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Beauty & The Beast

Some things are meant to remain as they are.

By Natasha PennPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Beauty & The Beast
Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Henry stood frozen in place, staring at the most captivating creature he had ever seen. She was fair, with long pearlescent hair and porcelain complexion. She was curled up between the roots of a massive oak, thin arms hugging slender legs. He took note of the impressive antlers sticking out from her crown, in awe of the little berry bushels tangled therein.

Most fascinating were her eyes--their brilliant azure shine challenged the most illustrious gems. They lit up the night, drawing him in as she watched him warily.

A twig snapped beneath his boot.

She disappeared, bathing Henry in darkness.


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Natasha Penn

Latinx, genderfluid, parent Author, blogger, & freelance writer. Working on my book series: Saturn Rising, Book One: Aquarius. Will post my poetry, short stories, and fiction series here.


Avatar: @oveikeii

Banner art: @midluuna

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    Natasha PennWritten by Natasha Penn

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