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An Unreasonable Visitation


By Dennis HumphreysPublished about a year ago 1 min read

by: D.R. Humphreys (the DreamWriter)

Thousands lay dead on a field, slippery with blood. Two remained walking... Private Gish and the Simian Cyborg that accompanied him in battle. Strangely, the sensors from the alien ship did not detect Gish. The cyborg was undetectable because it wasn't human and only partially flesh. Both soldiers fell to their stomachs, behind a pile of bodies, covered with scarab beetles, to watch the ship. Barely visible, in the dark, it's interior lights silhouetted the alien warriors, marching down the descending ramp to the ground. Gish's time was limited and perhaps the cyborg. It was time to pray.

Sci Fi

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