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A rock, alone

How would a simple rock react to a force like desertification?

By Cody SegravesPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read
A rock, alone
Photo by Ben Karpinski on Unsplash

In a forest lush and teeming, where trees whispered ancient secrets and brooks giggled over pebbles, there resided a rock. Not just any rock, mind you, but one of distinguished character and somewhat peculiar aspirations. This rock, named Rocky (by no one in particular, since rocks rarely get named), lay nestled beneath ferns and moss, a silent observer of the verdant utopia.

Rocky, unlike its stoic brethren, harbored a whimsical spirit. It dreamed not of mountainous grandeur or geological upheaval, but of stories and adventures, the kind that leaves one smoothed and shaped by time’s tender hands.

“Oh, to be a pebble in a traveling shoe,” Rocky mused, as a rabbit hopped nearby, leaving a fleeting shadow dancing upon its surface. Days flowed into nights, and Rocky witnessed the forest's symphony – the amorous croaks of frogs, the rustle of leaves in the wind, the scuttling of creatures in the underbrush.

Centuries rolled by like a lazy summer afternoon. Rocky, ever the patient observer, felt the subtle shifts in the world around it. The trees bid farewell, their roots retreating from the earth’s embrace. The brooks, once bubbling with laughter, now whispered dry lullabies, their stories woven into the very fabric of the land as they disappeared into the vast reservoir of memory.

The forest receded, and in its place emerged a vast, open expanse. Rocky, now exposed to the sky’s unfiltered gaze, felt the sun’s scorching caress. “Quite the turn of events,” Rocky thought, its humor dry as the land it now inhabited.

Eons turned their pages, each millennium a mere footnote in the annals of time. Rocky, with its ever-eroding consciousness, watched as the forest’s emerald tapestry frayed at the edges, giving way to a vast, golden-brown canvas. The desert, like a relentless artist, painted the landscape with its monochromatic brush, each stroke further encroaching upon the forest Rocky had always known. Sands shifted, dunes rose and fell like the chests of sleeping giants, and Rocky found itself both audience and participant in this grand, geological performance. The rock, once cradled in the forest's verdant bosom, now lay exposed to the elements, its surface a scratchpad for the desert's whimsical inscriptions.

Animals of a different ilk roamed this new world, creatures that seemed conjured from the sun’s own imagination. There were lizards, garbed in scaly suits of armor, darting about with a haste that made Rocky dizzy, their scales a mosaic reminiscent of the dappling sunlight once playing upon the forest floor.. Elegant snakes, like living hieroglyphs, slithered in sinuous dance, writing ephemeral tales in the sand. At night, they whispered secrets of the ancient sands, tales that tickled Rocky's fancy. Beetles, dressed in glossy armor, scuttled past, leaving trails of tiny footprints, the only evidence of their passage through Rocky’s domain. Rocky watched these desert denizens with a kind of bemused curiosity, their lives a stark contrast to the leisurely pace of the forest creatures it once knew. In their struggle and resilience, Rocky saw the desert's harsh beauty, a dance of survival beneath the relentless gaze of the sun.

Nights in the desert held a magic of their own, a celestial serenade that soothed the stinging loneliness of the day. The sky, bereft of the forest’s canopy, unveiled its nightly splendor with unabashed grandeur. Stars peppered the heavens like glittering crumbs on a cosmic tablecloth, each one a story, a history, an eternal witness to the universe’s untold tales. Rocky, amidst the desert's hushed nocturne, would sometimes catch the fleeting trail of a shooting star, a brief, fiery whisper across the vast indigo. The moon, in its waxing and waning, shared tales of cosmic eons, of celestial dances and astral romances. Rocky reveled in these stories, finding in them a connection to something greater, a thread woven through the fabric of time. It echoed the moonlit conversations it once overheard beneath the forest canopy, where tales of stars mirrored the twinkling above.

But even stars fade, and Rocky felt the weight of time upon its being. Winds, once playful companions, now wore away at its essence with relentless persistence. Each gust, each storm, each whispering breeze carried away a part of Rocky, grain by grain.

The desert, ever the impartial sculptor, shaped Rocky as it did all things – with indifferent artistry. "Guess I'm the avant-garde of geological chic now," Rocky chuckled to itself, its once-rounded edges now etched with the abstract strokes of desert whimsy. Rocky's dreams of adventures and stories, once as vast as the starlit sky, now lay buried beneath layers of time.

And so, there Rocky lay, a mere fragment of its former self, its surface etched with the tales of millennia. Engulfed in the desert's parched silence, it was nothing but another grain of sand in the wind.

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Cody Segraves

Originally from West Virginia, I've now planted roots in Fairfax, VA, with my wife and 2 dogs. My passions? Videogames, trails, fishing, painting miniatures, and gardening. I write about all these, with a sprinkle of sci-fi for good measure

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