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A Merry Broke Christmas

My Christmas with no MONEY

By WENNA WILLIEPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
A Merry Broke Christmas
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(This story is not related to anyone. It is just a story i created. Enjoy reading. Merry Christmas!)

Christmas was peeking around the corner, but my wallet was playing hide-and-seek. I had more holes in my pockets than Santa had in his sleigh. The holiday spirit was like a sneaky cat, slipping through the cracks but feeling a bit far away. This was going to be my Christmas with no money, and I was determined to make it a ho-ho-holiday to remember.

The days ticked down to the 25th, and instead of the usual fa-la-la excitement, I felt a knot in my stomach. The shops were bursting with sparkly things, but my wallet was like, "See ya later, cash!" The usual jingle-jangle of coins seemed to be replaced by a distant jingle of worry.

The malls were like fancy party spots, showing off with bright lights and decorations. It was like they were shouting, "Look at all the stuff you can't buy!" People waltzed around with bags filled with presents, and I couldn't help but feel a little jealous. But then, a little lightbulb flickered in my head – maybe Christmas wasn't about the dollars you spend. Perhaps, just maybe, it was about the warm fuzzies you share with people, like a cozy blanket for your heart.

Determined to sprinkle some holiday cheer without sprinkling money, I went on a mission. First stop: the Christmas tree. The usual big, shiny ones were out of my budget, but Mother Nature had my back. I gathered fallen branches from the neighborhood and turned them into a DIY masterpiece. With some leftover decorations, my living room went from blah to tada!

Next challenge: presents. The store shelves were off-limits, but I wasn't giving up. I discovered a superpower I never knew I had – the power of words. I sat down with a pen and paper and wrote letters to my peeps. No fancy wrapping paper, just heartfelt words. It was like sending a hug through the mailbox.

On Christmas Eve, I became a volunteer elf at a local soup kitchen. No fancy parties for me, but the joy of giving back was like a giant holiday hug. The people I met had stories that made my heart do a little dance. Christmas, I realized, was about finding joy even when life threw snowballs at you.

As the clock did its midnight thing, I strolled home with a heart full of warm fuzzies. The next morning, Christmas Day, arrived like a gift wrapped in sunshine. I didn't have the ingredients for a feast, so I whipped up the fanciest pancakes and cocoa ever. It wasn't a Michelin-star meal, but the laughter around the table made it feel like a feast fit for kings and queens.

The living room, with its tree of wonder and letters hanging like sparkly ornaments, became the stage for our holiday shenanigans. No store-bought gifts? No problem! We laughed, shared stories, and realized that the real gifts were the invisible ones life gave us for free.

Suddenly, a knock on the door turned into a surprise plot twist. A neighbor, who lived solo, saw my DIY tree through the window and brought cookies as her secret weapon. We invited her in, and the simple act of sharing cookies made it feel like a Christmas blockbuster moment.

As the day wrapped up, I sat back and thought about my Christmas with no money. It wasn't a story of "Bah, humbug" but a tale of "Ho-ho-hooray!" In skipping the fancy store stuff, I uncovered the true magic of Christmas – the connections we make, the kindness we toss around like confetti, and the moments we craft from the heart.

So, when the night whispered its quiet lullaby, I sat by the glow of my DIY tree. The echoes of laughter, the aroma of pancakes, and the warmth of handwritten letters wrapped me like a cozy blanket. This Christmas, despite the wallet doing a disappearing act, had become a celebration of jackpot moments – love, gratitude, and the simple joys that didn't need a price tag. And that, my friends, was the tale of my Merry Broke Christmas.

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