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The ordinary life of young fisherman Aras in a quiet Aegean town is turned upside down when Marina, a mystical mermaid who comes with the autumn winds, becomes entangled in his nets. While an unexpected bond forms between Aras and Marina, a threat from under the dark waters stares at them: Nightmares. These dark beings seek to capture Marina's pure soul. While Aras dives into the depths of the sea to protect Marina, the impossible love and friendship that pushes the limits between the two mix with the sad melancholy of autumn. "The Secret of Autumn" is a story about love, sacrifice and courage that is impossible even under the stars; A legend that will live forever among the legends of the town.

By ~ Mikail ~ Published 7 months ago 1 min read

While autumn was covering the quiet Aegean town like a colorful quilt, Aras set out to sea with his boat, just like every morning. While the deep blue of the sea and the endless blue of the sky were mixing together, the thoughts in Aras' mind were also mixing with each other. Besides being a profession inherited from his father, fishing also gave him peace. But today, as he was gathering his nets, he felt an unusual heaviness.

Inside the webs was a figure covered in fine scales, making the last rays of the sun dance on it. Marina's eyes looked deeper and sadder than the sea. When he saved her, Marina thanked him silently and was about to go back into the water when Aras asked her name. The mermaid's answer spread around like the howling of the wind:


As the days passed, Aras and Marina started to miss each other more and more. Marina would come to the surface from time to time and come to Aras. However, these meetings were short-lived; because there were Nightmares after Marina. They wanted to use Marina's purity and power for their own dark purposes. When Aras decided to protect Marina, it was not only a heroic act, but also a step that would change his destiny.

One night, the leader of the Karabasans entered Aras' dreams and threatened him. Aras swore that he would protect Marina's world at all costs. This oath dragged him into the dark waters of the Nightmares, into an unknown world. While Aras was fighting Marina's enemies, Marina was trying to make room for Aras in her own world.

As time passed, Aras and Marina's love grew stronger, but like autumn leaves, the end of this love was near. Their story has taken its place among the legends of the town. When Aras left the sea, he left a piece of his heart with Marina. Marina, on the other hand, returned to the seas with the lessons of humanity and sacrifice that Aras taught her. Their love remained a legend as the last leaf of autumn fell...


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~ Mikail ~

My name is Mikail, I am reaching you from Türkiye. My articles will generally continue as fiction and fantasy, and I will do my best to make you, my readers, enjoy them.

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