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Different world who

Chapter 16 is revealed

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Different world who
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In the flat and wide exercise field, there are more and more spiritual teachers who come here to practice spiritual skills, Shouting one after another, and the noise is very lively.

Drill field edge position, the martial children affECTingly shake hands and feet, twist buttocks, eyes look around, mind is not here. Not for a while, two Lin breathlessly ran back, low voice way: "Wu Tong eldest brother, I see clearly, Nie Kong that boy is going to the medicine hall."

"Magic Medicine Hall?" The warrior boy sneered contemptuously. "Is that where he can go? Were you taught a lesson by Nie Qingfeng and Nie Qinghong?"

Two Lin said, "No, he went in and talked and laughed with Nie Qingfeng. Before entering, he also patted a hand on the stone lion at the door. The distance was too far, so I didn't see the result clearly. However, Nie Qingfeng and Nie Qinghong seemed shocked."


The wudong that wretched face is full of incomprehensible, "into the lowest have to gather spirit three products, when he trained to this level. Besides, GATHER THE SPIRIT DIVISION OF 3 GOODS, NIE HOME EVERYWHERE IS, HOW ALSO IMPOSSIBLE to let TWO CHANGE SPIRIT division shock? Two Lin, did you see wrong?"

Two Lin shake his head again and again: "Absolutely right."

"That's strange."

The warrior boy pinched his chin and wondered, "Is it because they knew Nie Kong before, but now they see his appearance has changed so much that it is just like what you said..."

"Elder brother of the warrior boy." The words did not say that finish, three wood out of breath ran over, face angry, like someone robbed a thousand gold coins.


Wu Tong and two Lin with one voice, eagerly asked. See three wood gasp heavy breath did not make a sound, the warrior child could not help urging way: "hurriedly say, in the Lingtong hospital over there touch what situation."

Nie family has a school and a school, school school for children without training qualifications to study, teaching a variety of business management, in order to do a variety of business for Nie family; The direction of training is spiritual teachers, as long as the qualification is acceptable, will be sent to the school for cultivation.

Three WOOD DO A DEEP BREATH, indignant way: "WU CHILD ELDEST brother, you guess right, I was IN the SPIRIT child house to cheat a gather SPIRIT 2 product OF the little boy, let him in that place poke poke, also have the same feeling as us, then I again looked for other a few, or the same."

At first, Wu Tong did not believe all of Nie Kong's words, and he did not dare to seek evidence from Nie's spiritual master. Therefore, he tried several non-Nie friends. Those who could become friends with him were naturally not much taller, and all showed the same symptoms after being stabbed in the hidden point in the back neck.

In this way, Wu Tong doubt gradually go, but this morning saw Nie Kong vigorous appearance, Wu tong doubt again, after pondering, sent two Lin tracking Nie Kong, and three wood was sent to the school to investigate the situation, mainly this guy is honest and honest face, easy to trick children.

"Nie Kong, I go to your mother's balls!

Understand the truth of the matter, a pair of children was a chicken, rape of the appearance, can not help but swear up. Around a few close to the spirit of the division, cast a few dissatisfied eyes, Wu child suppressed anger to laugh a few, pulling two Lin and three wood ran to the distance.


Wu Tong sulky face, finger pinch bang sound, although he is in Nie, but behind rely on Nie faddish, fox pretend tiger power, ordinary Nie home next family clan-family really dare not offend him easily, but this time by Nie Kong to play a meal. Thinking of himself as a fool these days to knead the five hearts, Wu Tong was a little crazy, he seemed to hear Nie Kong hiding in the shadows every day to send out a laugh.

Three wood way again: "When I come back, still heard yesterday evening, NIE Kong once threw NIE blue flower into the river, that fat old woman even the slightest bit of room to resist all have no."

Wu Tong Zheng way: "That fat pig also has poly Ling three products? Can control her at once, at least poly spirit more than five products. This JUST A FEW DAYS AH, THAT THE REPAIR OF SICK YANGZI IS PROMOTED SO FAST?" Wu child face shock, he was hard training for several years, just from a product to five products, but now Nie Kong woke up this time, but the same as the flight to achieve more than five products, Wu childism more and more feel unbalanced.

Two forest and three wood big eyes stare small eyes.

After a moment, 3 wood clench fist way: "Gather spirit 5 product calculate a fart, WU child eldest brother, we this GO TO drag him OUT beat once, dare cheat us, reverse him......"

"Pig's brain!


"Then lead him to the rest of Thistlesun." Two Lin eyes a turn.

"The sick young man seldom leaves Nie's house all the year round. What excuse can I use to lure him out?" Wutong hum way, "this matter or three young master, he these days in the 'ice inflammation hole' closed cultivation, at the latest tomorrow can come out. If he knew Nie Kong's present situation, heh heh..."


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

"Flower burst!

In the quiet courtyard, Nie Kong's right arm is thrown out, a crackling and popping sound, a green flower just out of the palm, then pop away.

"That's it again."

Nie Kong grunted.

Nie Kong has been practicing the first-order combat skill "Flower Explosion", which he learned when he was upgraded, for a whole day, but it has not achieved the desired effect. According to the consciousness Nie Kong received from Xiang Xiang, after the "flower explosion" is practiced, the small flower will release a powerful force at the moment of explosion.

In today's practice, either the psychic manipulation went wrong, or the coordination with Xiang Xiang was not tacit enough. Of course, Nie Kong made great progress. In the beginning, Nie Kong could not even gather the tiny flower, but now he can at least set off the stamen, though it is not powerful.

Nie Kong, undaunted, narrowed his eyes and recalled what he had just done, looking for mistakes so that he could improve himself next time.

"Xiang Xiang, come again." NieKong way.

"Ah, ah, ah," he said. Hungry.

Nie Kong one leng, discover purple Luo illusion spirit sweet is drooping that small leaf, the appearance of a pair of tired hunger. A little speechless, Nie Kong had to take off his upper clothes and sit down on the rocks under the wall of the courtyard. With a sudden thought, the gold needle bag flashed out of the pet backpack and fell into the palm.

Human needle, ground needle, hour hand... In turn into the nine hidden acupoints. Nie Kong now found that as long as the gold needle is wrapped in wood spirit, the effect of alcohol disinfection can be achieved, which is much more convenient, and there is no need to use candles to disinfect.


The gold needle quivered, the medicine began to dissolve...


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