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Cold Embers of Faith: A Tale of Redemption in Bursa

Story for Your Soul

By Sidra AnjumPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

In the heart of a chilly town in Bursa, there was a devout Muslim girl named Nazia. She was known for her simplicity and purity of heart. Her faith was a guiding light, just like the warm, amber light of a lantern, hanging steadily -protecting her against the biting winds that swept across the town. Every morning before the break of dawn, she would rise from her cozy bed, shivering in the cold as she slipped into her robe and offered her namaz- her heartfelt prayers. Her closeness to God was her solace in a world often draped in a blanket of frost.

Nazia's piety was unshakeable. She embraced her faith with fervor, performing her daily namaz, reading the Quran with deep reverence, and helping those in need. Her presence was like a warm hearth in a frozen land.

However, one fateful night, Nazia had a dream that shook her to her core. It was a vision filled with grisly darkness, an unearthly whisper of despair. The dream left her trembling with fear, and its haunting memory lingered with her.

The next morning, she hesitated to leave the warmth of her blanket and rise for her usual prayers. She couldn't shake the fear that had gripped her. An overwhelming sense of dread clutched her heart. Gradually, she began to drift away from her religious practices. The Quran gathered dust, her prayers became infrequent, and the warmth of her faith seemed to wane. She started listening to music, watching series, and embracing the lifestyle of her non-religious siblings.

Four years passed, and Nazia was only a shadow of her former self. She was unrecognizable to those who knew her, and shockingly even to herself. She mingled with the town's youth, losing herself in the intoxicating allure of forbidden worldly pleasures. She attended late-night parties and drank alcohol, and her once-pristine soul became tarnished.

Each night, as she stumbled back to her dimly lit home, she carried the weight of guilt on her shoulders. She expected God's wrath to strike her down at any moment.

But to her surprise, there was no punishment from the heavens. Instead, each morning, she would awaken to find a delicious breakfast awaiting her, with the warmth of freshly brewed tea, her bed was a cocoon of comfort, sheltering her from the cold winds outside, and her home was just like a sanctuary of indulgence.

Days turned into weeks, and Nazia, whose heart was heavy with sin, failed to comprehend the constant blessings that continued to surround her, instead of divine retribution. However, the more she enjoyed this life, the more it troubled her. She missed her old self, the pure and devoted Nazia, and couldn't escape the feeling that something was amiss. She began to overthink, her heart ached with sorrow, and she fell into a deep abyss of depression. The chill of Bursa seemed to have seeped into her very soul.

One morning, driven by an overwhelming sense of loss and longing, Nazia finally gathered the strength to attempt, hoping to return to her faith, and she decided to offer her fajr prayer once more. The bitterly cold and numbing wind seemed to pierce her very being as she performed her ablution and knelt for her fajr prayer.

As she whispered her supplications through tears, she felt a sudden, intense warmth envelop her. She felt as if a heavy load had been lifted off her chest, and a miraculous peace washed over her. It was as though the cold shackles that had bound her heart for so long were finally melting away. The tranquility that had long eluded her returned.

In that sacred moment, an epiphany dawned upon her. God had never taken anything from her to punish her; it was her conscience that had been her harshest judge. God, in His mercy, had never stripped her of her worldly desires. Instead, He had taken away her inner peace, the tranquility of her heart. Nazia realized that her punishment had been self-inflicted, a result of her own choices.

With a heart filled with gratitude, she knew that God's greatest miracle was the existence of His unwavering love and forgiveness. She had run back to Him, not because He had taken anything from her, but because He had waited patiently for her return. Hence, her return to faith was not about retribution; it was about finding solace and warmth in the embrace of God's unquestioning love. In the midst of the chilly town of Bursa, Nazia had found her inner fire once more.

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Sidra Anjum

Stars, secrets whispered by ancient skies, each constellation, a saga in timeless guise,

I gaze upon the night with starlit eyes, in its celestial tapestry, my spirit forever lies.

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  • Sarang Panhwar4 months ago

    great work

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