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Emotional storm

A wave of strong emotions

By TamHanh ThuyLinhPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

On the stage of life, each of us is the protagonist, deducing his own story. Emotion is the most moving melody in this show, it can make us feel endless warmth, but also let us fall into deep pain. When the emotional storm hits, how do we face it? Should we face up to the challenge, or should we run away from it?

Xiao Li, an ordinary girl, is wandering alone in the bustling city. She longed for love, but was afraid of being hurt. Until one day, she received a text message from an unfamiliar number: "Hi, I'm a new neighbor, would you like to grab a coffee sometime?" The tone of the message was polite and friendly, which made Xiao Li curious. She decides to meet this mysterious neighbor, and a strange fate begins.

During their date at the cafe, Xiao Li and David hit it off. David is a foreign boy from England. His gentle manners and humorous character make Xiao Li feel good. With the passage of time, their communication is more and more frequent, watching movies, shopping, tasting food, each time to get along with Xiao Li's heart beat faster. She realized that she was falling in love with this foreign boy, but she always had doubts about the relationship. She was afraid that it was just her own wishful thinking, that David was just thinking of her as a friend. So she decided to take action, but didn't know how to say it.

In a chance, Xiao Li found a tutorial called "Short message secret". Intrigued, she opened the tutorial and found detailed instructions on how to charm a crush with text messages. Xiao Li heart move, she decided to try this "secret". She crafted a text message: "David, I find I like you more and more. How do you feel about me?" She hesitated for a long time before finally summoning up the courage to send the message.

Waiting time, Xiaoli's mood is uneasy. She feared that David would reject her, and waited for his response. Finally, the phone vibrated, and David's reply appeared on the screen: "Xiao Li, I have liked you for a long time, too. Will you be my girlfriend?" Seeing this message, Xiao Li was so excited that she almost cried. It turns out that David has long been in love with Xiao Li, but because of language and cultural differences has been afraid to express. He thanked Xiao Li for her bravery, allowing their love to blossom.

However, the course of love has not been smooth. With the deepening of understanding, Xiao Li and David also began to appear some contradictions and differences. They come from different cultural backgrounds and have different habits and values. These differences gradually emerged in the process of getting along, which brought certain challenges to their relationship.

Facing the emotional storm, Xiao Li and David choose to face together. They communicate honestly, understand and tolerate each other, and try to solve problems between each other. They understand that love takes work and effort, and only by working together can the relationship become deeper and stronger.

In this process, Xiao Li also gradually grew up. She learned to express her feelings without fear of being hurt. She understands that love is not only sweet and romantic, but also responsible and responsible. She was willing to go the extra mile for David, for their love.

Emotional storm is not terrible, terrible is that we choose to escape. When we bravely face our hearts and dare to pursue true love, we will be able to find our own happiness in the storm of emotions. Let us be like Xiao Li and David, bravely meet the emotional challenges, use love to resolve contradictions, use understanding and tolerance to manage feelings, and let love bloom more brilliant light in the storm.


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TamHanh ThuyLinh

My name is Tam Han Chui Ling and I have a passion for words. I like to swim in the sea of books to gain knowledge and inspiration.

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