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A gift of wonder

Asa's unexpected guest

By Mieczyslaw OzPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
A gift of wonder
Photo by Yusheng Deng on Unsplash

Once upon a time, in a village on the mountains of Japan where the Sakura flourish

Lived a wise man by the name of Asa Ren in a beautiful Sanka by the riverside.

Asa was known for his gentle nature and remarkable ability to find joy in the simplest of things.

Surrounded by gardens which housed gorgeous Himawari, and Kiku flowers which he cared for gracefully.

People often came to Asa for his wisdom, and he was always willing to share his insight.

One evening as the sun was setting, painting the sky with hues of orange and purple.

A young girl trespassed into Asa’s beloved garden.

She had heard rumors of his wisdom and loneliness in his lovely Sanka.

She believed he must possess valuable treasures and rare trinkets.

She tiptoed around the garden, making her way inside the Sanka.

Her footsteps were muffled by the flowing stream of the river.

Searching for something of value her frustration rose as she found nothing.

She had no clue that Asa was a simple man that had no need for treasure or precious jewels.

Feeling disappointed after finding nothing inside Asa’s lovely Sanka, the girl decided to leave.

She had not noticed the beauty of the garden when she arrived for, she was focused on the task at hand, finding Asa’s hidden treasures.

The beauty of the garden and the soothing melodies of the river filled her with awe.

“Hello young lady, what might bring you to my humble abode?” A voice startled her.

It was Asa holding a fishing pole and a wooden bucket.

Asa was fishing by the river while the girl was up to her mischief.

Quietly approaching her, he noticed that the girl was frightened by his presence.

The girl feared that she had been caught in the act, but Asa merely smiled and said, “Welcome my friend.”

Not knowing what to say, the girl remained silent as Asa set the bucket down noticing the number of fish Asa had just ensnare.

“It seems you've come seeking something, unfortunately I don't have material riches to offer. However, I have something else that may be of value to you.” Asa stated.

The girl was puzzled but intrigued “What do you mean?” she asked cautiously.

“I’m about to cook dinner, if you care to join me, I will gladly share with you, my insight.” Asa offered.

The girl’s gaze turned to the sky where the moon was beginning to rise casting its gentle glow over the world.

The sound of the river combined with the low hissing from the fire pit made a tune gentle to the ear.

Asa had prepared the fish and skewered them onto a spit which he rotated over the fire until it was cooked through.

Served with a side of rice and a bed of vegetables from Asa’s Garden, the girl looked at the cooked meal with fascination.

The girl was hungry enough to eat a baboon, so it was no trouble stuffing down the deliciousness in front of her.

As the girl drank juice which came from fruit that grew in the garden, Asa began.

“I cannot give you worldly possessions, but I can give you the gift of wonder.”

The girl looked at Asa as his words touched her heart and repeated.

“The gift of wonder?”

“The beauty of this moonlit night and a warm meal makes for a lovely evening.” Asa stated.

“Close your eyes, breathe deeply and let your mind be free.” Asa instructed.

Closing her eyes, taking a deep breath, the girl did as Asa instructed.

She felt a calm wash over her, when she opened her eyes, she saw the moon in a way she had never seen before.

A treasure beyond measure, a gift from the universe.

Tears welled up in the young girl’s eyes.

“Remember this moment, the beauty of the moon, the peace in your heart. Carry this with you and perhaps you’ll find that life’s true treasures are not what we can take, but what we can give and appreciate.” Asa said.

The girl, a young thief who came to Asa’s Sanka with a bad intention left Asa’s Garden that night not with stolen goods like first intended, but with a heart full of wonder and a newfound understanding of the beaty that surrounds us.

From then on, she chose a path seeking not to take from others but to find richness within herself.

To see life in her life, to seek inner peace in selflessness.

She recognized that the gift of wonder given to her by Asa that night cannot be stolen but shared through connections we make which make the gift more meaningful.

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