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by J. L. Cross 12 months ago in Young Adult
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A Fictional Character I Want to Meet: Rhysand

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I'm stuck on my first impression of Sara J. Maas's iconic Rhysand [Ree-sand] character from A Court of Thorns and Roses. I was entranced by this character throughout the end of the book. I wanted to know so much more about his but I was completely content not-knowing anything. He was perfect the way he was shrouded in mystery. After doing a little bit of research I found an interesting meaning to the name: "bringer of dark power", which the United States and Australia agree on and it's of English Origin. actually reports that from 1880 to 2019, 6 babies have been given this first name. That stat jumped to 6 in 2019 alone. Can someone just scream cultists at the top of their lungs? I love the fictional character, but the meaning? Did they really think twice before putting that on a birth certificate? I'm getting a real Anti-Christ vibe from these little minions.

I've been reading over some interesting articles I could be writing, and found one that said "If you had the opportunity to bring any person — past or present, fictional or nonfictional — to a place that is special to you (your hometown or country, a favorite location, etc.), who would you bring and why? Tell us what you would share with that person."

I've been dying to do one of these and wished I would have thought of it all on my own, but here I am. I picked this character because I think the first book of the series does his majestic "feline" grace such justice that I was sure I had fallen entirely in love with him. Not to mention the fan-art. Have you seen those sexy violet eyes, sharp cheekbones, strong jaw, and that beautiful black silky hair?

If I were to take this majestic animal anywhere I would definitely take him [back to my bedroom, cough, just kidding! Oh- Stahp it! I'm a married woman. I'm blushing.] I would definitely take him to a coffee shop. I know, I'm not very creative, but imagine this fictional character with a whole personality and life of his own without the face of an author lurking behind him in his consciousness! I would poke and prod at him, his abilities, his likes and dislikes. I'd want to know everything about everywhere he had been and everywhere he really wanted to go. He's a tormented and unusual soul. Rhysand is that character that's done all the horribly bad things and has gotten away with it and still gets the woman in the end. I would be more intrigued with connecting with him on a dark and dangerous level.

Authors often have very dark menacing sides to us. We write the most horrible horror scenes, the most deranged crimes, and horrible happenings. While Margaret Atwood insists that everything in the Handmaid's Tale was based on real events that happened at some point in history, you still have to be a bit twisted to take all the most horrible things and wrap them up in a sweet little package and call it a work of art. Those are precisely the thoughts and feelings I would divulge to my fictional friend and obviously ask him how he feels about them. I need someone in my life to purr at me and reassure me that I'm not a deranged animal on the inside waiting to burst free from the shackles of our reality and societal standards. At least Rhysand would understand, better yet he may find them delightful, amusing, and thrilling to hear about.

I should follow up by saying that the second person on my list would be Margaret Atwood. I'd love to produce something with her. I would love to share ideas and get a real insight as to how she came into writing and how she made due. I'd tell her all about how she motivates and encourages me without even knowing I exist. Of course, I'd do it over another cup of Coffee.

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