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Big Parties in Small a Town

by Elijah Davis 4 months ago in Humor

The Legend of Buck Wilde Begins (Teaser)

Big Parties in Small a Town
Photo by Elena de Soto on Unsplash

What’s up bitches! It’s the guy Buck checking in. Today or tonight you're going to get some Buck Wisdom. I have knowledge coming your way and golden nuggets that you are going to want to hold onto. Let’s get into it.

It is Sunday at 1:00 am. I am straight chilling and vibin all on my own.

My spot feels so fucking big when it is just me in here. Yes, mother fuckers, I am big chilling and big vibing. This is the ultimate secret to Buck Wilde's success and longevity.

Sunday, late-night vibes are indeed the wise nugget of knowledge that you may need. Up to this point, you think that you know that Buck is all party and all shine.

You have probably heard the stories of athletic greatness, stories of party Olympic gold medals, and social prowess that is out of this universe.

You guys have heard enough and know that I am advanced in the art of going HAM, balls to the walls…etc.

Buy yet tonight you find me straight vibin, slow and smooth like your favorite slow jam. For me, my Sunday night slow jam vibe is one of those songs with a smooth bassline and fast claps with a slow skilled rap verse! What I mean is, I am straight chilling and vibing alone. Even though I am alone I am still bringing big party energy.

Let’s break it down once more. I’m all alone in my place and I am still in the zone. The energy is the same as a party.

Please pay attention because this is not just about being a party legend. This lesson is about how to enjoy yourself and turn your life into a FUCKING party.

Tonight we go much deeper and I think that if you pay attention, then tonight I will teach you how to be free.

Freedom is EVERYTHING to me and you know I love to be free to party. I am free to party regardless of the judgment that anyone wants to send my way.

But, tonight it’s not a party there are no people, no speakers, no fancy lights, and no DJ. Just me all alone and somehow the energy is even better than some of the really big parties.

It is like I have turned my living room into a roller-skating rink on a Saturday. I can imagine myself skating around and feeling myself.

First of all, if you don’t understand what I mean by roller skating rink vibes the fuck you. Just kidding, but I do seriously feel bad for you. On one hand, you may be too young to understand the true message of this book if you were never able to get as fresh as you could and go down to the city or town roller skating rink on the weekends. On the other hand, you could be of age and just never got to be in the right area, regardless, you’ve missed out.

The process of getting fresh as HELL, trying to manage a ride, texting your homeboy's homegirls, and pulling up to the rink. Oh man, oh man it's like if you haven’t had this experience you haven’t lived. Make sure you hit my email or hit my phone if you are someone who has not lived the roller-skating rink lifestyle. I must right this wrong and I know a few places where we could still get that old-school nostalgic roller-skating rink vibes. I am committed to doing what it takes to give those who reach a roller-skating rink experience party experience for the ages.

If you have missed out in the past, then reach out you have to be there. 18 and up ONLY. Sorry little wiper snappers, better go slap whoever sold you that fake I.D cause y’all ain’t allowed in.

Anyways back to the facts for the people who have lived; being back in crib felt as lit as being at the roller-skating rink. You know the roller-skating rink vibes. On the weekend, looking fresh and clean, feeling fresh and clean, rolling around the smooth rink. Around and around. That’s the exact feeling I am feeling tonight.

The lesson that you folk shall not misunderstand is simple. I am Buck Wilde, and I don’t like to party, no friends I AM THE PARTY.

Take notes, it is not the party that makes me, I make the party. Pay attention! Buck doesn’t just like to party Buck Wilde is the motherfucking party.


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