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SHELL MOTOR FAN - This is for the Vocal "Word Hunt " Challenge

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
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This is for the Vocal Word Hunt Challenge that you can read about below.

The Prompt

Write a story that incorporates three words from the provided word search puzzle.

Freq - The Room

He was in a big room and had been here ever since they pulled him in. He didn't know what for. There was a fan in the corner but it didn't work, the motor looked like it had burned out long ago.

There was a box that had been a television once, but now it was nothing more than an empty shell. he would not be watching anything on that.

In one corner there was a toilet and sink with a toothbrush, soap and razor.

He looked round and, though it was a big room he realized that he couldn't see a door or a window, although there were drafts that implied there must be some kind of opening somewhere, but he couldn't see any. There was light but he could not see where it was coming from, it was like light from a window, but there was no window that he could see.

Food appeared on a small table but he never saw anyone put it there, and when he had eaten the plate disappeared but he never saw how.

Music played constantly, it was a radio but there was just music, no commentary, or maybe he had just not heard anyone talking. He never thought of trying to retune it.

He thought about his family but felt that he was in the right place, although he didn't know what for. He was perfectly compliant.

He never slept, he didn't need to.

He had accepted his position, neither happy nor sad, he just felt everything was right.

Freq - The Experiment

Scientist: "It looks like the new frequencies are working, well they seem to be on this one. He has been no trouble and has not tried to escape. The frequencies stop him from seeing the doors and windows and when the food is brought in and the plates and cutlery removed. He is using the facilities and just uses the razor for shaving. I know we lost a couple when they cut their wrists and throats but the new frequencies seem to have solved that"

Controller: "So how long before we can have them doing something useful? A workforce we don't have to pay will be good for our financial model, and if we can just pull anyone in and keep them subdued with these "frequencies" we will be in a good position. We just need to make sure that the law is not aware of what we are doing. So exactly how does it work?"

Scientist: "We broadcast what we call non-sound on frequencies behind the music that we play through the radio. In our subjects, this blocks out any thoughts of themselves and physically we can include any channels of egress or items that might help them escape, although they don't think of escaping now. The next phase is to program them to work on a production line, but that will require the programming of a team, and at the moment we have only done single subjects"

Controller: "That needs to happen within two months or the powers that be will shut this place down and look for other alternatives. And these hand-held directors are really useful"

The controller pointed his director at the scientist and pressed the switch.

Controller: "So we'll be ready in two months"

Scientist: "Absolutely no problem sir. We will definitely be operational by then, with a whole frequency-directed team"

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    Whoaaaa! This was so cool and creepy too! Frequencies that make people to not see certain things! You're so creative!

  • Sound frequencies to control behavior? Why not? It worked to make people ill in, was it Cuba?

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