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After the Battle of the Bulge

Vocal Microfiction Challenge (Based on a True Story)

By Chuck EtheridgePublished 11 months ago 1 min read
After the Battle of the Bulge
Photo by National Library of Scotland on Unsplash

“Hands up!” The American sentry said.

“Yes, Corporal.” I comply when a rifle points at me.

“You talk funny.”

“I am English,” I said. “Is it you who ‘talks funny?”

“What do we have here?” said an arriving sergeant.

“Guy says he’s English. But I think he’s a German spy.”

“I’m English,” I said. “But I lived in the States before the war.”

“Oh yeah?” said the sergeant. “Who won the 1939 World Series.”

“No idea. But I starred with Ginger Rogers in Bachelor Mother that year.”

“What did you say your name was?”

“Niven. Lieutenant Colonel David Niven.”


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Chuck Etheridge

Novelist, Teacher, Transplanted West Texan, Reluctant Poet

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  • Chuck Etheridge (Author)11 months ago

    Thanks, Sherry. You're right about the photo; it was the closest thing I could find to a WWII pic in the Unsplash library. I have been looking for your entry in the "Passings Ships" challenge and can't find it. Maybe I'm navigating Vocal wrong.

  • Sherry Lowell-Lewis11 months ago

    Hi, Chuck! Glad to read your micro-story. It's cute. But the picture looks more like WWI than WWII. Since I've read the biographies of both Rogers and Niven, I'm tickled. It's a great "reveal" of an unknown fact about Niven, a favorite of mine. Good luck! I hope you'll read and comment on my stories, along the way!

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