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Cry of the Dragon

by Chad Bicknell about a month ago in Fantasy
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Fight for Elencia

Chapter 1

There weren't always dragons in the Valley. It used to be a peaceful place where humans would gather to worship the seven Original Dragons, the keepers to the gates of Elencia. At the altar where sacrifices were done for Veren, Lord of Creation, a great sin occurred. The Original Divine Dragon was murdered by the Original Dragon of Destruction. When Yeshua the Original Divine Dragon died, his magical seal was passed to a human vessel, the first of human-dragon hybrids. This was the first sin.

When the divine dragon died, its final cry in life corrupted the other original dragons and their servants. Thus began the War of Elements. Each tribe of humans who served their Original Dragon warred over who was the best. One after another, each dragon fell until only the Dragon of Destruction, Malthael remained. He ruled over the humans and bent them to his will. That was until the first human-dragon was born with the seal of the divine dragon.

The first Dragonkin, Vamarai grew up and became strong enough to challenge the dragon of destruction. Once Vamarai became strong enough he gathered comrades who sought the freedom of humans from the dragons of destruction and their servants. The road was long and hard but after several years of journeying throughout the world hidden from the light, Vamarai and his comrades challenged Malthael.

The lord of destruction and his minions fought the brave party which sought to restore balance to the elements. The mighty original dragon’s will was indomitable. Hero and minion fell one after another until only Malthael and Vamarai were left. “Foolish human, your hopes end here.” Malthael flaps his mighty wings and creates a powerful gust of wind. Vamarai holds his hands up to block the wind from his face. “And your meaningless existence with it!” Malthael yells as he shoots a beam of black and red energy from his mouth.

Vamarai holds his hand up. “Light of Elencia!” He shouts. A barrier of gold and silver shines around him. The energy blast from Malthael is canceled by the barrier. Malthael roars and charges Vamarai. He swipes his mighty claws and knocks Vamarai away. The warrior flies backwards into the cliff side. White energy fires from the cliffside and hits Malthael in the chest. The dragon roars and falls to the ground. Vamarai runs from the hole he was plowed into and goes towards the dragon of destruction.

He traces his hand through the air and chants. “Come light of the seven stars, Holy Judgment!” Seven bright lights in the sky rain down silver energy all around Malthael. The massive dragon can’t dodge the attack and has to absorb everything. Malthael roars in pain once again. He growls lowly and looks at Vamarai with hatred. “Dark Harvest!” Malthael commands. A red and black energy springs out from him and all life in the area is sapped. Vamarai himself feels his life force drain as if he has nothing left. He falls to his knees.

“Death awaits you.” Malthael says. He stands on his hind legs, stretches and roars. Energy begins to form high in the air above the mighty dragon. Vamarai looks around and sees the faces of his fallen comrades. “Forgive me, I wasn’t strong enough. May the next generation do better. I’ll see you soon my friends.” Vamarai grasps his sword from its sheath on his back. He holds the sword high and plunges it into himself. Vamarai looks up at Malthael. “Creation’s End.” Vamarai weakly says. Blue and white energy surrounds Vamarai before firing up at Malthael. The great dragon is taken by surprise as the energy blasts him into the ball of energy he was making. His dark energy became purified by Vamarai’s spell.

“No! It can’t be!” Malthael shouts. The dragon of destruction looks down at Vamarai who is falling to the ground. “You may defeat me but my curse will bring us all back . . . over and over . . . none shall ever be worthy to obtain the light of Elencia . . . not even . . . you . . .” With his final words the massive blue energy explodes in a fury. Its purifying energy wipes the world of darkness.

For a time there would be peace because of the sacrifice of Vamarai. Dragonkin became the dominant people of the world. Pure humans and dragons became rare. Dragons claimed the valley that held the altar of Veren. Humans lived in the main cities, they were lesser beings to the dragonkin. Though the dragonkin looked identical to humans, they looked down upon them. Dragonkin could sprout dragon-like appendages such as a tail or wings when they needed. They could also breathe fire. The main thing that set them apart was their ability to use magic, though some humans were gifted enough to have magic.

Each clan claimed a territory and forgot the sacrifice of Vamarai who wanted all to be free. The curse of Malthael infected every living thing and the world was decaying slowly. The only hope for the world was to purify the altar which was stained with Yeshua, the Original Divine Dragon’s spilled blood. The clans wouldn’t do this though. Instead they warred over who was best in all of creation. The only thing the clans did do together with unity was to hunt down the reincarnation of Malthael. The entire clan of the destruction dragons were wiped out. Malthael would be reborn in random clans and each time, that reincarnation would be killed.

“Daddy, will Vamarai come back?” A little dragonkin named Malus asks. The father of the boy ruffles his son’s platinum locks. “The head of our clan is the reincarnation of Vamarai, who was the reincarnation of Yeshua. Though they are different, their spirit is the same. It’s time for sleep now son. Tomorrow is the big day, you join the academy and learn how to use your mighty divine power.” Malus’s father says as he tucks his son in.

“Ok Dad, I hope I can make you and Vamarai proud!” Malus declares. Malus’s father, Gregory, smiles at his son. He reassures him he knows he will. He kisses his son on the forehead and leaves him to sleep. When dragonkin in Hullez turned seven they entered the Terra Academy. Hullez is the country that is ruled over by the Divine Dragon clan. The dragonkin spent the next decade learning to use their power effectively. On their 18th birthday they present themselves to the head of the clan.

Those who were strong enough would become personal bodyguards to the reincarnation of Vamarai. Those who weren't quite strong enough would become basic soldiers. Those who showed no real aptitude would be sent back to live a civilian life. Every parent worried that their child could be the reincarnation of Malthael. They wouldn’t know until they were 18. The memories of their past life remain locked until they turn 18. Usually a reincarnation has a strong aptitude for magic and it is obvious who will become the next head of the clan.

Because Malthael’s reincarnation would also show a great aptitude, the academy was created to ensure that they could be spotted easily and then disposed of. Gregory knew the odds were in his favor but they were never 100%. He sighs and he watches his son sleep. He prayed quietly that Lord Veren would watch over his boy and help him become strong and pure


About the author

Chad Bicknell

I've been writing for years. Hope to be published soon! I love fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, romance, whatever captures my attention! My favorite book series is Artemis Fowl, I read it as a kid and continue to read it!

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  • Alex Selleck6 days ago

    I want to see more! This sounds really cool!

  • Kol Mikaelson6 days ago

    OMG, I loved it!!! I want to see more!!! Please tell me there will be more chapters!!!!

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