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chilhood despire


By Pasukan GoblokPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In a small, weather-beaten house at the edge of a forgotten town, there lived a child named Emily. Her days unfolded beneath the heavy clouds of her parents' disapproval, casting shadows over the fragile blossoms of her innocence. From the very first rays of dawn, Emily seemed to be enveloped in a perpetual mist of inadequacy, a silent tempest that tore at the fabric of her self-worth.

Emily's parents, once hopeful dreamers themselves, had surrendered to the harsh realities of life. Their aspirations had crumbled like old parchment, and in their disappointment, they unwittingly turned their gaze upon Emily, their only child. From the moment she uttered her first words, the echoes of her parents' dissatisfaction became the melody of her existence.

As Emily tiptoed through her formative years, she discovered the heart-wrenching truth that her every step was an ill-fated dance on the frayed edges of expectation. No matter how meticulously she folded her dreams into neat origami cranes, they were crumpled under the weight of her parents' indifference. Her laughter, once a melody of childhood joy, became a somber tune drowned by the relentless drumming of parental disappointment.

Her report cards, adorned with grades that mirrored her sincere efforts, were met with furrowed brows and disappointed sighs. No accomplishment, however humble, escaped the scrutinizing lens of her parents' unfulfilled aspirations. The vibrant paintings she created in the canvas of her imagination were dismissed as mere scribbles, and the poetry she whispered to the winds was drowned in the deafening silence of parental indifference.

Emily's room became her sanctuary, a haven of solitude where she sought refuge in the embrace of loneliness. The walls absorbed the silent tears that rolled down her cheeks as she grappled with the overwhelming burden of always being wrong in the eyes that should have seen her as perfection personified.

One fateful evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the world in hues of sorrow, Emily found herself standing in front of a mirror that reflected not just her image but the fractured pieces of her spirit. The reflection staring back at her was a mosaic of shattered dreams and unspoken longing, a poignant testament to the relentless pursuit of an unattainable approval.

With a heavy heart, Emily made a pilgrimage to the attic, where dusty boxes held the forgotten remnants of her parents' abandoned dreams. As she sifted through the relics of their past, she felt the weight of their expectations press down upon her fragile shoulders. In that moment of revelation, Emily understood that her parents, trapped in the desolate landscape of their own disappointments, unknowingly passed on the burden to her.

The realization was bitter, a taste of disillusionment that lingered on her tongue. In the quiet solitude of that attic, Emily vowed to break the cycle of perpetual wrongness. She yearned to unfurl her wings and soar beyond the suffocating atmosphere of parental expectations.

As the days turned into weeks, Emily delicately wove the threads of newfound strength into the tapestry of her existence. She began to paint her own narrative, a story where her worth was not measured by the yardstick of her parents' unrealized ambitions. Slowly but surely, she embraced the freedom to be wrong in their eyes, choosing instead to be right in the reflection of her own soul.

In the twilight of her childhood, Emily ventured into the world with a heart scarred but resilient. The town that once seemed like a prison became the backdrop of her emancipation. And as she walked away from the echoes of parental disapproval, Emily carried within her the bittersweet symphony of a child who, against all odds, found the courage to be right in the eyes that mattered most – her own.


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Pasukan Goblok

do what I think and don't think of failure because everything will not go according to what is desired.

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