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Crystals of Silveria Remastered

Episode 1: The Seventh Crystal, Part I

By Orion J. ZedPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 24 min read

Scene 1: Zed’s House: Dawn

The sun rises over a secluded township in the middle of a vast green plain, the citizens slowly awakening one-by-one and preparing for their day. Shops filled with all sorts of wares open their doors; bakers begin baking bread, cakes and other tasty treats; the owners of The Naked Drake tavern prepare the daily breakfast specials. In a small house on the outskirts of town, a young human male is in a restless slumber, tossing and turning. His eyes suddenly fly open and he sits up in his bed.

Human’s thoughts: Whoa, those dreams are getting even more intense than usual…

The human swings his legs around to the side of his bed, placing his feet gently on the floor. He stands up and walks over to his wardrobe, pulling out a white long-sleeved shirt and brown pants. He pulls the shirt over his head, pushing his arms through both sleeves. He then sits back on his bed, pushing his legs through the pants, then he stands up and pulls them over his waist, zipping up the zipper and securing the button.

The human sits down once again and pulls a pair of clean socks from his drawer, separating them and pulling them over his feet. Finally, he grabs a pair of tall brown boots, checking them for bugs before pulling them onto his feet. He stands up and walks into his washroom.

The human gazes into his mirror, opening his mouth and biting onto his hand, which glows with a bright blue light, illuminating his entire mouth for a moment before dissipating. He turns on a tap and rinses a cup, then fills it with water. He takes a mouthful and sloshes it around, spitting it into the sink. He then empties the cup and turns off the tap.

Human: There! A clean mouth for a fresh new day.

The human thinks to himself.

Human: Oh, my hair!

The human holds his hand over his forehead. His hand glows. As he moves it upward, his messy, bright red hair spikes vertically. He moves his hand away, and it stops glowing.

Human: Right. Breakfast.

The human heads downstairs, grabs a banana from his fruit bowl and eats it. He discards the peel in the compost box, then washes his hands and dries them. He picks up a pair of brown gauntlets and puts them on, then he makes his way to the door and grabs his brown sleeveless jacket. He puts it on and does up the buttons. He then opens the door and steps through it, closing it behind him and locking it with his key.

Scene 2: Town Outskirts: Morning

As Zed turns to leave, a bouncy ball lands next to his foot. He looks at the ball, then at the two boys running towards him.

Boy #1: Good morning, Mr. Zed!

Zed: Good morning! How are you?

Boy #1: Very good!

Boy #2: It’s my birthday today!

Zed: Ah, and this must be your present.

Boy #2: Yes it is!

Boy #1: Will you kick it over please, sir?

Zed: Sure.

Zed kicks the ball to the boys. The second one grabs it.

Boy #2: Thanks, Mr. Zed!

Zed: No problem.

Boy #1: Are you going to work then?

Zed: Yep.

Boy #1: Okay then.

Zed: Enjoy your birthday!

Boy #2: I will, Mr. Zed!

The boys run off with the ball. Zed smiles and shakes his head slightly, then makes his way into town.


Crystals of Silveria Remastered: A Chromaia Adventure


Scene 3: Town Square: Morning

Zed makes his way through the town square. Already, people are milling about, ready to do some early morning shopping. Zed walks up to a crowd of people who are gathered around a travelling entertainer. He breathes a jet of flame through his mouth and the crowd claps. Some people deposit copper and silver pieces into a hat, which is on the ground next to the man. Zed deposits two gold pieces into the man’s hat. The man faces Zed and does a gentlemanly bow. He then picks up three balls and begins to juggle.

The crowd claps and cheers as Zed makes his way to Taylor’s Treasures. A bell jingles as Zed opens the door and walks inside, closing the door behind him. The shop’s shelves are lined with various trinkets and wondrous items. A middle-aged woman with glasses heads downstairs into the small shop.

Zed: Good morning, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, good morning, young Zed. Here bright an’ early for work, are you?

Zed: I sure am.

Mrs. Taylor: That’s grand. How was your night, lad?

Zed: I had another weird dream. I kinda figure it might have something to do with my past.

Mrs. Taylor: Well, they say that dreams are the gateway to another world. Maybe your past has fled to it.

Zed laughs.

Zed: You never know, I guess.

Zed looks around the shop.

Zed: So, what am I doing today?

Mrs. Taylor: Inventory. I’m just waitin’ for the delivery man to arrive. He’s late again!

The bell jingles as the door opens. The deliveryman walks in.

Deliveryman: Mornin’, Mrs. Taylor!

Mrs. Taylor: Mornin’, Mr. Deliveryman. What have you got for us today?

Deliveryman: Three big boxes o’ wondrous items for ya.

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, grand. Just leave ‘em next to the counter.

Deliveryman: Will do, Mrs. Taylor.

The deliveryman unloads the boxes next to the counter. He heads backward towards the door, opening it. The bell jingles as he retreats through it.

Deliveryman: Have a good day, you two!

Mrs. Taylor: Will do.

Zed: You too.

The door closes. Zed picks up the smallest box, places it onto the counter and opens it with a small knife. His eyes widen with delight.

Zed: Are these bags of holding?!

Mrs. Taylor: Aye, they are, lad. They can hold many times more items than meets the eye. Perfect for the travelling adventurer.

Zed: Awesome!

Mrs. Taylor: Right, I’d like you to put ‘em on display in the shop window. Try to make ‘em look enticing for anybody who might want to buy one.

Zed: We haven’t seen any adventurers in here for months. Do you think we’ll be able to sell them?

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, I hope so. Adventurers may not often come here, but when they do, we need to be prepared.

Zed nods.

Zed’s thoughts: I wonder what it’d be like to be an adventurer…

Scene 4: Town Outskirts: Midday

A young elven female with long brown hair, purple eyes and a purple robe enters town. She is carrying a silver staff, its only feature being a purple orb at one end, which is partly-engulfed by a finely-sculpted dragon. She makes her way over to the two boys, still playing with their ball.

Elf: Good morning, boys.

The boys look at the young woman, and an expression of surprise spreads across their faces.

Boy #1: Flip! It’s an elf!

Boy #2: I heard that the long ears of the elves can hear the voices of the faeries!

Boy #1: Wow, is that true miss?!

The elf giggles.

Elf: Well, I hear that children can hear the faeries’ voices… if they listen hard enough.

Boy #2: Wow! That’s incredible!

Elf: I was wondering if you would be kind enough to assist me.

Boy #1: Of course! We’ll help however we can!

Elf: I’m looking for the young man who lives in that house.

The elf points the orb end of her staff at Zed’s house.

Boy #1: Oh, you mean Mr. Zed! He’s at work right now.

Boy #2: I think he works in a shop called Taylor’s Trinkets.

Elf: Many thanks. You have been most helpful.

The elf bows gracefully, before making her way into town. The boys turn to each other with excitement.

Boy #2: Children can hear the voices of faeries!

Boy #1: I’m going to listen to a faery first!

Boy #2: No, it’s my birthday, so I’m going to hear one first!

Scene 5: Town Square: Midday

The elf makes her way to the entertainer, a crowd of people still gathered around him. He performs a small dance, then stops and raises his arms into the air. As he does so, two jets of confetti burst through the ground next to him straight into the air.

The elf, amused by the entertainer’s illusion, deposits five gold pieces into his hat. The man looks into his hat, a big smile on his face, before singing and dancing with excitement as the crowd laughs. The elf makes her way to a shop and checks the sign.

Elf: Taylor’s Treasures… I am sure this must be the shop to which those boys were referring.

The elf enters the shop, the little bell jingling as she opens and closes the door. Mrs. Taylor greets her with a smile.

Mrs. Taylor: Welcome to my humble shop, lass. If there’s anything you need, don’t be afraid to ask.

Elf: Actually, I was wondering if you could assist me with locating an employee of yours. Someone named "Mr. Zed," I believe.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, Zed. One of my most dedicated staff members. I’m sorry, lass, but he’s out having lunch right now.

Elf: Ah, I see. When he returns, would you please be so kind as to ask him to meet me in The Naked Drake?

Mrs. Taylor: The tavern? Oh, he never sets foot in there, lass. Don’t ask me why. I suppose I could pass on the message though.

Elf: Many thanks to you, ma’am. My name is Amethyst, by the way.

Mrs. Taylor: A pleasure. I’ll pass on your message, don’t you worry.

Amethyst: Again, many thanks to you.

Amethyst bows gracefully to Mrs. Taylor, then leaves the shop, the bell jingling as she exits. Mrs. Taylor laughs.

Mrs. Taylor: The Naked Drake… I wonder how they came up with that name.

Mrs. Taylor begins to sweep the floor with a broom.



Zed enters the shop, the little bell jingling as he opens and closes the door.

Zed: I’m back, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, Zed. There was a young lass in ‘ere earlier asking for you.

Zed: M-me?

Mrs. Taylor: Aye, lad. She seemed very eager to meet you.

Zed: Well, that’s odd. Do you know who it was?

Mrs. Taylor: I’m not sure. All she said was to look for Amethyst at The Naked Drake.

Zed: The tavern? I don’t go in there.

Mrs. Taylor: I know, lad. She seemed sure you’d go, though.

Zed: Well, I guess I could take a look in there.

Mrs. Taylor: You do what you feel is right, lad.

Zed: Okay, I’ll go there first thing after work.

Mrs. Taylor: Well then, I think that’ll do for your shift today.

Zed: What? But I still have work to do!

Mrs. Taylor: Come now, lad. You do a lot for me. Take the afternoon off. You won’t lose pay for it.

Zed: I’m not concerned about the money. I am curious to know what that girl wants with me, though.

Mrs. Taylor: Very well. I’ll see you next week, then.

Zed: Okay. Have a good day.

Mrs. Taylor: To you as well, lad.

Zed exits the shop, the little bell jingling as he does so.

Scene 6: The Naked Drake: Afternoon

Zed enters the tavern. It is practically deserted, save for a couple of individuals at different tables.

Zed’s thoughts: Huh. This place isn’t so bad…

Zed approaches the bartender behind the counter.

Bartender: Welcome to The Naked Drake. I am Warren, co-owner of this tavern. Is there anything I can get you, sir?

Zed: Uh, no thanks. I’m looking for someone named Amethyst.

Warren: Ah, you must be Zed. Amethyst is at the table just there.

Warren points to the table nearest the counter. Amethyst is seated, her staff laid across the tabletop.

Zed: Thanks. Have a good day.

Warren: If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Zed: No problem.

Zed walks over to Amethyst, who looks up at him, then stands.

Amethyst: You must be Zed.

Zed: How did you guess?

Amethyst: You’re the first person to approach me today, so naturally I assumed that you are the one for whom I am searching.

Zed: It’s nice to meet you.

Amethyst: To you as well. My name is Amethyst Moondew, elven mage. You… are much taller than I thought you would be. Taller than most humans I have met.

Zed: A neighbour of mine calls me "the gentle giant."

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: I knew I would like you. Come, we must practice.

Amethyst picks up her staff and heads for the door.

Zed: Practice what?

Amethyst stops and turns to Zed with a smile.

Amethyst: Your magic, of course!

Amethyst once again heads for the door.

Zed: How did you know I could use magic?

Zed starts to follow Amethyst.

Scene 7: Meadow: Afternoon

Zed and Amethyst walk to the top of a hill covered in short, green grass.

Amethyst: Okay, here we are.

Zed: This is the meadow near my house.

Amethyst: It is the perfect place to test your abilities.

Zed: I should let you know, I’m not the best at using magic.

Amethyst: Everyone is inexperienced at first. With time, your abilities will develop.

Amethyst raises her staff. A glowing purple orb appears in mid-air ten feet in front of Zed.

Amethyst: Would you please demonstrate your use of magic missile?

Zed: Uh, okay. I’m a bit rusty, but here goes.

Zed raises his right hand, aiming it at the orb.

Zed: "Magic Missile!"

A small, glowing cyan marble pings from Zed’s palm and strikes the orb in its centre, with both vanishing in a flash of light.

Amethyst: A perfect hit! Well done!

Zed: I don’t know how I did that!

Amethyst: Okay, now for something trickier.

Amethyst raises her staff again. Another purple orb appears ten feet in front of Zed, though it slowly moves from left to right.

Zed: Okay, here I go.

Zed holds up his right hand, aiming it in front of him. Zed focusses on the path of the orb.

Zed: "Magic Missile!"

Another cyan marble pings from Zed’s palm, striking the orb in the middle and causing them both to vanish in a flash of light.

Amethyst: Impressive! Another perfect hit!

Zed: I’m not even very familiar with magic missile!

Amethyst: Shall we try one last test?

Zed: Well… okay then.

Amethyst: Very well.

Amethyst holds up her staff again. A third orb appears ten feet in front of Zed, moving slowly clockwise in a perfect circle. Zed stretches out his hand, focussing on the orb’s path.

Zed: "Magic Missile!"

A cyan marble pings from Zed’s hand, striking the top-left of the orb. It drops to the ground and vanishes in a flash of light.

Amethyst: Not as perfect, but still a hit. I’m impressed.

Zed: Thank you.

Amethyst: I have a gift for you.

Zed: A gift? For me?

Amethyst reaches into her satchel and removes a wooden box with a silver clasp. She opens it, with Zed gazing upon its contents. Inside are seven alcoves, with one of them holding a pyramidal, cyan-coloured crystal.

Amethyst: This box contains the seventh in a set of crystals. My allies and I have each of our lives entwined with one of them. It is my assumption that you are to be the owner of this one, the Azure Crystal.

Zed: Me? Are you sure?

Amethyst: There is only one way for me to truly be sure.

Zed: I don’t know… I don’t really see myself as being very special.

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: The crystal will tell you if you’re special.

Zed: Really?

Amethyst: The crystals select their owners. They see the truth of their owners’ potential. Clutch it. We will know if it is meant to be.

Zed steps forward. He reaches out and picks up the crystal. As he opens his hand, the crystal’s centre glows with a bright light.

Zed: Whoa… that is awesome!

Amethyst: It seems as though your potential is greater than you realised.

Zed watches as the crystal’s light fades slightly, though still glowing dimly in its centre.

Amethyst: This crystal is meant for you, Zed. When you wear it, you will form an eternal bond.

Zed: Like this?

Zed places the crystal around his neck. The light within its centre shines bright enough to illuminate the surrounding area, before returning to a low level of constant light within.

Amethyst: It would make me so happy for you to become my apprentice. Together with my allies and I, you may see the wonders of this land, and beyond. I could train you to master your talent.

Zed: I… I don’t know what to say.

Amethyst: Would you like to become an adventurer?

Zed ponders to himself.

Zed’s thoughts: Maybe by adventuring, I can figure out who I truly am...

Zed: Okay, I’ll do it!


Commercial: Are you an adventurer who’s just come to town? Then stop by Taylor’s Treasures! We have everything for the budding traveller, from adventuring gear to wondrous items and everything in between. We have the cheapest bags of holding in the region - never lose your possessions again… for less! Taylor’s Treasures, just a short hop from The Naked Drake!


Scene 8: Zed’s House: Late Night

Zed lays in bed, his quilt covering his chest and his arms folded above his head on a firm, yet fluffy, pillow. A light cantrip floats above, bathing the room - and Zed - with a luminant glow.

Zed’s thoughts: I can hardly believe it… soon, I’ll be leaving for an adventure... I have no idea what I can do, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it…

Zed reaches across to his bedside table and picks up the crystal.

Zed’s thoughts: Amethyst said I have a permanent link with this thing, but I’m still not sure what it’s for… maybe it’s meant to give me some sort of powers, or increase my arcane abilities...

Zed places the crystal back onto the table.

Zed’s thoughts: I’ll ask Amethyst in the morning...

Zed dispells the light, pulls his arms under his blanket, and turns to his left side. He soon drifts into a shallow sleep.


Zed walks through a mysterious forest.

Zed: Hello?! Is anyone here?!

Almost immediately, the temperature plummets. Zed’s breaths become visible as frost encrusts every tree.

Zed: This is bad! It’s not even close to winter!

Dwarf: It’s the Winter Festival, lad! Time for us to get drunk!

Zed: Who are you?

Dwarf: Why, it’s me, D. Wharf! The lovable rogue!

Zed: Uh… okay.

Dwarf: Say, that’s a pretty necklace. A pretty necklace for a pretty lass!

Zed: Uh, this is a special artefact. And I’m a guy, not a girl!

Dwarf: Of course you are, little boy!

Zed: What did you call me?!

A column of water whirls around Zed and freezes solid. The column stretches out, leaving Zed in a dark, icy room.

Zed: What’s going on?! This isn’t funny!

An evil cackle fills the room and echoes off the walls. Zed suddenly raises his hand in the air.

Zed: "LIGHT!"

Bright light quickly fills the room.


Zed suddenly awakens and sits up, breathing heavily.

Zed: That dream again…

Scene 9: Zed’s House: Morning

Zed sits in a chair, playing a wooden recorder. A knock sounds on his door. He splits the recorder in two and places the pieces in his pocket, before standing and walking to the door. He opens it, revealing a smiling Amethyst.

Zed: Oh… uh… good morning.

Amethyst: Good morning. Are you rested and ready for today?

Zed: I did my best, I guess.

Amethyst: That is good to hear. Come. We must make preparations for our journey.

Zed: Okay, I just need to get some things first.

Amethyst: Please, take your time.

Zed: Okay, be right back!

Zed closes his door. A few moments later he opens it, steps outside and closes it behind him, before locking it with his key.

Zed: Okay, I’m ready.

Amethyst: Excellent. Let us head into town to purchase supplies.

Zed: No problem.

Scene 10: Town Square: Morning

Zed and Amethyst approach a shop. The sign above the door reads "Silver Buckle Clothing."

Amethyst: First, we must purchase a new outfit for you to wear.

Zed: I don’t know, this place looks expensive.

Amethyst: Never fear, Zed. A good quality outfit is just what you need.

Zed: I guess so…

Zed and Amethyst enter the shop. A well-dressed gentleman greets them from behind the counter.

Gentleman: Welcome to Silver Buckle Clothing! I am Eduardo, your guide to the world of chic fashion. How may I help you today?

Amethyst: My apprentice is in need of a new outfit.

Eduardo examines Zed’s outfit.

Eduardo: Oh yes… I see what you mean. Hm… now, what sort of apprentice is he? Knight’s apprentice, mage’s apprentice…?

Amethyst: A mage’s apprentice.

Eduardo: Of course! I might have guessed from your lovely violet tunic! It simply screams modern elven mage! And it matches your eyes perfectly! Ooh, and I just love the sash!

Eduardo examines Zed’s outfit some more.

Eduardo: Hm… we need to update your look. The whole brown-on-white thing is too archaic. Today’s young mage needs to wear something more modern and vibrant. Hm… okay, I see you wearing something… azure.

Zed: That's my favourite colour!

Eduardo: Ah! I knew it! Eduardo, you are a genius!

Eduardo looks around. He plucks a pale blue shirt from a clothes rack and hands it to Zed.

Eduardo: This would make the perfect base for your outfit.

Eduardo picks a pair of blue pants from another clothes rack.

Eduardo: And this will add a pleasant contrast to it. Now, into the change room you go!

Eduardo motions Zed into the change room. Zed turns around.

Zed: I don’t know about this… it seems expensive.

Eduardo: Don’t worry about price! A good outfit is an expensive outfit!

Eduardo closes the curtain on the change room.

Zed: Ooh, comfy! And it fits really well!

Eduardo: You doubt my talent for choosing an ensemble?

Zed: No no, this is great!

Zed opens the curtain. Eduardo nods, his bottom lip protruding.

Eduardo: An improvement. I think we’ll go with your previous look, but with modern designs and more blue. Wait here while I get your leathers.

Eduardo walks into another room.

Zed: Leathers? Aren’t they… bulky?

Amethyst: Leather armour is bulky. Leather clothing is lightweight and flexible.

Zed: Ah, good. I read that wizards need mobility when casting spells.

Amethyst: My curiosity has piqued. How talented are you with casting arcane incantations?

Zed: Well, I’ve always been good at cantrips, and I can do some evocations pretty well. I’ve also practised a bit of magic from other schools, too.

Eduardo returns carrying some boxes.

Eduardo: I checked your old boots for size and picked out the perfect pair for you. Try these on.

Eduardo hands a box to Zed. He removes a pair of dark blue leather boots and slips them on. He stands and takes a few steps.

Zed: These are so comfy.

Eduardo: And here are the matching gauntlets.

Eduardo hands another box to Zed. He removes a pair of long gauntlet gloves made of a similar dark blue leather as the boots. Zed pulls them on and flexes his fingers and wrists.

Zed: These are better than my old gauntlets. They mould right to my hand!

Eduardo: I also have a belt…

Eduardo hands a black belt with a silver buckle to Zed.

Eduardo: …and a vest.

Eduardo hands an azure leather sleeveless jacket to Zed. He slips the belt through the loops at his waist and secures it with the buckle, then slides on the jacket and attaches the button-clasps.

Zed: This is awesome!

Amethyst: I think we have found a perfect outfit for you, Zed.

Eduardo: No.

Amethyst: No?

Eduardo: No. It is not yet perfect. It needs a certain… oomph that says "modern mage’s apprentice."

Zed: Like a robe or cloak?

Eduardo: I think something more your age category would be better… oh! Wait here!

Eduardo walks away and plucks a piece of clothing from a shelf. He returns and hands it to Zed, who unfurls it and puts it on.

Zed: A cape?!

Eduardo: Oh, yes. All the young mages in Silveria wear capes. It’s fast becoming the latest fashion trend.

Zed: Well, I guess this outfit is good. But… how much will it cost?

Eduardo: For you, I’ll give a special deal. Just 7 gold pieces!

Zed: Well… I guess it is for my new role as an adventurer…

Zed reaches for his coin pouch.

Amethyst: Wait, Zed! I will pay for your outfit.

Zed: Are you sure?

Amethyst: Of course. A mage’s duty is to buy her apprentice’s equipment.

Amethyst hands 7 gold pieces to Eduardo.

Eduardo: Thank you very much! I trust you are happy with your new look?

Zed: I sure am. Thank you!

Scene 11: Town Street: Morning

Zed and Amethyst walk through a street.

Zed: Thank you for buying my new clothes.

Amethyst: It is my pleasure, Zed. Now, we must buy you the most important piece of equipment for any mage.

Zed: A focus?

Amethyst: Indeed.

Zed: I know just the place: The Budding Alchemist! Mr. Newt will have precisely the item I need!

Amethyst’s thoughts: Newt…? Could it be…?

Zed leads Amethyst to a door, whose sign reads "The Budding Alchemist." Zed opens the door, motioning Amethyst to enter. Amethyst nods once and enters the building, followed by Zed. An elderly gentleman with a long white beard and intensely vivid, ocean-hued teal irises greets them.

Gentleman: Well, if it isn’t young Zed. Why, I haven’t seen you in here since the Astral Festival.

Zed: Sorry, Mr. Newt. I’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks.

Newt: How are your dreams?

Zed: Getting even weirder. I had the ice forest one again last night.

Newt: You’ve had that one more often in recent days, haven’t you?

Zed: Yep. It seemed even more real last night.

Newt: Well, I’m sure you will learn the secret behind it eventually.

Mr. Newt notices Amethyst.

Newt: I’ve been expecting you, Amethyst.

Amethyst’s thoughts: How did he…?

Amethyst: It is a pleasure, Mr. Newt. Please excuse my bluntness, but how did you know I would visit you?

Newt: Why, the lovely Mrs. Taylor mentioned you over a cup of tea.

Zed: News sure travels fast in this place.

Newt: Thank you so much for taking the time to instruct Zed in the ways of the web. I would myself, of course, but I’m far too old. I’ll leave it up to the younger generation.

Zed: Remember when I first came in here?

Newt: Like it was yesterday. You'd picked up a book of cantrips out of curiosity.

Zed: I was interested in magic, but thought I was too old to learn it.

Newt: Then you started to read the cover, and turned your hair blue!

Zed: It caught your attention, but I had no idea what was going on 'cause I couldn’t see the top of my own head!

Mr. Newt chuckles.

Newt: Oh, I chuckled for minutes. I finally managed to tell you that you are a naturally gifted mage, but you were too busy panicking about your hair.

Zed: Good times… oh, that’s right! Mr. Newt, I was wondering if you could help me choose my focus.

Newt: Of course, lad. Do you know what kind of object suits you best?

Zed: Hm… I’ve never given it much thought.

Newt: Might I suggest a wand? It’s portable and lightweight, and easy to equip in a pinch.

Zed: Sounds good.

Newt: The wands are just over here.

Mr. Newt leads Zed to a display containing a selection of wands.

Zed: How will I know which one is the right one for me?

Newt: You will know as soon as your eyes meet with it.

Zed looks around. He spots a silver wand adorned with a carving of a dragon at its far end, and instinctively reaches out, lifting it with due care. Almost immediately, a bright, cyan glow radiates from his body. He reaches into his shirt and pulls out the crystal, which brightly glows with the same hue of light.

Newt: No… it cannot be!

The light dissipates as Mr. Newt approaches Zed.

Newt: Zed! You did not tell me you had an artefact of the Silverian Empire!

Zed: "The Silverian Empire?"

Zed looks at Amethyst.

Amethyst: I am unaware of such an empire.

Newt: Then there is much you both must learn. Come. We will discuss it further in my home.

The trio leaves the shop. The view pans to a mysterious figure who lurks inside.

Figure: So it is true. I must tell my mistress at once.

The figure turns and steps into the shadows.

To be Continued…


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Next Episode: The Seventh Crystal, Part II

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