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Bluebeard was going on a long trip, and before leaving, he said to his new wife, "I have something important to go on a long trip, and it will take more than six weeks to come back."

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Bluebeard was going on a long trip, and before leaving, he said to his new wife, "I have important business to go on a long trip, and it will take more than six weeks to come back." He gave his wife a set of keys. "This is the key to the house, and every room can be opened. But you have to remember that you must never open the door of the room at the end of the basement corridor. If you enter that little room, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

Bluebeard had a very ugly blue beard, so people called him "Bluebeard". He was rich, and had many beautiful houses, all kinds of gold and silver tableware, all kinds of furniture with beautiful patterns, and many glittering carriages. But nonetheless, because of his terrible bluebeard, women would turn away in fright when they saw him. Bluebeard had married several wives, but no one knows where all his wives are now.

Bluebeard took a lot of trouble to marry his current wife. His new wife is the youngest daughter of a lady. This lady has two daughters. Bluebeard wanted to marry one of them, because the lady's family was also very rich. In order to please them, Bluebeard specially invited the lady and her two daughters to the country villa to play, and even the best friends of the two daughters were invited by Bluebeard. They stayed there for a whole week, all day and night, gathered together, doing nothing but dancing, hunting, fishing, and attending sumptuous banquets. It didn't take long for the lady's youngest daughter to fall in love with Bluebeard and marry him.

Now, Bluebeard was going out, and after he told his wife, he got into the carriage and left.

The bride also promised to listen to her husband.

Bluebeard's neighbors and relatives and friends had long wanted to see the luxurious furnishings of Bluebeard's house, but the terrifying Bluebeard was at home, and they dared not come to his house. Now that Bluebeard is gone, they can finally enter the door with confidence.

They admired the fine furnishings of the house, touched here and there, and from time to time uttered a sound of tsk tsk in amazement, praising and envious of the bride's happy life. However, the bride was not interested in these things, and she wanted to see the small room at the end of the basement corridor that her husband had not allowed her to enter.

"What serious consequences will there be if you don't listen to him?" She had been hesitating. But intense curiosity drove her to the door of the small room, took out the little key, and trembled open the door of the small room.

The curtains in the room were drawn tightly, and when she entered the dimly lit room from the strong sunlight, she couldn't get used to it all of a sudden, and at first she couldn't see anything. Slowly, she saw blood all over the floor and the corpses of several women in the corner. The bride suddenly realized that Bluebeard's ex-wife was killed by him, and he also took their property.

The bride was so frightened that her hands were shaking, and she dropped the key to the door of the small room to the ground. She quickly picked up the key, locked the door, and went back to her bedroom. She was so frightened that her heart was beating wildly, and she couldn't calm down. The key she fell to the ground was stained with blood, but she couldn't get rid of it. It turned out that it was a magic key, and you couldn't get rid of the blood. When you remove the blood from this side, the other side will appear again.

Bluebeard came back that night, and he said he got the news halfway through that what he was going to do had been done for him. His wife forced her composure and looked very happy. At night, the bride tossed and turned and couldn't sleep. She didn't know what to do when her husband asked her for the keys tomorrow.

At dawn, Bluebeard asked her for the key. He saw that her hands were shaking when she handed him the key, and he saw the blood on the key, and he immediately understood what was going on.

"You want to go into that little room so much?" Bluebeard said angrily. "Well, since you want to go in so much, go in! Find your seat next to the women you've seen!"

Frightened, the bride fell to her knees at her husband's feet while crying, begging her husband to forgive her for her fault, and repeatedly promised never to repeat it in the future. But Bluebeard was not moved at all, his heart was so cruel!

"You must die, and you must die now!" Bluebeard shouted angrily.

"Since I have to die, please give me some time to pray to God." The bride was very smart, and she begged so hard to buy some more time to find a way to escape.

Bluebeard gave her ten minutes.

After the bride left Bluebeard, she hurried upstairs to find her sister and said to her, "Sister, hurry up to the roof and see if our brothers are here. They told me they were coming to see me today. When you see them, signal them to come here quickly."

When her sister saw her face full of tears and anxious, she quickly climbed up the roof and looked into the distance.

The poor bride was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, and kept asking her sister, "Sister, is anyone here?"

"I only saw the shining sun, the green grass, and nothing else," my sister said.

"Are you still coming down? If you don't come down, I'll go upstairs!" Bluebeard waited impatiently and cried angrily.

The bride had no choice but to go downstairs, kneel in front of Bluebeard, look at him pitifully, and beg him to give her another half a minute. But the fierce Bluebeard didn't listen to her at all, and the dagger in his hand was about to stab down...

At this critical moment, the door was knocked loudly, and the brothers of the bride came! Bluebeard was stunned. Two knights with long swords broke in and rushed towards Bluebeard. Bluebeard recognized them as his wife's brothers, a dragoon and a musketeer. He was so frightened that he tried to flee, and the two knights kept chasing after him. He was caught before he could run through the steps in front of the door. The sword pierced Bluebeard's chest, and he screamed and died.

Since Bluebeard had no children, his wife inherited all his property. She divided some of these properties among her sisters, some to her two brothers, and the rest, as her dowry, and later married a man of integrity.

She lived with this upright husband for a long time before gradually forgetting the nightmarish days she spent with Bluebeard.

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