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First Contact Meet Cute 👽 Science Fiction Comedy Romance ❤️

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By The Pleasure PenPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Witness the whimsical and heartwarming First Contact Meet Cute,’ a sci-fi comedy romance that’s as unique as it is delightful. Follow Riley, a woman whose post-Netflix existential ponderings are abruptly interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a sleek, otherworldly spaceship and its charming, if somewhat unconventional, alien occupant. Perfect for fans of romance with a twist of humor and a dash of cosmic wonder, ‘First Contact Meet Cute’ promises to take you on an unforgettable journey. Listen to the audiobook podcast episode for the full experience, and let the cosmos guide you to laughter, love, and a touch of magic. Love, Vivia.

❤️First Contact Meet Cute — Written & Narrated by Vivia

(Read along as you stream the episode)👽

As Riley’s feet crunched the familiar path behind her house, lost in the kind of existential musing only a prolonged Netflix binge and a pint of ice cream could provoke, the universe decided to spice things up.

Literally out of the blue, a spaceship — sleeker than any billionaire’s vanity project — executed what could only be described as a galactic pirouette before landing with the grace of a cat wearing socks on a polished floor.

The gust that hit her didn’t just mess up her hair in a way no Instagram filter could salvage; it nearly sent her tumbling into the kind of slapstick fall reserved for rom-com heroines. As she steadied herself, squinting against the dust, there he was: Mr. Universe in the flesh. And what flesh it was — glowing like a budget special effect and completely, utterly naked. The kind of naked that made you wish Earth had skipped inventing clothes.

Their eyes met, and bam! Telepathic Tinder in action. No swipes needed. He was in her head, making himself cozy among thoughts like, “Did I leave the stove on?” and “He’d look good in a tuxedo, or, well, anything.”

“Nice to crash-land in your brain. You’ve got quite the interior decorating in here,” he seemed to say, without saying anything. It was like being texted by someone sitting right across from you, only infinitely more intimate and without autocorrect to save you from embarrassment.

Riley shot back with a mental shrug that was the equivalent of a cheeky grin. “Make yourself at home. Mind the existential dread on the left and the pile of ‘I should have known betters’. Oh, and enjoy the view, I guess?”

The air between them crackled, not with electricity, but with the kind of anticipation usually reserved for the final episode of a long-running TV series. Would they? Wouldn’t they? Of course, they would. This was destiny with a dash of cosmic relief.

As they slowly bridged the gap between them, they exchanged life stories. He shared snapshots of interstellar travels, of suns being born and dying, like the ultimate galactic tourist. “And here’s me at the Horsehead Nebula. Majestic, isn’t it? Oh, and that time I accidentally started a cult on Zeta Reticuli. Good times.”

Riley couldn’t help but chuckle, her mental voice tinged with amusement. “And here’s me, getting overly attached to fictional characters and crying over spilled tea. I also talk to my plants. They’re great listeners.”

Their conversation was epic. They discussed the nature of the universe, the possibility of life after death, and the pressing question of why socks always disappear in the dryer.

By the time they were inches apart, a whole universe of words had been exchanged without a sound. He shifted his appearance, tweaking it with the flair of someone used to changing outfits with a thought.

“How do I look?” he asked, now perfectly blending in, if you ignored the fact that he still looked like he belonged on the cover of a sci-fi romance novel.

“Like someone who’s about to cause a lot of trouble,” Riley thought, her mental voice a mix of affection and teasing.

“And you look like someone who’s ready for it,” he replied, the warmth in his thought-voice wrapping around her like a hug.

When they finally embraced, it wasn’t just a meeting of bodies but of minds, spirits, and souls, a fusion of laughter, tears, and the kind of understanding that only comes when someone truly sees you. And as they stood there, the universe itself seemed to nod in approval, whispering, “Finally,” in the language of starlight and shared memes.

Yes, the universe had conspired to bring them together, a perfect match in the grand, cosmic scheme of things. Who knew the path to true love was paved with alien abductions, twin-flame bonds, and telepathic connections? Well, apparently, the cosmos did.

Thank you for reading and listening.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Love, Vivia

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