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A Short Story by the T.MORRISONPR Imprint

By Tamika Morrison OkelekePublished about a year ago 3 min read


With a heavy heart and anxious thoughts, Destiny hurriedly stepped out of the elevator and into the meeting room. Taking a deep breath, she surveyed the faces of her team, noting the anxiety etched into their expressions. However, she also saw a fierce determination burning within each of them. A quick nod and a reassuring smile from Destiny was all it took to confidently lead her team into the upcoming challenge.

Destiny: Everyone, gather around. We have a major crisis on our hands.

Justice: Destiny, what are we going to do?

Elliott: I received the same alert. It looks like we’re in deep ish!

Destiny: This scandal is going to hit us hard unless we act fast. I need you all at your best right now. Justice, I need a strong communication plan ASAP.

Elliott: Alright, let's cut the bullshit we know who is behind this. I suggest we put out a statement to address this head-on, and make sure the public knows it’s not US! No more covering up for Happy’s sad ass!

Justice: I'm on it, Destiny. We'll do everything we can to salvage our own reputation.

Destiny: Chelsea, work your PR magic, and let's show them why you're the Maven! Reach out to media outlets and ensure they get our side of the story.

Chelsea: You got it, boss!

Destiny: Elliott we got a brand situation on our hands so we got some sleuthing to do. Remember, we've weathered storms before; this one will be no different. Let's show them what Seabreeze Sun-Times PR Force is made of!

Together as a team, they set out to tackle the scandal and protect their company from its potential demise. Destiny was determined to expose the nepotism and cronyism and Happy was Prime Suspect number 1.

As evening fell upon them, Destiny regarded her excellent team with pride before marching towards Happy's desk, where she pretended to be occupied with a phone call.

It was time to unseat those who undermined integrity in the corporate world, and no ties to the mighty CEO would be strong enough to stop them now.


A dense fog hung low over the city as the team of tenacious executives assembled in the dimly lit boardroom, each pressing their lips into a tight line. Time was running out, and it was up to them to protect their company from the scandal threatening to unravel its very foundation.

Happy abruptly ended her phone call and stood hurriedly to join her Uncle and the others in the boardroom when Destiny confronted her.

Destiny: Happy, wait. We need to talk.

Happy: Now's not the time, Destiny. Can't you see we're trying to save the company?

Destiny: That's exactly why we need to talk. I have reason to believe you might know something about this scandal. You've been acting pretty suspicious lately.

Happy: Are you serious? I'm just doing my job and trying to help my Uncle navigate this mess.

Destiny: Yes, I know he’s YOUR UNCLE but that doesn’t scare me sweetie. Your actions just don't add up. It's like you're hiding something.

Happy: I can assure you I'm not hiding anything. In fact, my main focus is on protecting this company.

Destiny: Well, I hope that's true, Happy. For the sake of everyone in that room and the entire company.

Happy: Trust me, Destiny, it is. Let's focus on finding a solution together -OK -- rather than pointing fingers at each other.

It was clear that they had to face the reality of the situation, and yet no one seemed to know how to proceed. With furrowed brows and wary glances exchanged, the executives took their seats around the long, dark-polished table.

Jack Ashe, Happy’s Uncle, trying to maintain an air of authority, cleared his throat and addressed the group, yet staring coldly at Destiny.

"We must come up with a plan to mitigate this scandal before it goes public. Our reputation and our livelihoods are at stake."

As each team member began offering strategies for diffusing the situation, Destiny couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss; there was a cold undercurrent beneath their camaraderie that made her doubt their loyalty to one another.

As the room buzzed with whispers both skeptical and supportive - a cacophony of clashing perspectives - Destiny steeled herself for what lay ahead. This twisted game of corporate politics had consumed them all, leaving each executive questioning whether they truly knew themselves or their peers.

The fizz is just beginning to flow. What do you think will happen next? Let me know in the comments below!

Short Story

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Tamika Morrison Okeleke

Writer, PR Evolution Coach and Founder, Wordsmith, Soul-healer. I use words to inspire, connect, & make a difference. Follow me @1stLadyofPR.

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    Tamika Morrison OkelekeWritten by Tamika Morrison Okeleke

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