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A short story about bravery

A brave dog named Stu

By Mieczyslaw OzPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
A short story about bravery
Photo by Colby Thomas on Unsplash

A dog named Stu was walking side by side with his best friend.

Stu’s best friend was a cat named Kar.

Stu and Kar always had a great time together when there was time for fun.

Both Stu and Kar were raised on a farm out in a valley of Peru.

The farm was huge, filled with poultry and livestock which Stu helped care for.

Stu loved his job, herding sheep in the mornings, hunting when needed, and guarding the livestock through the night.

Kar on the other hand was a sloth. Always laying around taking naps while Stu did the hard work.

One morning Kar, from his favorite spot in the farmhouse, the highest point in the farm, the attic window, saw smoke from a point not far from the farm.

Kar thought nothing of it but knew to always tell Stu if he saw something out of the ordinary.

As they walked, Stu, calm and collected as always, asked Kar.

“Are you sure you saw smoke? Because I don’t see anything, and the chickens need watching.”

“Yes, I’m positive. It looked like it was in the outskirts of the farm, and I thought you would want to make sure the farm was safe.” Kar replied.

The pair kept walking making small talk about today’s morning task. How the sheep were being sheepish, and the crows couldn’t keep their beak shut.

Stu had a problem with the birds because they never seemed to shut up. Always making fun of every other farm animal and Stu couldn’t do anything about it, they thought themselves high and mighty up in the tree branches.

The pair kept walking.

“I can smell smoke Kar. We must be near, stay close.” Stu commanded.

And suddenly they saw it.

A small inferno. Hot and bright, searing if too close.

“We… we need to tell Klaus.” Kar yelped.

Klaus was the owner of the farm and the person Stu reported to.

And then they heard it. The helpless scream of an unexpected creature, a small Vicugna.

“Stu, we have to get out of here.” Kar yelled.

The severity of the situation was obvious to both Stu and Kar. They needed to run and get out of there as soon as possible, but Stu considered his options. It was leave and abandon the young Vicugna to its fate or save the young Vicugna despite the situation.

Stu chose the latter and started running towards the young Vicugna.

“Stu what are you doing.” Kar yelled.

Running forward, with a sense of purpose and determination. The heat intense and the air thick with smoke, Stu made a bee line towards the small Vicugna.

Grabbing the young Vicugna by the nape of its neck, fear at the back of Stu’s throat and unbearable heat. Stu continued running through the flames back to Kar.

Suddenly, a tree fell between the two friends but before the tree hit the ground Stu with all his might threw the small Vicugna towards Kar and the tree with a big thud sent smoke and debris flying in all directions.

“Stu” Kar yelled.

“Stu, are you okay?” Kar asked frighted.

“Stu.” Kar continued.

“Kar I’m fine take the young lama and go. Find Klaus and tell him about the fire before it spreads even more.” Stu commanded.

“But.. but what about you?” Kar asked.

“I’ll be fine Kar don’t worry; I’ll find a different way out.” Stu said.

“Okay, okay.. I’ll be right back with some help.” So, Kar ran back to the farm alongside the Vicugna.

What Stu avoided mentioning was that as the tree fell a branch pinned his body to the ground. Unable to move, Stu had no other choice but to tell Kar to leave him behind.

A few weeks after the incident the farm never seemed the same.

Klaus had arrived at the blaze minutes too late. Stu had inhaled too much smoke, and he was gone before they freed him from under the tree.

Klaus and everyone at the farm celebrated Stu’s life and welcomed the small Vicugna as one of their own.

Kar was never the same after the incident. He made the decision to do Stu’s job around the farm and keep everyone safe. It was the least he could do Kar thought.

And so, the story of a brave farm dog named Stu came to an End.

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