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Deku: The Masked Wrestler (Chapter 1) [A My Hero Academia Fanfic]

by XxSkullCandyxX about a month ago in Fan Fiction
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Chapter 1: Awestruck!

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Quirks, one of the special and unique traits that 80% of the human population has. It's common for people to develop abilities that people can watch in awe. Because of this new evolution of mankind, being a hero was possible for every man, woman, and child. At the same time, villains begin to emerge from within the shadow. A ying and yang, dark versus light, good versus bad, and more examples of balance this world needs.

In order to keep balance upon this with justice and order, being a hero is always a main pathway for those who begin to show signs of a quirk. This can make newcomers with quirks help the world and make peace. This is how the number one All Might be influence. Because of the world seeking for help of a hero, he was there to answer their help. With his signature smile and is well quirk, One for All, he was the top hero of this generation. Not only does he save lives of theirs, he inspires young heroes in train to give their all. Go plus ultra!

This includes one small boy with green messy hair, green eyes, and freckles on his cheeks. He was a huge fan of the number one, as the boy was holding onto an All Might while wearing an All Might pajamas. He was watching one of All Might many record footages of him saving lives and looking incredible and influential while doing so on his computer screen. Beside him was his own mother, who could not stop smiling seeing her son enthusiasm viewing All Might's heroic actions. She too has green eyes, freckles under her eyes, and green hair, although the hair was tie to a ponytail. She simply was wearing a white blouse and black pj bottoms standing behind her son. This mother is Inko Midoriya.

"I want to a hero like All Might!" exclaimed the boy, with his cute high pitched voice. "He's cool and help people. I want to help people like him."

"Awe Izuku, you will be like All Might," the mother said to make her son smile brightly. "When you get your quirk, you'll do great things."

The little boy's eyes widen, hopefully his mother words were honest and true. He looks back at the screen seeing his hero once again doing his best by saving others with a smile. He knew that All Might doesn't care about fame or money, as a true hero he only cares about saving others. One day, Izuku will be like All Might and stand tall with a smile on his face to make others believe in heroism. All he has to do was to wait for his quirk to manifest.

"Oh, I almost forgot to check the mail. I'll be right back," said Inko as she steps out of the room.

Izuku look where she left and then glance back at the screen to see the video was over. Izuku was going to move the mouse to clink on one more All Might video, yet he saw a recommended video from the corner of his eyes. He watched closely at the thumbnail of the recommended video to see a person with green and black tights covering his lower body with black boots, a green and black mask with what looks like lightning on each side of his face with a hawk head, and a cross on the forehead of the mask. The masked wrestler was shirtless with a lean muscle build. He may not know if this person was a hero or a villain caught on video, but he clinked on the video to see it loading.

When the loading screen disappeared out of sight, here comes the masked person, but he was in a wrestling ring with people attending cheering him on. Not only that, but there was another person standing in front of him, who was actually taller and muscular than the masked wrestler was. This man looks like seven feet tall compared to the masked wrestler, with long black hair and beard wearing black pants and a white muscle shirt with a black outline of a wolf on it. The small green head realizes this must be a wrestling match that existed before quirks existed. He heard about it when he was learning about the history of quirks, but he has never decided to look it up until now. So seeing this really strong wrestler towering over the masked wrestler, he thought the big wrestler was going to win.

When he heard a bell ring, Izuku watched to see the match. The big wrestler approaches the masked wrestler with his arms out, but the masked wrestler ducked and turned around to deliver a drop kick to the back of the other wrestler. The large wrestler stumbles a bit before he turns around and attempts to give the smaller wrestler a big boot, yet the masked wrestler slides under the foot and ramms his shoulder onto the back of the other leg. The big wrestler was now on his knees, with the fans cheering. Izuku was impressed with the masked wrestler. Using his small height as an advantage to avoid his large opponent attempted to catch or strike him.

Izuku reach for his hero journal and turn to a blank page to start writing on what the masked wrestler was going to do next. The masked wrestler looked at the downed opponent before he bounced off the rope to wrap his legs around the neck of his opponent's neck, and use his weight to bring the big wrestler's face onto the canvas of the ring. The larger wrestler seems to be dazed as he lay on his back with his arms and legs spread out. The masked wrestler then ran to the ropes, where he then balanced himself on the top rope and did a flip off it to land on top of the big wrestler. The small hero fan was instantly in awe of that move the masked wrestler did the move, which he was starting to like the wrestling match. He knows that the wrestlers were quirkless, yet here was one wrestler who managed to take down someone bigger than him.

The masked wrestler starts to pin the big wrestler, with the referee starting to count.


The large wrestler seems to realize he was being pinned as he yells to push off the smaller wrestler, which the referee backs away and lifts up two fingers. The big wrestler got up and grabbed one of the smaller wrestlers to throw him onto the corner of the ring. The masked wrestler held on his back from the impact and the big wrestler then ran towards him to crush his large body onto the masked wrestler. Izuku was worried for the masked wrestler as he saw how the situation could get worse if the wrestler can't figure out how to get the larger wrestler.

The large wrestler then grabs the smaller wrestler and tosses him to another corner across the ring. The masked wrestler softly landed on the turnbuckle, but the larger wrestler was running towards him. In an instant, the masked wrestler lifts himself and throws himself up in the air, and the big wrestler drives to the middle turnbuckle, landing on his face. The big wrestler was dazed before he felt the small wrestler land on his shoulders. They both looked at each other before the small wrestler jumped, and did a flip landing on his feet before he ran to the larger wrestler and rammed his fist to his opponent's face. The bigger wrestler was once again dazed before the smaller wrestler grabbed his arms and carried himself on him to start moving around. The people in the attendance and Izuku watched in amazement as this wrestler was just moving around the bigger wrestler without touching the floor. The masked wrestler then wraps his arms on the bigger wrestler's arms to bring him down to the ring. The bigger wrestler tried to get up, but was met with a hard kicked to the side of the face and he fell down. The masked wrestler pins his opponent and the referee start to count again.

"1!... 2!..."

The bigger wrestler lifts his shoulders up, ending the pin. The masked wrestler sighs as the bigger wrestler slowly gets up. Izuku was impressed with how the masked wrestler was cutting down the bigger opponent with ease. He glances back at the notebook to see him already writing down how he strikes at the bigger wrestler's weak spots and uses the ring as his weapon. He looks back at the screen to see the masked wrestler kick the larger wrestler to the middle ropes. The large wrestler had his arms and head out as the smaller wrestler looked around to see the people cheering. Izuku watches carefully to see what the masked wrestler does next. In that moment, the masked wrestler lifts his arm triumphant before he starts to run to the ropes to bounce off, so he gains more speed to head towards his opponent. The masked grabbed the top and middle rope as he let his whole body go through the middle. He did a rotation, where his legs hit the bigger opponent's face and send his opponent to the middle of the ring. The audience cheered out loud as the masked then hope off the top ropes and landed on the bigger wrestler. He then pins one last time with the referee counting.

"1!... 2!... 3!"

The masked wrestler got up and had his arm up by the referee. Izuku couldn't believe that a small quirkless person was able to defeat a person that looks like a dangerous opponent. Izuku eyes shine upon the masked wrestler, when the masked look at the camera and put a thumb up with a smile on his covered face. The small boy then turns around to see his mother entering the room with the mails in her hands.

"Alright Izuku, I think you had enough of All..." the mother of Izuku saw that her boy was watching a wrestling match. She knew about wrestling as she remembered her mother used to be a huge wrestling fan. "Sweetie, did you stop watching All Might?"

"Well, I saw this masked wrestler, and he was incredible!" Izuku said happily as he pointed at the masked wrestler. "He's was bounce off the ropes and fly in the air like a hero. He defeated this mean big guy, and he did with a smile too. Just like All Might!"

Inko like how her son believed everyone can be good, not matter their appearance or background. That what makes her happy to have a good and sweet boy like Izuku. For Izuku, he was starting to admire the masked wrestler. The wrestler wasn't as strong as All Might, but he wowed people with his stunt and moves to make people cheer for him.

The small boy's begin to wander in curiosity. He wonders if he does gets his quirk, will he be strong like All Might, or will be amazing and smart like the masked wrestler. Well, he will find out soon. One thing for sure, he would love wrestling just the same as he would love heroes.

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