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Crystals of Silveria Remastered

Episode 2: The Seventh Crystal, Part II

By Orion J. ZedPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 25 min read

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Scene 1: Newt’s Cottage: Morning

Amethyst and Zed sit in armchairs surrounding a small table as Newt searches his bookcase. He slides a book from the shelf.

Newt: Ah, yes. Here it is.

Newt walks over to the table and sits in an armchair. He places the heavy book onto the table and opens it, flipping through pages until he finds the right one.

Newt: This page contains all I know of the Silverian Empire.

Zed: It’s blank.

Newt: You are correct. Now…

Newt places his hand above the page.

Newt: “Reveal!”

The pages glow as words and images appear across them.

Zed: Incredible…

Amethyst: Indeed.

Newt: The Silverian Empire stretched beyond the borders of Ornoposia, all the way to Granrelm, Tundwaldun, Gnomsland, Verdelvum, Luminelvum, Oscurelvum and Kobelia, with smaller settlements on other continents.

Amethyst: They must have been well-known, in that case.

Newt: Oh, they were. The empire was comprised almost entirely of those from what we now know as Ornoposia, with the spread of its culture and customs, and indeed the Common tongue, to all corners of Junihoshi.

Zed: So what happened to it?

Newt: Like all good things it came to an end, but not without leaving behind a lasting legacy.

Amethyst holds her crystal within her delicate fingers.

Amethyst: The crystals…

Newt: A mere fragment of a much larger collection of artefacts, many of which remain concealed in ancient ruins and places ravaged by monsters.

Zed: So the city-state of Silveria was the capital of the empire?

Newt: That is most likely. It would have been the last bastion of the empire left in a world teeming with chaos.

Zed: Chaos?

Newt: A war had broken out across the empire as factions began to emerge, with each claiming ownership of the dominion. They fought for decades, civilisation crumbling away, until only the Kingdom of Silveria remained.

Zed: So what could have protected Silveria from the chaos?

Newt: My guess is it was the Celestial Beings themselves who ceased the bloodshed, restoring order to Junihoshi.

Amethyst: Could they be allowed to interact directly with mortals?

Newt: In times of crisis they have been said to descend and lay aid to the peoples of Junihoshi. Their direct involvement was clearly the only way to bring peace to a troubled world.

Zed: And the artefacts?

Newt: Nobody knows their true purpose. Indeed, few even know of their existence.

Zed: Then there’s no way of knowing what the crystals do.

Amethyst: I know of one of their functions. They each provide a small boon to their respective owners. My crystal, for example, provides a slight enhancement in intellect and cognition.

Newt: If this is true, then there is a much greater goal intended for them.

Zed: Will it be possible to figure it out?

Newt: In time, you will learn the full extent of your gift.

Newt smiles at Zed.

Newt’s thoughts: Amethyst will guide you well, of that I am certain…


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Scene 2: Town Square: Late Morning

Amethyst and Zed walk past the fountain.

Zed: Well, I guess that was slightly informative.

Amethyst: Even the littlest of knowledge can change the world.

Zed: True. So, what boon does my crystal provide?

Amethyst: Alas, I know not.

Zed: Really? Whoa, that’s mysterious…

Amethyst: There is still one more place to visit before we leave.

Zed: Oh, I have a toilet in my house if-

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: I have something else in mind. Follow me.

Amethyst walks past Zed, who continues to follow her.

Zed: Lead on, Master mage!

Scene 3: Taylor’s Treasures: Late Morning

Zed and Amethyst enter Taylor’s Treasures, the little bell jingling as the door opens and closes.

Zed: Of course... there’s no better place in town to buy adventuring gear.

Amethyst: So I have observed.

Mrs. Taylor heads downstairs.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, I wondered if you’d pop in before you left.

Zed: You heard?

Mrs. Taylor: Of course, lad. Mr. Newt tells me everything.

Zed: WOW, news travels fast in this town...

Mrs. Taylor: I took the liberty of preparing your supplies.

Mrs. Taylor heads behind the counter, reaches down, and lifts a box of adventuring gear. She places it on the counter.

Mrs. Taylor: Okay, this is your adventurer’s kit.

Mrs. Taylor pulls out a blue-coloured leather shoulder bag and places it on the counter.

Mrs. Taylor: It has a collapsible bedroll, food, a pre-filled waterskin and some other bits and bobs. It’ll come in handy.

Mrs. Taylor pulls out a bag and places it on the counter.

Mrs. Taylor: This is a breather. It’s a special mask for you to wear in case you run into a gas trap while exploring a dungeon. I’ve always thought the latest technology should be practical and useful.

Zed: Gotta love those zenoxans.

Mrs. Taylor: And this… this is a special gift from me.

Mrs. Taylor reaches into the box and pulls out a silver recorder and a navy blue velvet bag with drawstring.

Mrs. Taylor: I thought you could use a new flute. This one is supposed to make the most pleasant music, so I’ve been told.

Zed: Oh, Mrs. Taylor…

Mrs. Taylor: Come, lad. You do so much for me. This is my way of thanking you.

Mrs. Taylor smiles. Zed reaches into his pocket, pulling out the two halves of his wooden recorder. He assembles it and holds it out to Mrs. Taylor.

Zed: I want you to have my old flute. To keep as a memento.

Mrs. Taylor and Zed exchange recorders. Mrs. Taylor smiles.

Mrs. Taylor: I’ll treasure it every day, lad.

A tear rolls down Zed’s cheek. He holds out his hands, and Mrs. Taylor steps forward, embracing him in a big hug.

Mrs. Taylor: Take care of yourself, lad. Find your place in the world.

Zed: I’ll try to come back one day.

Mrs. Taylor: You try your hardest, Zed Starmute.

Mrs. Taylor and Zed let go.

Zed: Should I pay for these?

Mrs. Taylor: Amethyst already took care of it.

Zed looks at Amethyst with a puzzled expression.

Amethyst: I placed the money on the counter as you said your farewells.

Zed smiles.

Zed: Thank you.

Amethyst: Just doing my duty.

Zed removes his cape, places the satchel over his shoulder, re-dons his cape, opens a front pocket and places the breather inside. He picks up the flute, disassembles it, places it into the velvet bag, pulls the drawstring and places it into his pocket.

Zed: Thank you for everything, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: It was my pleasure, lad.

Another tear rolls down Zed’s cheek as both he and Amethyst leave the shop, the bell jingling as they do so. Mrs. Taylor watches them as they disappear from view.

Mrs. Taylor: We will meet again, lad…

Scene 4: En Route to The Name Pending Tavern: Early Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed walk along a well-worn road, wooden fences separating it from some green meadows.

Amethyst: You seem to have a strong bond with Mrs. Taylor.

Zed: I don’t know where I'd be without her.

Amethyst: Is she a family member?

Zed: No.

Amethyst: She treats you like a son nonetheless.

Zed: She was the first to help me when I stumbled into town.

Amethyst: Oh… had something happened?

Zed sighs.

Zed: I have no memory of my life prior to walking into town. It was late at night, and I was wearing some weird clothes. I was confused, and I didn’t know what was happening.

Amethyst: That sounds awful.

Zed: Nothing felt right whatsoever. Then I came across Taylor’s Treasures. I walked inside and explained everything to Mrs. Taylor. She took me in and gave me a place to sleep and work.

Amethyst: No wonder you are so close to one another.

Zed: Mrs. Taylor took me to the best oracles when they came to town, but they couldn’t figure out which constellation I was born under. They called me a blank slate, which earnt me the nickname “The Star Mute One“. It’s as though I hadn’t existed prior to that moment. And yet I know I’ve lived for a while before that.

Amethyst: Then you wish to find the place from whence you hail.

Zed: That’s part of my goal, yes.

Zed thinks to himself.

Zed’s thoughts: Why am I picturing a sprig of broccoli…?

Zed: So you’re the guardian of the crystals?

Amethyst: I am indeed. On my one-hundredth birthday, my grandmother told me that I was chosen by my father to find the secret of the crystals. The crystals glowed as the box containing them was handed to me, meaning that I had indeed been chosen by them as their distributor. I was tasked with a quest to find the owners of the crystals and journey with them, and together, we would find out their true purpose. It took 45 years before I found the second crystal owner.

Zed: And who was it?

Amethyst smiles at Zed.

Amethyst: Why don’t you wait until we reach the tavern? I am sure the suspense will lead to a much greater surprise.

Zed: Fair enough.

Scene 5: The Name Pending Tavern: Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed enter The Name Pending, a roadside tavern. Zed looks around and sees a few adventurers sitting at tables. Three human males, presumably fighters, are gathered around a short-bearded dwarf wearing silver armour. The dwarf speaks with a Scandinavian-infused Glaswegian accent.

Dwarf: So there we were, surrounded by twelve Elek cultists. They outnumbered us two-to-one, and the rogue very nearly gave us the slip!

Fighter #1: Rogues’ll do that to ya if ya let ‘em!

Dwarf: Ye think I’d let the rogue abandon us like that? When facing evil, we all must stand together and help however we can! I’d never let’m avoid Alistair’s goals!

Fighter #2: So what did you do?

Dwarf: What else could we do? We showed ‘em who’s boss! They won’t be hurtin’ anyone anytime soon!

The dwarf drinks a mouthful of mead from his mug. Amethyst approaches the dwarf, with Zed following closely behind.

Amethyst: Good afternoon, Thobrun. I gather you are telling stories of our exploits to these adventurers?

Thobrun: Indeed I am, Amethyst. I’m teachin’ ‘em how to fight evil as best they can.

Thobrun sees Zed standing behind Amethyst.

Thobrun: And this must be the young wizard Amethyst believes is the seventh crystal owner.

Zed: H-Hi. I’m Zed.

Thobrun stands up. He stands at about two-thirds the height of Zed, though with a much broader build.

Thobrun: Good to meet you, Zed. Thobrun Steelanvil, son of Angus and Helga of Goldwaldun, and Paladin of Alistair Goodheart.

Thobrun and Zed bow.

Thobrun: Can I buy ye a drink, Zed?

Zed: Oh, I don’t drink alcohol.

Thobrun cringes slightly.

Thobrun: Oh, no problem, lad. I can respect that.

Amethyst: I'd like to introduce Zed to our other companions.

Thobrun: I think they’re in the den upstairs.

Amethyst: Are you ready to meet your future companions, Zed?

Zed: Yep. Lead the way.

Amethyst: Very well.

Amethyst climbs the stairs, with Zed following behind. Zed looks around, and sees a halfling male in dark blue leather armour, a gnome male with neon green hair, and a blonde human female with slightly-pointed ears in golden-yellow mail.

Amethyst: Bryn? Brocc? Emily? Allow me to introduce the seventh member of our team, Zed Starmute.

Zed waves.

Zed: Hi.

Bryn speaks with a slight Cockney English accent.

Bryn: Well, well, well, how did I know it’d be another human?

Bryn approaches Zed. He stands at half Zed’s height, and his slick, dark hair curls forward at its base. He has no facial hair.

Bryn: Name’s Bryn. The Loveable Rogue.

Bryn holds out his hand. Zed bends slightly and shakes it.

Bryn: Ah, so you know the Granrelmian bow. I respect that, Zed.

Zed: Your friend downstairs said the same thing.

Brocc speaks with what sounds like a European-infused American accent which sounds slightly elevated in pitch.

Brocc: Amethyst, he’s huge! Are you sure he isn’t a giant?

Bryn: Of course he isn’t, Brocc! Look at his build. He’s definitely a human.

Brocc walks over to Zed and looks up at him. He is slightly taller than Bryn, though most of the added height is his tall, spiky hair.

Brocc: Oh, you’re right. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. I’m Brocc Farshot, and I’m an entertainer! A bard! A lyricist!

Bryn: You can’t sing!

Brocc: No, but I still WRITE songs, don’t I?

Bryn: Well, I can’t argue with THAT logic.

Zed examines Brocc.

Brocc: What? Do I have something on my face?

Zed: No, it’s just…

Brocc: What?

Zed: No, it’s probably nothing.

Brocc: Oh. Okay then...

Emily walks over to Zed. She smiles sweetly and speaks with a soft, feminine voice.

Emily: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Zed. My name is Emily Summers, and I am a priestess of Marilina Silverblade.

Emily curtsies, with Zed bowing in response.

Zed: Is that everyone?

Amethyst: There is still one more member you must meet.

Zed: I thought so.

Bryn: He’s in the shower.

Amethyst: Really?

Bryn: I know... we were surprised as well.

A door opens, and a male orcborn steps through. He is not wearing a shirt. He rubs his black hair with a towel, then slings the towel over his right shoulder. He walks up to Amethyst and speaks with a rough American voice.

Orcborn: Amethyst. You’re back!

Amethyst: Indeed.

The orcborn looks at Zed.

Orcborn: I thought you said you were bringing back the most naturally-talented spellcaster in that town.

Amethyst: I have. This is Zed.

Orcborn: He can’t be more than 25 years old. That’s not experienced enough.

Amethyst: Actually, he is-

Orcborn: It doesn’t matter. He’s still not experienced enough. Look… he’s got green written all over him!

Brocc: Hey, I am NOT-

Everyone looks at Brocc. A huge drop of sweat slides down the side of his face.

Brocc: I mean… uh… never mind!

Orcborn: Our mission is very dangerous. Who’s gonna protect this kid if he gets into trouble?

Amethyst: I believe that’s your job.

Orcborn: I don’t want to see another innocent get hurt.

Amethyst: Please! At least let him prove himself.

Orcborn: I’m sorry, but it’s too risky. First thing tomorrow, we’re taking him back to wherever he came from. I can’t put him in any danger.

Amethyst: But-

Orcborn: That’s final!

The orcborn returns to his room. A bitter sting of disappointment spreads across Zed’s face. Amethyst hangs her head and sighs.

Amethyst’s thoughts: I must convince him to let Zed stay… it is crucial to our quest… and to Zed’s...


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Scene 6: The Name Pending Tavern: Evening

The orcborn stands outside the tavern, watching the sunset in the distance. Amethyst steps outside and walks over to him.

Orcborn: How’s the kid doing?

Amethyst: I know not. He has yet to leave his room.

Orcborn: What’s he been doing all this time?

Amethyst: He is practising magic in order to be an adventurer someday.

Orcborn: He’s got spirit, I’ll give him that.

Amethyst: Indeed.

Orcborn: But spirit alone isn’t enough for the life of an adventurer.

Amethyst: He is a base magic adept.

Orcborn: And that‘s a good thing, right?

Amethyst: I shall attempt to clarify. Most people who aspire to be mages must study for decades in order to learn their craft. It takes skill and precision for us to cast so much as a cantrip before acquiring our talent.

Orcborn: So how is Zed different?

Amethyst: Zed is one of the rare few who uses magic naturally, without spending hours memorising incantations from a book. I tested his use of magic missile yesterday, and his accuracy was surprising. He also seems to have an… otherworldly quality I cannot accurately describe. In any case, it is imperative that-

Orcborn: If you’re trying to change my mind…

Amethyst: Need I remind you we are BOTH leaders of this expedition?

Orcborn: I was going to say, “If you’re trying to change my mind, it’s working“. I’m still a little unsure about this…

Amethyst: The crystal responded to his touch.

Orcborn: It did?

Amethyst: It glowed the brightest shade of cyan the moment he placed it around his neck.

Orcborn: You sure it wasn’t just a coincidence?

Amethyst: The crystals never make mistakes.

The orcborn pauses, then sighs.

Orcborn: Alright, I’ll give the kid a chance.

Amethyst: Excellent. He will be pleased to hear the news.

Amethyst turns and begins heading back to the door. She stops and turns to the orcborn.

Amethyst: You refer to him as “kid”. You do realise that you are younger than him, do you not?

Orcborn: By adventuring standards, he’s a fledgling.

Amethyst: True.

Amethyst turns and enters the tavern.

Orcborn: Well, I guess I’ll tell him he can stay, then…

The orcborn turns and enters the tavern.

Scene 7: The Name Pending Tavern: Early Morning

Zed opens his room door and steps into the den. Amethyst is studying her spellbook in preparation for the day. She stops reading and looks up at Zed, smiling.

Amethyst: Good morning, Zed.

Zed: Good morning!

Amethyst: Well, you seem cheerful!

Zed: Your friend told me I could stay in the party!

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: That is good! I assume you slept well, then?

Zed: Much better than usual. I had the dream again, but it’s starting to make sense. I tried trancing before going to bed, just to see if it would help.

Amethyst: Did it have any effect?

Zed: Well, I had better control of my dream. This time I held off casting light during the ice room bit.

Amethyst: What did you see?

Zed: I saw five people at the opposite end, but it was so dark that I couldn’t make out what they looked like. They just stood there, not moving or making a sound. Then a silver dragon appeared above us and landed in front of me facing them. It roared, and the person in the middle turned into a white dragon and attacked it. They fought for what seemed like hours, although it was only mere moments. Then the white dragon grew to a massive size, and that’s when I cast light.

Amethyst: Perhaps next time you should allow the white dragon to grow. Clearly, there is some significance.

Zed: I guess so. Oh yeah… and I dreamt about this weird glowing orb that moved back and forth, shifting between shades of blue. Is that weird?

Amethyst: Dreams can be unusual. Now come. We must eat a good breakfast in preparation for the day.

The orcborn climbs up the stairs.

Orcborn: Come on, you two. Time for breakfast.

Amethyst: We will be down momentarily.

Orcborn: Okay.

The orcborn turns and climbs back down. Amethyst heads for the stairs, with Zed following behind.

Scene 8: En Route to Silveria City: Morning

The party walks along a forested path heading in the direction of Silveria City. Zed speaks to the orcborn.

Zed: Thank you for giving me a chance.

Orcborn: Amethyst says you’re great, so that’s good enough for me. Just be careful.

Zed: I will.

The orcborn smiles.

Orcborn: So you really have no idea where you came from?

Zed: That’s right. My past is a complete blank.

Orcborn: Maybe you’re from another continent.

Zed: You think so?

Orcborn: Well, yes. Your accent’s definitely not local.

Zed: Really?

Orcborn: Yeah! Amethyst thinks you’re from another world. Weird, right?

Zed’s eyes widen as a voice whispers in his mind.

Voice: Wanderer…

Zed: Uh… yeah…

Orcborn: As for me, I was raised in Coppelia by my father. My best friend was a koble named Knight.

Zed: I’m sorry, what’s a koble?

Bryn: You’re joking, right?

Zed: Nope, I’m serious.

Bryn: Well, they‘re reptilian people who are about the height of a bolgard.

Zed: Bolgard?

Bryn: Wow, you really can’t remember who you are, can you?

Amethyst: One of Zed’s primary goals is to learn about his past.

Brocc: I could try to help him remember with a bardic song.

Bryn: No! No singing! The last time you sung, your cat ran away for days!

Brocc: She didn’t run away! I sent her to scout for the next town!

Bryn: And did she find it?

Brocc: Well… she found someone’s camp.

Bryn: A camp of gobbos, if I’m not mistaken? And she led them right to the village where we were staying.

Brocc: Well, I won’t make that mistake again, okay?

Bryn: Oh? And where IS your precious familiar right now?

Brocc: Uh… scouting ahead.

Bryn: My point.

Thobrun: Come on, you two. You should stop your bickering for once.

Zed: Is that your cat?

An orange tabby cat with streaks of green fur on her back walks up to the team.

Brocc: Tabby! You’re back! What did you find?

Tabby meows. A look of dread spreads across Brocc’s face.

Brocc: Uh, there’s a group of scary looking thugs at the bridge.

Emily: They were not there two days ago. What business do they have with the bridge?

Bryn: That answer your question, Ems?

Bryn points to a sign crudely marked “TOLL RODE” in thick tar.

Thobrun: Oh, great. Barbarians.

Orcborn: Be realistic, Thobrun. No barbarian can write that well!

Emily: This is bad. Very bad.

Brocc: Emily, settle down. You’re scaring Zed!

Zed: Actually, I’m not-

Brocc: Don’t worry, my friend! There’s no need to be af-fr-fraid…

Brocc’s teeth begin to chatter.

Orcborn: Just relax. We’ve been in worse situations before.

Bryn: Name one time.

Orcborn: Gobbo siege of that village two weeks ago.

Bryn: Okay, I guess that was slightly worse…

Emily: I needed to heal a quarter of the villagers.

Bryn: Whatever. The point is that barbarians are mindless, savage-

Orcborn: Bryn, shut it! We’re here.

Bryn looks up at the barbarian guarding the bridge.

Bryn: Oh… heheh… hello!

Barbarian: The toll is 5 gold each for you to cross. So… one, two, four, five, six, eight, twelve… 32 gold total.

Bryn’s thoughts: And HERE'S the result of today’s education system…

Orcborn: We’re not paying.

Bryn: What?!

Orcborn: Why should we pay to cross a bridge that’s free for us to cross any other time?

Barbarian: Because my club says you’re giving us gold.

Orcborn: Well, my SWORD says otherwise.

Bryn: Now come on, be reasonable!

Orcborn: I AM being reasonable, Bryn.

Barbarian: Look, just pay us the money and nobody gets hurt!

Orcborn: Can you even spell “money“?

Barbarian: M… un… e?

Orcborn: Wrong answer.

Barbarian: I AM NOT UNLITERATE! Fellas, get over here and teach this lot how to spell pain!

Orcborn: P-A-I-N!


The barbarian rushes towards the orcborn and swings his club at him. The orcborn bends backwards, unsheathes his sword and slashes the barbarian’s pectoral muscle. The barbarian roars and swings his club at the orcborn, who blocks it with his sword.

Orcborn: All of you! Get Zed to safety!

Bryn: Uh, that’s going to be a problem, fearless leader.

Four barbarians approach the group from behind.

Barbarian #2: Where do you think you’re going?

Bryn: Uh, we were just going to head back to the tavern and have a nice relaxing bath!

Barbarian #3: Nobody’s going anywhere till we’ve dealt with your leader.

Amethyst points her staff at the other barbarians.

Amethyst: “Hypnotism!”

A wave of purple light engulfs the barbarians, leaving them dazed and confused. She turns to face the barbarian leader, who is still pushing his club against the orcborn’s sword. The barbarian bellows and pushes the orcborn towards the edge of the cliff. The orcborn regains his balance, but is cornered with nowhere else to go.

Barbarian Leader: That river’s moving mighty fast, innit? Might we be near a W-O-H-T-A-F-O-H-L?

Orcborn: A what?

Barbarian Leader: A WATERFALL!

The other barbarians regain their senses and join the leader in surrounding the orcborn.

Barbarian #4: I hope you can swim… and survive a two-foot plunge down a waterfall!

Bryn: Two feet? Could you BE any thicker?!

Amethyst: This is bad! We cannot attack them all at once!

Emily: But if we fail to do something he will be thrust into the river anyway!

Barbarian Leader: Say my regards to your ancestors for me!

The barbarian leader raises his club. Zed suddenly steps forward, pulls out his wand and points it at the barbarians.

Zed: STOP!

The barbarians look at Zed's wand and start laughing.

Barbarian #5: What can you do with that thing? Poke our ribcages?

Barbarian #4: Look, he thinks he’s a big tough man with his tiny sword!

Barbarian Leader: Put your stick away, little boy. Grown-ups are talking.

Barbarian #2: Yeah, there’s nothing you can-

Zed’s eyes begin to glow with cyan light.

Barbarian Leader: What the-

Zed: “SLEEP!”

As Zed’s word echoes, a wave pulses from the tip of his wand, engulfing the barbarians in a pale cyan light. One by one, they collapse into a deep slumber. Zed’s eyes return to normal.


We cut to another place, where a mysterious figure in a dark robe and breather looks up at the sky.

Dark-Robed Figure: The awakening… it has begun...


We cut back to the party, who stare at Zed, dumbfounded.

Orcborn: What the…?!

Thobrun: How'd you DAE that, lad?!

Bryn: I thought you were just an apprentice!

Amethyst: As I said to you all, Zed is a natural mage.

Brocc’s thoughts: Wow, he’s even more powerful than I thought he’d be!

The orcborn steps over the barbarians and walks up to the party.

Orcborn: I guess Amethyst was right. You have talent.

The orcborn sheathes his sword and holds out his right hand. Zed grabs it and briefly clenches.

Orcborn: Thank you for helping me.

Zed: No problem.

Orcborn: I just realised I haven’t told you my name yet. Mak Clay, warrior. And I’m happy to have you on board, buddy.

Zed: Thank you.

A woman’s voice echoes from the other side of the bridge.

Voice: Are you alright over there?

Mak: We could use some help with these barbarians over here.

Voice: We will be right over.

Bryn: We?

Four male humans, two with round ears and two with ears like Emily’s, and a female human with ears like Emily’s, cross the bridge. They each wear silver armour with a vague draconic motif. The female human walks over to Mak.

Woman: Cynthia Meadows, Guard-Captain of Silveria City.

Cynthia looks down at the unconscious barbarians.

Cynthia: Ah, I see you succeeded in apprehending them. Come. We will escort you to Silveria City to organise payment for your assistance.

Scene 9: En Route to Silveria City: Early Afternoon

The party travels with the guards along a road through an open plain. The barbarians are bound together by iron chains.

Cynthia: These misceants have caused trouble in the region for weeks.

Amethyst: Did no-one attempt to apprehend them?

Cynthia: Most people who could help were preoccupied with other quests. The few who remained were overly cautious and chose not to assist.

Mak: Well, what was the bounty on these guys?

Zed takes a mouthful of water from his waterskin.

Cynthia: 2499 gold.

Zed turns his head and spits out the water.

Mak: I’m surprised no-one wanted the bounty.

Cynthia: Well, considering you assisted us with no desire of compensation, not to mention the level of skill involved…

Zed takes another mouthful of water.

Cynthia: I am obliged to double the reward.

Zed turns his head and spits out the water again.

Bryn: Careful there, Zeddy, or you’ll have none left 'til we reach the city!

Zed takes a third mouthful of water.

Cynthia: That is it over there. We should arrive within the hour.

Zed looks at the citadel and spits out the water.

Zed: That place is huge!

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: It appears even bigger once you enter.

Bryn: Oh, you’re going to love it, Zed! It’s wall-to-wall shops, taverns and entertainment!

Emily: We must visit the Temple of Marilina when we enter.

Thobrun: And the Temple of Alistair.

Bryn: And a nightclub!

Mak: There’s plenty of time to explore the city once we sort out these folks.

The barbarian leader spits at Mak.

Mak: Looks like Zed’s a bigger man than this guy after all!

The party laughs as they continue the trek toward Silveria City.

Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The mysterious man who hid in the shadows of The Budding Alchemist walks across a blue carpet in an enormous icy room. He has buzzcut dark hair and wears brown hide armour marked with black stripes, and the exposed patches of his tan skin are covered with goosebumps. He kneels and addresses the female figure seated in the throne, who is obscured from our view.

Man: I bring news, Mistress. The elf known as Amethyst has given the Azure Crystal to a young wizard named Zed.

Figure: So, the crystals have all found their owners. Trenton, I am sending you and Kara to retrieve Amethyst and her companions. Bring them to me.

Trent: It will be done, Mistress.

Figure: And Trenton? I want them alive. Is that understood?

Trent: Yes, Mistress.

The figure’s blue lipstick-covered lips twist into an evil smile.

Figure: Good.


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You’ve heard of the Many Worlds Theory? Well, Orion J. Zed has imagined hundreds of worlds in his creative endeavours, many of which are documented in some form.

He rarely refers to himself in the third person other than “About Me” sections.

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