise. Then a strong light hit the duck. The duck was so frightened that she went soft. She buried her head in her wings again.

"Oh! What a tame little thing!" A man with a lamp in his left hand gently grabbed the duck lying on the ground with his right hand.

A woman ran over, stroked the duck's feathers, and said, "What a soft little thing!"

The man said, "We can raise it. In winter, we won't have to go out hunting."

The woman said, "Yes, keep it. I like it and must feed it well."

The duck's fear was completely gone, and he lay honestly in the man's arms.

At this time, the geese were still circling in the sky, and they were calling for ducks.

Duck replied, "Sister, sister..."

The man and woman laughed at her cry. The woman patted the duck on the head and said:

"How interesting! It can also bark, poor little thing!"

The geese wandered in the sky for a long time, but the ducks did not fly. It was already bright, and she had to fly north alone. Finally, she reached the big ocean, and on a large rock, she met many brothers and sisters, who lived a hard-working but free life.

When the duck arrived at someone's house, she didn't have to worry about life. Of course, she didn't do anything, and she became fat day by day. At first she couldn't fly, but then she couldn't fly. In the end, she didn't even know what "flying" was. She also didn't know what the sea was at all. Only when she accidentally remembered the geese did she cry out sadly and weakly: "Sister, sister!" (This voice sounds to us like "Jiaojia, Jiaojia!")

Thus, geese and ducks become two different birds.

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