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A Story of a Bookseller

99% Vs 1%

By Nasir MalikPublished about a month ago 1 min read

It was a beautiful sunny day in December in Pakistan. I was sitting beside her in the corridor of our university. We were having our tea when her beautiful lips started moving to say something beautiful. I prepared myself for that since I always listen to her words with the same attention. Her words began to make a pattern and went as, "There are a few people out there who actually do love. People in this modern time do not have urge to spend their lifetime with anyone. You know Nasir, there are 99% people who are actually faking in love and only 1% are there who actually do love, A true and pure love and those are the people who know how to take care of the other person and how to remain loyal with anyone." I asked her, "Are you among the 99% or 1%." I had curiosity to know though I had an idea how much she loved me. But she startled me by saying, "I won't tell a lie, I am among the 99%. Why would I boast on anything that I don't have." Her words made me numb though I knew that she is still telling a lie.Then I asked her," What about me?" She said," You are among the 1% people who truly love." I was happy to know that but I was confused that who could she be among the 99% as she is in love with me heart and soul. Now.................... Its been almost a year I haven't talked to her. I haven't seen her. She has gone from my life for good. She cleared my confusion a year ago that how she could be among the 99%. Now, I have learnt where to put efforts and where not to. I have learnt to get lessons from past and to look for new experiences. (An event from the life of a bookseller)

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