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Dream Comes True

Beach Dreams

By Fred LooneyPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 14 min read
Dream Comes True
Photo by Sean Oulashin on Unsplash


Too Good To Be

I just kept my eyes shut and savored the wakening moments. The smell of the sea transported me to some of my best and most vivid memories, vacations, sand castles, playing tag with incoming waves. I remembered my vacations when I was a kid, the beach at Ocean View, the gentle surf because of it being just inside the Chesapeake Bay. Floating along in a 15 foot fiberglass runabout while watching the monstrous sized naval ships that were dwarfed by an occasional giant sized air craft carrier. Then I became aware of the bird song. The screech of gulls fighting over some morsel of food is unpleasant to many but to me it was just a deepening of the inner serenity. The chirps and cheeps of the beach darts which was my childhood name for the sand pipers. The deepening heat of a midsummer day was being overshadowed by my trying to remember if I had applied enough sun screen and done it correctly. 

Then I caught a olfactory glimpse of lilac before it disappeared as the breeze and skittered over the sand like a staggering celebrant who had been flying on a bottled happiness all day long. Before I had time to obsess over that thought I sensed movement near my feet and then I was considering whether or not I wanted to expend the energy to actually pry my eyes open.

A song was playing. One of my old familiar favorites, like the lilting melody line from Que Sera Sera. Just loud enough for me to make out every syllable and as I joined in something changed and I suddenly realized I was singing alone, accompanied by a sweet giggling laugh. That urged me to pass my tipping point as my desire to add substance to my mental image with a real one, and I pried open my lids while I dug my elbows into the sand to raise my head just enough to give me a complete view of the scene unfolding at my feet.

My eyes were still adjusting to the sudden flood of sun light that even the dark glasses was not holding at bay. As my world came slowly into focus the first thing I see is the sand pipers scurrying to to win their game of tag with the incoming surf. They were chasing the incoming tide, running only a split second ahead of the lapping tongue of the waves as the energy in each lap of the bay’s tongue finally depleted and the encroaching sea stopped eating the beach. I recognized that the sounds sea birds was not coming from my memories but were real and coming from those beach darts as they were objecting to me being an obstruction in their path. The tide was quickly approaching the high tide point as I distractedly considered whether of not I had placed the sanctuary of a what I always called my beach sleep chair too close to water’s edge.

It was then that I felt, more than saw, movement a few yards from me and slowly getting closer. A woman was inching her way in my direction, she was not overdressed for the beach but neither was she bikini clad. I saw a smile that was enticing yet playful as she again began to sing the Doris Day standard while nodding in such a way that seemed to invite me to join in. As i picked up with “whatever will be will be” I was taken by her soothing colors that shimmered in the sunlight and the easy motions of a soft, light fabric being gently rustled by the constant breeze. Her smile again drew my eyes upward and I discovered that the sun was directly above and behind my unknown but very welcome visitor. As a small cloud drew away from that golden orb my vision was degraded by the brightness to my only being able to see the darkened shadow of the woman still walking my way. She said, “I believe I should be able to remember all the lyrics but somehow they are just not able to travel the distance from my memories to my voice”.

As she noticed my squint I heard a soft laugh and she adjusted her trajectory toward the tide and that small shift began to allowed her colors to come back into my eyes. Even better that change of angle allowed the breeze to bring her scent to me. It is like a heavenly blend of lilac and vanilla plus an underlying carrier scent that made me think of warm tropical breezes and it took all my faculties to keep me from closing my eyes and just breathing in her scented beauty. In other words, she absolutely transformed from being just someone interesting on the beach to being a part of the paradise, and I honestly felt a part of the paradise myself.


How do you do

She broke my mesmerized stupor by just saying “I am Katrena and I am on a small departure from my normal life and seemed to have gained far more confidence. Since I have no fear of being rejected or even scorned I decided to throw caution to the wind and introduce myself to the handsome stranger who was sleeping on my beach.”

I was still staring but now my mouth was hanging slightly open and when I realized what I must look like I wanted to scream and then suddenly wondered if I was drooling! “Oh my God, I have never before, in my life been at such a loss for words. If I was drooling please don’t tell me, uh, my name is Rupert”. My eyes clamped shut and my body spasmed as I realized that I had told her straight out the first name that I hate, never ever use and work very hard to keep concealed. “I mean, I am R.J. and I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She began with a mischievous grin which slowly transformed into a breathtakingly gorgeous full intensity smile and with more than a little mirth in her beautiful green eyes replied “I am very pleased to meet you Rupert”. For the very first time in my life my name sounded right and meant for me, I then quickly realized it wasn’t what she said, it was the feelings that went into how she said it. My mind is reeling, Katrina is laughing full out and is so charming, and I instinctively know that she is not laughing at me, she is laughing with me, because, I just now realize that I am laughing like a loon myself.

My wits are completely gone and I find that my mouth is once again open and this time words are escaping, words that seem to have completely bypassed my brain and are taking me by complete surprise. Then I blurted, “I have never believed in love at first sight but suddenly I believe that I may have been very wrong about that”. Katrina says, “Is that so? To what do you attribute that change in your core beliefs.”

I just stammered “You” as I feel my face beginning to redden. Then I tried to regain my suave persona and added that I have never before seen a beach go so instantly from nap time relaxing to sky diving exciting and that all happened when you came over to introduce yourself to me. I am dying to know all about you and to tell you all you could ever want to know about me.



A sudden gentle but insistent tap on my shoulder accompanied by a complete change in what I am seeing, hearing and even feeling startles me beyond words. A hand is gently removing the VR glasses and young fellow is apologizing for disturbing my VR waking dream but he reminds me that I reserved one hour at the “VR World Experience” and my time was now expired. The room needs to be cleaned and prepared for our next reservation. “Please see the receptionist on your way out to schedule your next escape from life. If you recall, the dressing room is just over there and your things await you exactly as you left them. Thanks again for visiting us and we hope to see you here again very soon”.

My balance is returning as I rise to my feet and shuffle walk to the dressing room, as good as his word my street clothes lay scattered about exactly as I left them when I scrambled into my swim trunks an hour ago. Emerging from the dressing room into the reception area I am unable to hide my consternation over a lobby that is completely packed with teens. Soon I discover that a VR birthday party is taking over the whole venue and then, as if by magic, the teens all disappear through a door I had not noticed.

A woman at the reception desk smiles and thanks me for being patient but I was Mr. Grumpy by then and about to describe how to cater to high end customers when she walked in. 

Her eyes gave her away, I could see that she recognized me and besides after gazing so deeply into her eyes with her back to the sea and gulls, terms and all manner of other seaside birds around her it was only those eyes that I really saw. Suddenly my tongue became of little use, just as it had been in the VR. I extended my right hand and she shyly looked away and half way responded with a fist begging to be bumped. My board room confidence returned with a jolt as I opened up to ask her what gives? 

She turned away from me and reserved the same scenario for next week at the same time and immediately, without a single glance in my direction, scurries out the door into the city chaos. I looked back at the receptionist who just smiled and shrugged and then asked me with a twinkle in her eyes, if I wanted to same scenario next week at the same time. Pretty soon I was also out the door and looking around but saw nobody that was even a little bit familiar. I was in a daze as I returned to my office and my administrative assistant was staggered by seeing me seeming to be in another world. The rest of the day was a blur of meetings, phone calls and computers as I concentrated on not reliving my VR experience.

A customer had convinced me to try the VR room after she bought the business and dumped a ton of money into it to bring it to a high end experience. She gifted me the hour today as a thank you for all the work I did, of course she had paid dearly for my expertise as well but I gratefully accepted the gift thinking it would be a great way to escape from my self imposed pressure cooker environment for a short while one afternoon. To say that I am impressed is an extreme understatement, I feel like I have to have this break from reality as often as possible.



If I had to have my professional accomplishments over the next week evaluated then the whole week would have to be a considered a disaster. Never before have I ever been so distracted. One afternoon I closed my office door and proceeded to prepare a proposal for a client only to discover many hours later that I had actually described perfectly how to turn a section of beach into the most marvelous sand castle that could be instantly destroyed by a single small wave. I am known, in my industry circles for my unusually complete and “snag” free plans but this week everything I wrote fell into the same class, that of a day dream. I only now see that I should have simply taken a vacation!


Back to Paradise

Finally, the never-ending week ended. As I left my office I announced to all those nearby that I was gone for week and suggested that all should have a great weekend. Amid looks of astonishment and gaping mouths I left, carrying only a small duffle and entered the elevator.

My arrival at the VR World Experience was greeted warmly by staff that plainly recognized me and I was ushered to my dressing room. When I emerged a young lady was waiting and helped me adjust the VR Glasses to a perfect fit. Suddenly I was again on the gorgeous beach, the beach darts were scurrying about on their incomprehensible business, the air was salty and the breeze warm to the point of almost hot. I rechecked my sunscreen and settled into my chair with my book.

As I finished the book I was startled to realize that a lot of time had passed. I was, indeed, relaxed, but also I am suddenly tense with apprehension about Katrina. I was absolutely certain that she would be here today and in fact my whole week was centered on that single fact. The birds are still enchanting, the surf is soothing and the warmth is heavenly especially compared to a San Francisco winter.

Then suddenly, everything changed, coming up the beach, almost at a run is Katrina, she waves and I return the wave. When she gets close she actually leans in an gives me a small, absolutely heavenly kiss. Then she startles and embarrassingly says “Oh my heavens, I have never been so forward and bold in my entire life, not even close to it!”. My response was just as immediate and only briefly thought out. “I think you be have just given me the greatest gift of my life. Your lips are as gentle as a kitten’s whisper and the whole idea of our kissing is something that will live in my memories forever.”

She then begins to say “Rupert, I really want to know you better, do you think we could meet somewhere other than a virtual beach?” Then she suddenly stiffens and he whole demeanor changes before my eyes, suddenly she is a strong, capable business person and her cell phone is coming out of her pocket. I was about to say that I thought those were prohibited in here but bit my tongue. What she was saying and the manner of her speech was that of a manager or even, perhaps, an owner!

Then the penny dropped. Katrina was in fact K.V. Sutton with whom I had been working by phone, email, text and for one brief luncheon in person for several months as I helped her transform the basic teen vr room into a VIP VR World Experience. 

Suddenly I see her head to the area behind me and she was in a hurry. As I get up from the beach chair I notice that Katrina is gone and I began to run after her. I have no idea where I was going but I did not want her to leave without us sorting this out. After a few dozen steps suddenly my vision blanks and I hear all the tumult of a San Francisco street. Finally I come to my senses enough to remove the glasses and saw to my horror that one of the famous street cars was only inches from me and traveling at speed.

The street car hit me solidly and my head bounced on the track that is level with the street’s surface and the last thing I heard was a solid, very disgusting, crack.


Vacation Anyone?

I begin to be aware of being back in the beach chair, but the smells are definitely wrong, and the sounds are horrible. Beeping, squeaks, shuffling, clanging of metal objects and I know for sure this is not the beach.

My eyes try to open and I catch a glimpse of those beautiful green eyes that I recall seeing just before I was kissed, except they are damp and somewhere a woman is shouting something like “waking up”. I keep working on getting my eyes open and then I can tell for sure that it is Katrina and I said “Hello, I’m Ruport”. She screams in laughter and says, “Oh Ruport you know I’m Katrina”. Then the fog clears just a bit more and I say, would you like to go on a real vacation with me so we can get to know each other?”

Then a Doctor pushes Katrina out of the way and starts his poking and prodding as she yells “YES”.

THE END - For now!


About the Creator

Fred Looney

My first lifetime, I wrote in the language of computers. Now, in my "Retirement" I want to express my thoughts and feelings to other humans.

Please join me in this new adventure while I explore what I have been hiding in my subconscious.

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