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Death gratuity

Death gratuity

By Na DunshiePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

It was a fine day and Mary took her two-year-old son for a trip to the countryside. In the warm midday sun, Mary lay on the grass and watched the boy go to sleep happily chasing butterflies, and when she woke up, the boy was gone.

Mary was in a panic. She ran and cried for her child, but all in vain, and it was not until dark that she dragged herself home. As soon as she got home, Mary became even more nervous. She was afraid to tell her husband, who was working far away, about the baby's loss. She didn't even have the courage to call the police so as not to alarm her relatives and friends.

In the following days, Mary searched the countryside for three more days, still no clues. At the moment the idea of the child was kidnapped arises spontaneously, she can not help but hit a chill, can not go down to think, but under her children lost place quietly posted some missing notice.

It was already midnight, but Mary could not sleep. She hung nervously by the telephone. How she longed for someone to call and say, Lady Mary, please don't worry, your baby is safe...

Just then, the phone rang. Mary was startled and came to her senses. She picked up the receiver with great excitement and nervousness. 'Is that Lady Mary? ... 'Yes, and who are you? ... 'MY name is John, and I have some sad news for you. Your child has died. I found him three days ago in the pond near our house. Please come here tomorrow and drag his body away immediately. My road is easy. There is a stone bridge on the left side of West Suburban Avenue, and then turn right..."

Hearing the news, Mary was devastated. She fell on her bed and cried bitterly.

The next day, Mary found John's house at the address he had given her. As soon as she entered the yard, she saw her children standing and playing in the yard, alive and kicking. Just then an old man came out of the room: "You have come at last."

Mary was pleased and angry. "Why did you lie to me that the baby was dead?"

John said calmly, "If I don't say so, you will never appreciate your children, and maybe you will enjoy the afternoon sunshine alone next time without them."

Mary felt cheated and was furious. "But what you did was too much."

"Not too much at all, I give you a warning, or a lesson, so that you will never forget."

This did not please Mary at all, and she took the child and was about to leave. "Oh, please wait, have you forgotten your promise?" "Said John abruptly.

Then Mary remembered that in the notice she had announced a big reward for anyone who found her child. She said reluctantly, "I keep my promise. Let me take the child first, and tomorrow I'll send you another $300."

"300 dollars? Oh no! It's too little. I want a thousand dollars." John retorted slowly. Mary was taken aback and raised her voice. "Blackmail? My husband's salary is less than $200 a month. 300 is a hell of a lot for you." Then he took the child and walked away.

John whistled and a big Wolf dog ran in. "If you're not afraid of it, you can walk away."

"I'm calling the police for blackmail threats." Mary said, taking out her phone.

"Wait, please answer me one question before you call the police." "What is it?" "If your child were dead, how much would you give to have his life back?"

Without hesitation, Mary said, "If that were the case, I'd take 10,000 or more, not 1,000 dollars."

John asked incredulously, "Really?"

Mary confirmed her answer with the same firmness of voice. John burst into laughter. "Then you should have paid $10,000 or more, not $1,000."

"Crazy." Mary blurted out.

"Let me tell you something. I saved your baby in the pond. If it hadn't been for me, he would have died. "If you don't believe me, look at this. It's from a rock on the shore trying to save your child."

Mary, half-convinced that she did not want to go on with this as long as her child was safe, and eager to get the hell out of the place, gave in. "Okay, I'll give you a thousand dollars as a reward," she said.

John was as happy as a child when he heard this. He immediately took a pen and paper out of the room and asked Mary to write the note. John gave Mary the IOU back the moment she signed it. Mary was puzzled. John said, "Rest assured, all along I was only testing how much you love your child. You were willing to give $10,000 or more for your child, and now you have. It wouldn't do me any good if I was alone, and your kid's worth a lot more than that. Take your children and go home."

Ashamed, Mary took the iOU and led the baby away. Suddenly she screamed again, "What on earth have you done to my baby?" She saw that the child's hand was full of needle holes.

"Oh, please don't panic, that is the hospital transfusion pinhole, the child has been all right, don't worry." John quickly went back to his house and took out a chart and gave it to Mary. "Remember to go back to the hospital in three days," he said. John whistled again, and the Wolf dog gave way.

Mary picked up the baby and ran a long way before she put him down. She was startled when she remembered the chart and pulled it out. It was a drowning bill, and John had already paid up to $900 to save the baby. Mary's chest was filled with pain she had never felt before, and she clung to the child so tightly that her face became wet with tears.

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