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by Wade Villani 10 months ago in Sci Fi
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Our Raging Bull, For All Time

Travelling into the featureless ellipsoid that is the Messier 89 galaxy we are called, as if sirens on algae laden rocks serenade and lure. We find ourselves mesmerized by the spinning elegance of its two resident blackholes. These supermassive lovers live in that finite equilibrium that we all know. That state of being that to most would seem everlasting. This binary system with its rippling waves of gravity can be heard by all that are listening and, just one is.

Our cosmic friend, nameless, yet described by any sentient life in dreamtime legends as a god. A forever thing, floating amidst the stellar horizon observing time like no other. From an earthly perspective he would be described as a muscular bull, and the resemblance to such pasture trotting creatures would be uncanny, that is apart from a few noticeable changes. Firstly, this deity wandering the endless cosmos is roughly the size of a small moon and secondly, his hide is covered in a near bioluminescent tint. This captivating adornment tells a tale of eons yet presents an almost youthful zeal, suggesting our Bull is nowhere near old age. Perhaps he never will reach that age, possibly outliving the cosmos itself.

We listen in once more to the haunting melody of those anomalies amidst the dark. Darker still than space itself. These insatiable, inescapable monsters are but marbles to our Bull. Like any being Earth bound or otherwise he finds himself transfixed by the singing. A music that his ears have evolved to translate into vibrating celestial strings, a symphony to rival all others. Lulled he tucks his hooves in and closes those all-seeing eyes for a nap amidst pulsating quasars.

Apparently, life across the universe takes similar forms no matter where it is first awoken. Like the Tardigrade that lives within the microverse, with its bearlike appearance and similar mannerisms. So too does the greater universe mimic the form and function of beings across the cosmic landscape. We can contemplate quasi-feline creatures that hunt upon gas giants or even eagle like feathered beasts that soar across the surface of suns. Like a mould for life that is constantly reused through time and space, beings live and die only to be resurrected once more, elsewhere.

Our Bull, well rested and hungry needs not search far for his feast and through his teeth he slurps up what we would call dark matter. These teeth that are no longer needed for function, just as humans have no need for wisdom teeth since the days of uncooked meat. So too has our cosmic Bull shedded the burden of chewing his meals. In the early days of existence for both our Bull and the universe itself, the matter it consumed to survive was encrusted thus the need for a strong jaw and dense teeth. Its life now is quite easy, just grazing the interstellar meadows for all time.

In a blink of its megalithic eye our Bull witnesses all. The birth and stunning death of stars, planets engulfed by their expanding suns. Civilizations across countless worlds being extinguished in countless ways. Some even making it as far as to venture into the dark of space and the fortunate amongst them even communed with God, our Bull. All, however, just a blink. A pitstop on the long road of time, some say a road with no end. Whatever the span of our cosmic dwelling we can be sure that our bull will rage on until close of day. Adrift on the waves of time until all is still and cool. Our Raging Bull, for all time.

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Wade Villani

New to this campfire story time and seeking improvement (validation)

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