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Birthday confession

by Marissa DeShields 10 months ago in Fantasy · updated 8 months ago
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Chocolate cake devotion

Birthday confession
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

I am so excited for this to be happening; we are going away to the lake house this weekend. This is something that we do not do very often, and my mom says that she has something important to tell me. I am not exactly sure what it is going to be maybe it is a surprise it is my 12th birthday. My grandmother always would say that your 12th birthday is important for our family, but I never understood why. So, it is going to be a small party this weekend I have had a toothache for the past couple of days, so I hope it goes away. My mom, my dad, my sister, and my grandparents are all headed to our Lakehouse to celebrate my birthday. I love coming here I think about in the winter when we go down to the pond where we like to fish and it’s frozen and glistening. How we ice skate and then my mom makes homemade hot chocolate.

I cannot wait it is the beginning of summer and I cannot wait to see my friends and hang out. We head out to my mom’s car she has a silver Nissan rogue. So, we will squeeze in it is a good thing my dad is working, or we would not all fit. My grandmother is chatting with me about all the new plants that she has planted, and she asked me how my two best friends. Michaela and Ashley have been my friends since first grade and if they were ready to start high school. I told her we were all excited, but they were nervous. I then told her that ninth grade is a big start especially since I am a year ahead of everyone my age. School has always come easy to me I do not know why but from an early age I was put in advanced classes. Then when those became easy, I was tested to go ahead a grade. I have been told I will probably finish high school in almost half the time as my peers. My parents were always proud of me but never surprised I guess it is because my sister has always been advanced as well. Which was a similar situation but not the same she skipped ahead a grade as well. She started taking AP classes by the time she was in 10th grade she worked ahead of all her peers and she who was already graduating high school. By the time she was 19 she was already almost done with college. Now at 22 she has an awesome job that she travels as a photographer because it is something she is passionate about.

Though honestly, she is just being humble she is a writer three books down, two of them bestsellers and I could not be prouder of my big sister. Being like her and my mom are goals. My mom is beautiful and smart she is about five foot five with cafe au lait skin with dimples. For some reason she always seems to know when somethings going on. I do not know how but I can never keep a secret from her she always ends up figuring it out. My sister Amina is the one person in the world that could always be running late and yet always make it on time. I never understand she has just always been lucky, I guess.

My sister is about five foot nine she has my dad’s height long auburn hair with green eyes and a caramel skin tone she is beautiful. Everything else she takes right after my mom. My sister, my mom, my grandmother, and myself all have the same eyes green with speckles of gray and brown in them. I have been told that one of the prettiest things about me as my eyes, so it makes me happy to have them. I kick back and relax it is a two-hour drive to the lake house. I just want to get there so of course I take a nap.

When I wake up and ask my mom how close we are, and she says we are almost there, and I start to get excited I cannot wait to be there. As soon as we pull up, I jump out of the car and run “Adalyn!” my mother screams after me, but it is too late I am already running to the water.

Nothing brings me any more peace than being by the water. This is truly my happy place whenever I get older, I think that is what I want to do with my life something involving water maybe a marine biologist. I ran down the dock and I kick off my shoes and I put my feet right in the water and I just feel calm. Not five minutes later my sister comes up behind me “ I don’t know why mom was surprised Addie she should’ve known you were going to run right for the water.” A chuckle falls out of my mouth. “That is very true I love the water it makes me really happy.” “So how are you doing little sister? You have a big birthday coming up” I wrinkled my nose “I am excited I’m just waiting for this tooth to come out it’s been giving me a lot of problems”. “Let me see it” I open my mouth and show where it is at. “Now I see the problem that’s broken your last baby tooth how fitting” she says. “What do you mean by that? “She smiles big Cheshire smile and replies “nothing come on Addie mom is waiting she’s working on dinner”.

I pull my feet out of the water, and I shake them off slipping my flip-flops back on and I walk back towards the house through the grass. I walk in, and I already smell dinner being cooked which is amazing because I am starving, I walk in and give my mama hug. “What are you making mom?”. I see it before she even has to say it, she has all the ingredients to make one of my favorite foods chimichangas. I absolutely cannot wait for dinner and then I see it the ingredients that I am looking for. All of the ingredients for a chocolate cake and not just any chocolate cake my grandma ‘s decadent triple chocolate cake. A cake that is so rich and delicious that it gives my dad a toothache. I cannot wait to have a slice of it. I wash my hands and ask her if she wants help; “of course Addie that would be wonderful will you get the cheese out of the refrigerator and will you get out the onions and the avocados I’m going to make homemade guacamole on the side”. I gather up everything and I start cutting up the onions for my mom. Cooking has been something that she had me in the kitchen doing with her and an early age, so it is something that we do now to bond.

My mom is a psychiatrist a good one she owns her own practice, and she stays busy but if I ever needed her, she is there for me. Plus, she does not work on the weekend which is amazing for trips like this. Dad is a lawyer he had a case that he had to deal with today, but he will be here tomorrow for my birthday so that makes me happy. My grandmother comes in and gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Honey after midnight we need to sit down and have a talk with you me and your mother and your sister” “what about grams?” “we’ll talk about it in a little while honey don’t worry about it it’s nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about”. I smile at her, and I continue helping dinner is going well and everything is delicious slowly but surely everybody is done. I offer to pick up plates for everyone my family one by one says thank you. When I get back to the table my grandfather is gone my mom, grandmother, and sister sitting there very seriously.

I start to get nervous; “what’s going on guys?” my mom and grandmother look at each other my grandmother speaks first. “All right baby we need to talk I always tell you how special us women are in this family, but I never told you why because it wasn’t the right time. Now I’m going to tell you we all have gifts; special things my gift is telekinesis.” I am in shock trying to comprehend everything; “So like Carrie?” my grandmother burst out laughing. “Yes, exactly like Carrie except for I have mine way more control. She then lifts her glass in front of her it starts floating in front of me. Just as I am about to touch it gently lands in front of me before I can fully process that my mom start speaking. “All of the women on the side of the family have supernatural ability” “well what’s your mom?” “I am a mind reader” “there’s no way” she starts smiling. “Yeah, it’s true”. ‘Fine all right well I’m going to think something right now and I want you to tell me what I’m thinking”, I start thinking chocolate cake chanting it over and over in my head. “Adalyn you know you are getting a chocolate cake tomorrow” she says with a smile and finally I turned my sister. “what’s your power?” “I have teleportation” she replied. “that’s why you’re never late!” I exclaim. Everybody laughs, “ yeah definitely does come in handy.” “how far can you teleport?” “Well, I’ve jumped state to state before so I’m not sure how far I could really go if I push my limits”. “What about me then?” “What do you mean sweetie?” my grandmother replied to realization then dawned on her. “That is completely up to what you were blessed with in one hour you’re testing will begin. You could have one ability, or you could have two and a very rare occasion you could have three there are multiple different abilities more than what we have here. Whatever it is we can teach you everything you need to know, or we know other families that can. Over the summer you will advance with other families like ours and a special school where you learn to really anchor your abilities plus you can meet people that are like you.” I’m trying to digest everything she says then I blurt out. “let me get this straight you have powers grams we all do, and we all get our powers at the age of 12 and pretty much were witches. That have been around for a couple of centuries now it’s my turn to figure out what kind of witch I’m going to be and what my specialty is?” All three of them looked at me and said “right exactly” that was the last thing I heard before I pass out.

I woke up on the couch; “Are you all right dear?” my grandmother says. “Was all that dream?”I ask hopeful. “ I am afraid not; it is time to start your test.” I get off the couch and I walk into the kitchen and there are glasses on the table my mother is standing in front of a book that looks very old. she looks up at me and smiles “all right baby girl it’s your turn let’s see what your gift is going to be and what you could bring to the Avedon family I know you’ll make us proud” my grandmother walks up to me now concentrate I want you to see if you can lift those glasses I start staring at them burning a hole in them “Grandmother I cannot do it” “You haven’t even tried yet!” she starts yelling. “I want you to try push with all of your mental power” “you have stop yelling at me” I scream back. The glass throws itself against the wall I swallow “was that me or you?” “That my dear was you” she smiled at me. “Was that just a test to see if I could?” “that’s exactly what this was” and little did I know things are about to get crazier and crazier at the lake house.


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Marissa DeShields

Just a woman with a lot of words to say. Thank you for all of the support even if it’s a read it means so much to me so I hope you have a great day.😊

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