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Chapter 27: Home

by Sheila L. Chingwa 4 months ago in Fantasy
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Wind Witch by Sheila L. Chingwa

Chapter 27: Home
Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

The darkness of the woods were lit with celebration when the children landed into the clearing with the adults. Smiles grew on their faces as they saw a bright fire burning in the center of the field. Jack and Shinning Sun began to beat together a rhythmic patterns and the children ran to the fire and began to step to the beat of the drum.

Wolves howled in the distance and the children answered their cry. The howling celebration was heard through out the woods and Markus and Mary smiled as they watched their family.

A warm wind began to blow and Shinning Sun took in a deep breath and said, "It's about time. It is May after all. Now Sarah can let spring come to our forest. These old bones need rest." She turned an entered her cabin and readied for her sleep.

"Come children! It is time to rest!" called Mary as she and Markus walked to the cabin.

The children ran past them and ran into the house. Markus and Mary stood outside peering through the window just watching the kids rid their coats and boots. The three were still dancing and celebrating that they were finally home.

With a hug, Markus said, "Honey, the kids are home. Let's go and celebrate with them."

Verna stood inside the cabin watching the celebration occurring around her as the couple walked through the door and she said, "Welcome to your new family Mr. and Mrs. Martin!"

The couple stood beaming, "Family. What a wonderful word." said Mary.

The children stopped playing and they walked up to Markus and Mary. Peter handed a note to Markus, "Family is a very good word!"

Chavo scuffed his feet and said, "I have a better word right now."

Everyone stopped and looked at him and Mary said, "What word is that?"

"Thank you. Thank you." Chavo said.

Peter and Sarah smiled and Sarah said, "I agree. Thank you very much for giving us a family."

Peter closed his eyes, took a deep breath and began to write, "Thank you!", on his note pad. His eyes remained closed as the others watched each letter appeared in the air. He opened his eyes and saw his words burning in the air. He turned and smiled at Markus and Mary.

"Well now," said Markus as he looked at the burning word floating in the air and back to Peter. "Hun, I see now that our little man is showing signs of his magic." He looked at his wife, "This, I am thankful for."

Peter smiled and ran to Markus who grabbed him up into his arms. Mary and Verna beamed at the two and walked in for a group hug. Arms wrapped around Markus an Peter and everyone held each other for a brief moment.

Verna yawned, "What a perfect day! However, it is time for bed. So, you three, off to bed you go!"

With great disagreement, the children surrendered to their rooms. Sarah heard Markus and Mary tuck the boys into bed. After a brief conversation, she heard them walk towards her room. The door opened and the pair walked through the door. Mary sat on Sarah's bed and Markus kneeled on the floor and pulled the blanket up and tucked it under her chin.

"We have thought you would like to this for the night." Mary unfolded the piece of paper and handed it to Sarah.

Sarah looked at her name on the paper and smiled. She laid the paper on the table next to her and said, "Yes, thank you so so much."

Markus cleared his throat, "I may be rushing this a bit, but, could you call me Father?" He shifted uncomfortably on his knees, "I mean, I hope you will feel as if I could be your father."

Sarah sat up in her bed and looked at her new parents and said, "I would like that. It might take a bit to get use to but, yes, mom, dad, thank you for wanting me to be your daughter."

With large smiles, Markus a Mary gave Sarah a hug and tucked her into bed. The pair bit her a goodnight and closed the door behind them. Sarah laid there for a moment looking at the adoption paper with her name beaming in the light. Her eyes closed as she saw Sarah Marie Shingwak-Martin shining in black ink on the white adoption paper.


About the author

Sheila L. Chingwa

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my thoughts.

I am proud to be a Native American Elder born and raised in Northern Michigan. Thanks to my hard work I have a B.A. in Education and a Masters in Administration and Supervision in Education.

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