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As The Ashes Fall

by Andrew Dixon about a year ago in Horror
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Memories Fade...

We just cared about ourselves and what we could buy, not what we could try to help each other survive. Just a penny for your thoughts can help a million survive. An equal alternative from being down all the time. Even if looking to make this place a little better that’s fine. But instead, we sat back and watched as our land, sea and forests died. Now we flourish with what their designing. Focusing & admiring the things that should bring on sirens. Worst part is the advertising intensifies it, so as the funding grew, the media grew silent. In the end, we stood up and grew violent, so over time we learned just how to confine it. Finally, now that we’re ready to stand up and deny it, everyone’s excited before we lay divided. Just the simple cost of making society silent.

As I lay immobilized on the dead mainline to the city, the ashes continue to rain down covering my entirety like snow laying a blanket to cover up everything. Hiding partially under the charred remains is the only remnant memory of her and everything she was to me as my memory of her face lights up my imagination before it slowly fades by grain into the ether. The silver heart hangs on my lifeless hand at the end of a silver chain, easily standing out among the rubble of this crater. It reflects the fire dancing with a rebounding flash that even in a city of hollow darkness, shines brightly like a star. Sulfur coats the atmosphere as does the ever-burning fire as it runs through the skeleton of city with dark purple smoke boiling out to contrast the night’s sky against this burnt snow, like it was in a rush to toxify what’s left. A single tear drops from my right eye when I remember the look in her eyes smiling as she reached out to touch the silver heart under the sunlight-colored LED in the park.

It flew in so rapidly it left a white-hot flash and was over in a second, yet somehow the locket remains together and still closed. It will stay a gift that now only contains irony & torture in its blank state. This was supposed to capture the best parts of us and keep us together forever, but now it’s bare inside’s will never see light, nor feel the heat of its owner. The fuel of memories that was meant to ensure I’d be with you no matter where you went is now just a shadow as your details grow silent in my head and the light drains from my idea of your beauty. I guess in the end I didn’t want to be alone either, but our time is now shifting apart as there is no photo to remind me of or at least prevent you from being erased. All I can remember is your voice and typical phrase: “If you just took care of the world the way you take care of me…”. She saw what everyone else chose to deny...

If we only realized the "balance" that was needed for co-existence. The price is much steeper when living outside of our own lack of persistence. Worst off, giving in to all the villains, real heroes denounced for talking logically to millions. Establishing feelings for the revolution to be appealing. The only problem is the 1% who smile away the killings.

If only I chose the day before the end to just act. Now here you slowly fade from my memories collapse, I let the darkness sink in and cover my lyrical wrath, the last thing that I retain is your green eyes turning black.


About the author

Andrew Dixon


In a word that's my presence. Vision, taste and smell? Gone except my len's fits.

Supposed to be the one to die in just a couple of days, now I'm a survivor, plus I earned my MBA.

Hoping to spur creativity through challenges!

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