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True traverse incident of man buying bread mysteriously disappeared for 32 years

True traverse incident of man buying bread mysteriously disappeared for 32 years

By Na DunshiePublished 8 months ago 3 min read

Happened in the last century, is a very unusual thing, July 25, 1969, the streets of New York in the United States, a man called Mr The tees, left his home in brooklyn, according to the plan, he had originally planned to go to buy a loaf of bread, but Mr Edith's wife and children, but never saw him into the house.

The wife called the police, who launched a number of efforts to find him, but were unable to find him. It was as if he had disappeared from the world, never to be heard from.

After searching for many years, there was still no news. In desperation, his wife remarried with their children. After that, according to the American law, they could only announce that Hodes had died, and soon the matter fell silent. In addition, the security in the United States was very unstable at that time, and everyone was more convinced that he had been killed.

To Hodes' surprise, when he crossed the street again and walked home, he found that his house had been changed. He told the police that he had only gone out to buy a piece of bread and walked through a deserted street. However, when he returned, he found a different world. And it's been 32 years! Fantasy plot only in the TV series to see, did not expect to appear in real life, is there really a time tunnel?

When the family saw Hodes, the extent of surprise is no less than to see the resurrection of the dead, and the experience described by Hodes is too bizarre, so everyone thought he was cheating or memory problems, in fact, went to other places but they do not know.

So under the advice of family and Mr Edith accepted some of the hypnotist treatment and arrange the police psychological test, but the results showed Mr Edith doesn't lie, he is only about memory back home he went out to buy bread, and his age is not old, is he really surprise through the tunnel of time and space, let time stand still, will appear such odd things?

There have been many time tunnel events before, but this one was special, so it was not reported officially. People are curious about it, what kind of secret is behind it?

Some say that this is an exaggeration, and that it was not so many years, but thirty-two days, which the rumour makes thirty-two years. It was hard to imagine the power of the rumor, which was so fabricated that some people said that the American had gone to other places, but did not want to be known to his family. In addition, there are different versions of the story. Some people believe that the person who bought the bread has been missing for 44 years. No one knows how Hodes disappeared.

Had to believe this time through the event, later scientists put forward the speculation about the time tunnel, he said that the time tunnel is not a time system with human time, it is only occasionally open to human beings, can not see and touch. Time in the time tunnel is directional and reversible, and can be relatively stationary, which is why people who go missing come back not old, but can't remember anything.

However, the shuttling of the time tunnel is still a difficult problem for people now, who can not really understand the mystery, only waiting for the high development of science and slowly explore.

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