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A Perilous Escape

A Son's Courage and His Mother's Wisdom Unleashed in the Nigerian Jungle

By Emmanuel OjenikePublished 2 months ago 5 min read

Michael s found himself seated in the middle row on the floor, trembling uncontrollably, unable to quell his fears. The group's leader and founder, Jadon , emerged before them. Smoke billowed from Jadon 's nostrils resembling vapour rising from a heated kettle, while his bloodshot eyes mirrored the colour of fresh blood. The room remained enveloped in darkness, preventing the captives from discerning the ongoing events, save for a faint humming sound and a small lantern, concealed by a towel, positioned on the table beside Jadon . The number of individuals present in the room remained unknown to all.

Initially, Michael was unable to comprehend the situation unfolding before him. The last memory he had was falling asleep after speaking with his mother while the bus was in Benin. His hands were bound by a rope, but he sensed the presence of others nearby. Jadon instructed one of his men to illuminate the room, intending to address the recently captured individuals. It was at that moment that Michael realized he had been kidnapped. A wave of discomfort washed over him as he recalled his final conversation with his mother, causing tears to stream down his face.

Upon the activation of the light, Michael shut his eyes momentarily, as it felt akin to the glare of the scorching sun. Nonetheless, he managed to discern the figures of Jadon and his companions. The room, evidently a former storage space, was spacious, housing solely a solitary chair and table, upon which Jadon seated himself. The dilapidated roof bore signs of damage, while cobwebs draped various corners of the room. Positioned behind Jadon stood five robust men, engaged in smoking and consuming local gin, each armed with different types of firearms.

Jadon rose to his feet, his voice resolute as he addressed the captive audience.

"You are all under our captivity, and it is certain that we will end your lives and trade your body parts to those who value their significance."

Jadon erupted into laughter, exuding immense delight, and his men joined in, creating a chorus of mirthful voices. Meanwhile, Michael's mind was consumed by anxiety, as a whirlwind of thoughts raced through his head.

"Is this truly happening? Am I on the precipice of death?" These questions resounded incessantly in his mind.

Remaining vigilant, Michael continuously scanned the area to take stock of his fellow captives. He closed his eyes, seeking solace in prayer, acknowledging the possibility that these could be his last moments on Earth. His thoughts swiftly turned to the advice his mother had imparted.

"Always turn to God in any circumstance and strive to seize any available opportunities to gain your freedom."

In that moment, Michael's mind was filled with memories of his mother's wisdom, emphasizing the importance of seeking divine guidance and making the most of any chances that arose for liberation.

The memory resurfaced in Michael's mind of the decision he made to board a roadside bus from Benin to Ughelli , despite his mother's explicit advice against it. "Prevention is better than cure," she had warned him. Until that very moment, he had never experienced the realities and circumstances associated with traveling on a roadside bus.

Jadon issued orders to his men, commanding them to untie the captive's hands and securely lock the door. However, before doing so, he specifically instructed them to single out an elderly man, stating that he would be the first to be sold as merchandise the following morning. The expression on the faces of Michaels' fellow captives revealed a poignant sense of pity. In that moment, Michael s resolved to follow his mother's advice and decided to engage the man seated beside him in conversation.

"May I suggest something?" Michael spoke, his eyes moist with tears. The man, accepting his fate, responded, "Go ahead."

"I have an idea for an escape plan," Michael proposed. The man managed to muster a smile.

ll, it seems you're tired of your life, huh?" the man chuckled. "My name is Jonathan. It's nice to meet you in this perilous jungle."

The atmosphere remained eerily silent, with no one displaying the courage to step forward and devise a plan. Michael was determined, but he understood the need to convince someone to join him. Once again, he turned to the man seated beside him, finding a glimmer of hope.

"My mother often tells me that we must seize every opportunity that comes our way," Michael s shared, his confidence growing steadily. "So, let's take advantage of this moment and escape from this perilous hideout."

The man's interest was piqued, and he responded, "Alright, tell me your plan."

Michael s shared his plan with Jadon , but still unsure of its effectiveness, he stood up and addressed everyone in the room. Some individuals showed interest, while others continued to silently weep. Michael s placed the single chair on top of the table, creating a makeshift ladder to reach the roof. Oghenetega was the first to venture out of the room, followed by the rest of the captives. The roof led them to the backyard of the house, where a fence stood as the sole barrier preventing their escape.

Oghenetega initially proposed climbing the fence, but the idea was met with rejection, with others suggesting someone else should go first. Suddenly, they heard footsteps approaching their location. In a moment of tense silence, they waited to confirm the source. The surroundings were now enveloped in darkness and complete silence. Jadon and his men were patrolling near the fence, remaining vigilant to prevent any captive from escaping. Michael s and the others concealed themselves next to a water tank beside the fence.

Unexpectedly, one of Jadon 's men suggested, "Boss, let's go back to the room and check on those chickens," his words partially obstructed by his cigarette. Another person agreed, saying, "Yeah, that's right, Jadon ." They walked past the water tank, turning left towards the corner where the room's door was located. However, the third person interrupted, "Wait, I suspect something has happened. Let's go back to the fence." Jadon , dismissing the concern, insisted, "No, let's go and check first. They can't escape." He proceeded ahead toward the door.

Michael s and the other captives swiftly leaped over the fence, without any dispute over who should go first. In the dense bushes, Michael s sprinted with great speed, his direction uncertain but determined to keep moving forward. Amidst his frantic escape, he fervently prayed to God for guidance. Meanwhile, Jadon was taken aback by shock upon entering the room, prompting him to urgently order his men to search every possible hiding place for the captives.

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