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A short-story

By Max AyalaPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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The bed creaks as Colleti sits. Dirt falls from his coat as he moves. His shaking hand touches his bleeding left shoulder, and his fingers stain with the dripping blood from the wound. He lifts his legs over the bed, staining the sheets with dirt from his pants.

He sighs and tucks his hand inside his jacket, pulling a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He burns the tip of the cigarette and brings it to his mouth, His red fingers hold it as he sucks the smoke.

He turns towards the door as someone on the other side knocks. Colleti smiles as he shifts his stare from the door towards his cigarette. He closes his eyes and sucks the cigarette for a long time. Smoke starts leaking through his mouth, and he starts coughing. Smoke coming from his mouth with every spasm.

The doorknob turns, and the door opens. Sed barges in as he looks over his shoulder. He pushes the door, making a clicking sound when it closes. “I have to say, you look better than I expected,” Sed says.

Colleti stares at him. Colleti coughs and takes a taste from his cigarette. “How did you wanted me to look?”

Sed laughs. “I’m surprised you’re not death.”

Colleti nods and sucks on his cigarette. “Well, I’m about to be,” he says, smoke leaking form his lips. He smashes his cigarette on the nightstand beside him. “If you are here, then they also know I’m here.”

Sed steps forward. “Then we have to go.” He extends his hand. “Come on, stand up.”

Colleti frowns and tilts his head. “Are you playing with me?” He laughs. “What kind of cruel trick is this? Am I supposed to stand up so you can shoot me on the back?”

Sed brings his hand to his face, scratching his forehead as he shakes his head.

“I mean, that surely would give you a bonus besides the normal reward, but how dare you?” Colleti says.

“Shut up! You idiot,” Sed says, pulling a gun from his coat. He sighs and holds the gun from the barrel, extending his hand towards Colleti. “I’m here to help you.”

Colleti stares at the gun, then at Sed. “If I wanted a fake gun, I would have gone to the toy store.”

Sed takes a deep breath and throws the gun to Colleti’s lap. He takes a step forward, and slaps Colleti.

Droplets of blood jump from Colleti’s mouth, and a thin stream of blood drops from his forehead wound.

“You started something,” Sed says. “You’d be an idiot if you stop fighting.”

“Does it matter? We’re trapped here, nowhere to go.”

“Oh, Col, you seem to forget about me. I wouldn’t be here without a plan.”

Colleti opens his mouth but raises his hand to cover himself. Sed turns around as the door swings open.

A man appears through the door, shooting at Sed. Colleti grabs the gun on his lap and points it at the man. He shoots the man in the head, and he drops to the floor. Colleti shoots at the door as another man enters.

The second man falls backwards, grunting. He points his gun towards Colleti, but Sed shoots the man in the head.

Colleti breaths deeply, then laughs. “So much for a plan, huh?”

Sed follows Colleti’s laughter. His shaking hands hover over his wounds, and he shakes his head. He grunts as he reaches inside his coat and pulls a small yellow packet. “At least they didn’t shoot this.” He throws the packet at Colleti. “Money. Enough to get you away from here.”

Colleti stands from the bed. He approaches the bodies and takes the weapons from the floor. He walks to the door, and turns to Sed.

Sed nods and smiles. “What you did to them, is the same that they do to everyone. But that isn’t enough, is it?”

“It isn’t.” Colleti smiles and shakes his head. He looks at his weapon and takes a deep breath. He raises his head and runs out the room.

Short Story

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Max Ayala

Maximiliano Ayala is a writer who specializes in action, adventure, and fantasy. He can be easily distracted by almost any type of card-strategy game you mention.

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