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Central Bar

A Short Story

By Mollie NarutovicsPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Tucked away in the small corner of the city, was the bar: Central. The unique architecture and exquisite design made the old place look a little better than the condition it was really in. The shutters were falling from their places and more and more shingles blew from the roof and across the city each time even the slightest of breezes rolled by.

Despite the not so friendly outward appearance of the little bar, it was immaculate inside. Every glass was shined to the point where it could be shined no more and every table buffed so it could be buffed no more or else risk falling apart from the amount of cleaner used on it. There was always order in the bar. No one ever over drank and no fights had ever broken out. The city was so small that everyone knew each other’s business. That is, until two strange men walked into the bar and seated themselves in the corner where they hoped they would be unheard and uninterrupted.

The two men sat there, raging in anger, yet arguing quietly to each other. They were huddled around the small table like a flock of vultures picking at their prey. They spat and snickered in distaste, which naturally made evading them, everyone’s top priority. As the bar emptied, a sort of mournful aroma replaced the patrons and the smile left the bar tenders’ face as he thought of what the rest of the night had in store.

“Adam, how can you know this, ‘experiment’, as you called it, will work? I just got out of jail, I don’t want to get sent right back in there.”

“You are such a coward. Stop your worrying and stick to the plan. If you run off and do something random like you did last time you will get sent back to jail.” Adam said sternly to his partner. “And keep your voice down. We don’t want him,” Adam points over his shoulder with his thumb and indicates to the bar tender, “to hear us. No one can know what we are planning on doing. Do you understand?” Adam stared hard at him until he nodded. Then they went ahead with the plan just as carefully as it had been planned.


About the Creator

Mollie Narutovics

Creativity can blossom from the wildest of places, and has no limitations. Stories are all around us waiting to be told; I hope to someday bring mine to life and share it.

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