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Dreamer - Chapter 21

by Mel 11 days ago in Series

don't be fooled by what others tell you

Disclaimer: This story has multiple parts. To read the previous part, you can click here.

I tried to scream. Tried to let out any form of words, but I was unable to let any sound escape from my lips. His arm squeezed my neck a little too tightly for me to speak. The only sound I had been able to manage out came out as a tiny squeak; almost as if someone let a mouse out of the science lab.

"You don't know who I am?" He whispered into my ear.

A door slammed shut just down the hall. I flung my arms up. Some badass guy, who thinks he knew everything about holding a person hostage, doesn't even realize how to keep me from freeing myself. My arms waved in the air as I tried to jump up and down, but he stopped me. His arm slowly moved from my neck to my mouth as he used his other to hold my body down so that my feet felt as if they had been nailed to the ground. My body suddenly felt as if it had been tugged down.

My body began to fall with my head inches from the floor below, but something still continued to hold me up. In the very dim light of the hallway I noticed a hand wrapped around my wrist. I couldn't help but notice the veins that were popped out as he held his firm grip around my wrist, but they soon disappeared as he dropped my wrist to push my chin so my eyes were turned to face his own.

"Hi," He smiled, "Remember me?"

My breathing intensified. I could already feel the blood drain from my face and the beads of sweat started to collect on my forehead. My mouth opened but I couldn't figure out the right words to say. His fingers ran along my body; the soft touch of his finger tips sending shivers down my spine. He wore a small smile but showed no teeth.

I backed away from him, "I have to go." I headed back into the hallway, picking my bag up off the floor, and paced myself down towards room 213.

"Do you remember me?? He asked from behind.

"No." I lied. Of course I remembered him. I'd always remember that face. Every detail from that night would always live rent free in my mind. I just refuse to believe that this was really him. It couldn't be. Not here. Not at this school. Not at this town. Not in this life. He had to be fake. A liar. There's not other explanation. Yes. I understand how dumb that sounds, but people pretend to be other people all the time. Hell, even celebrities do it. They manage to make it possible; why can't it be possible right now? For all I know, this was Rev's work in progress to try and piss me off once more. Rev could have just as easily been behind this whole thing as a way to trick me into becoming his "slave". Everything Rev has done to me has always remained a secret. What if this was just one of his secrets becoming undone just to mess with my head? I sounded crazy. Really crazy. See what this new life has done to me? I'm losing my mind with every second I remain in this place.

"Really? You don't remember me at all? Did you just block out everything from that night completely out of your memory?"

Continuing to ignore him, I kept walking. There is absolutely no way I'm going to let him get inside my head. Not now. Not ever.

Something pulled at my sleeve. "Seriously," He said in a harsher tone.

"Fuck off." The words slipped off my tongue so easily, ever since they were waiting there just wanting to escape since the very first night I moved here.

"That isn't a nice way to greet the person who helped you."

"You didn't fucking help me!" I shouted. I looked around before lowering my voice, "You destroyed me."

"I was trying to help you Alexis."

My finger flew up, "I thought I told you to fuck off."

"I'm not going anywhere."

"I could go get a teacher; tell them that some mysterious guy randomly came up to me and began harassing me through the hallways. Hell. I could even say that you had a weapon and tried to hurt me." I threatened.

"If you got a teacher, I'll just tell them that you do know me and just wanted to pull a trick on them." He replied. Damn it. I should've known threats wouldn't get me out of this.

"Can I just get to class?" I asked, "Detention."

"Detention? Oh my god. Did little Alexis get in trouble on her first day? Wow. You really have changed from the last time I've seen you."

"I was late." I lied. Kind of. I was technically late, but not for typical 'I was late' reasons. I didn't just miss one class, or part of a class; I missed two classes and half of another. That doesn't mean I've changed.. does it? No. No it doesn't. The only reason I even missed class in the first place was because Rev wanted to be an ass. That was all. "How did you it was my first day?" I asked him.

"I thought we've been through this already. I.. know.. you." He grabbed my arm.

"Let go of me."

"You are not going to detention, young lady."

"I don't have a choice."

"Let go of her." A voice sounded from behind.

I turned my head to see a familiar face standing behind me and couldn't help the smile that began forming across my face the second I realized who it was.

"Why should I?" He still held onto me, no matter how hard I tried to fight his grip.

"I said so."

"You don't scare me, nitwit."

I turned my head towards the side, giving him a look as if to say help me, but he looked down at his feet. Before I could say anything, something jerked me out of his grip and I looked up to see someone sitting on top of him; a boy with blonde hair.

"Gilbert?" I whispered. I knew he already been in trouble but I didn't want him to get in even more trouble because of me.

He ignored me. "You don't just do that," His fists were flying, "You don't just hurt a girl just because you felt like it was needed to be done." I tried to pull him off, but he shoved me away. "Don't you ever grab her ever again, bitch." He growled.

"Gilbert get off!" I shouted at him, "You don't need to hurt him."

Gilbert jumped to his feet, staring back at the guy laying on the floor. Fear had been flashed across his face. Gilbert seemed like the kind of person who wouldn't want to admit just how scared he was, even if he was terrified, and living in this town for only a few days.. I can completely understand why you'd want to hide that from others. "Don't you ever come near me again." I watched as Gilbert stormed off.

"You should be going."

I held my arm out to help him up, "No matter how much I want to get away from you right now, I still don't want to rush down to detention."

"Oh yes, that's right," He smirked, "You're a badass now."

"I'm not a badass now."

"Were you always a badass?"

"I was never one."

He pushed me up against the wall and ran his hand down my waist, but I immediately slapped it away. "Are you really trying to escape this?" He smirked.

"Leave me alone." Fear began rushing back into my throat.

"Why would I want to do that?" He asked, "You're so beautiful." He ran his hand through my hair, "So soft."


"No." His words came out harsh, "I won't let you leave again."

"You never even had me for me to leave." I tried to push him off but he was stronger than I was. In this moment, I kind of wish Rev would've made one of his appearing out of thin air acts; although I do wish I never met Rev in the first place, I really did need him right now.


"Why did you think you had me in the first place?" I blinked away a teardrop, "Why did you think what you did was ever okay to do?"

"You let me."

"I was damaged."

"You were easy."

I stared back at him.

You were easy.

Footsteps sounded throughout the hallway in the far distance. My eyes traveled around until they saw a teacher about medium height with short hair and wearing small rim glasses come on over. My eyes looked back to him but he was gone.

"Are you trying to skip out on detention, young lady?"

"What?" I asked before answering again, "No. I'd never-"

'Then why didn't you show up for it?" He arms had been folded across her chest now and she held a stern, yet steady look furrowed across her brow.

"I got lost." I lied.

Her lips pursed together before she let out a small mmhmm, "Just move along now.. before I decide to give you another day."

I followed close behind her, mocking each step she took pretending as if I was in heels myself. I walked on my toes in a "fancy kind of way", but was soon forced to a stop as she stood in front of a door facing towards me yet again.

"Who are you?"

"Alexis?" I questioned back.

"No one you needed to care about." Someone said from behind me.

"Did you also assume you'd be able to skip detention?"

"Have you ever realized that you probably shouldn't even be bothering with detention in the first place?"

I turned my head to see a glimpse of the guy I just saw moments ago. "You." I mumbled under my breath.

A smile grew across his face.

"Can we just get into the room, Ma'am?" I asked quietly.

She fiddled with the doorknob, about to open it, when he jumped in front of it and pressed his body up against the door.

"Who are you?" The teacher asked again.


"Tell me who you are or I will be calling the cops."

I wanted to tell her that he'd probably wouldn't even care if she was to call an FBI agent but he spoke before I had the chance.

"It's Tyler."

You little liar.



don't give up on your dreams because someone else told you it wasn't practical.. it's not up to them. it's your life. your decision. you can succeed if you work hard enough for it.

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