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A Free Online Science Fiction Novel- “Liberty”- Chapter 9

by Blaine Coleman 3 months ago in Sci Fi · updated 3 months ago
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William D. Chambers III

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*Note-a short prologue on chapter one provides details of the world in which this story takes place. Each chapter links to the next to make reading easier.

This is chapter nine of a novel I am sharing online, titled Liberty, A Daughter Universe Novel. I use the word “Liberty” because it relates to this story on multiple levels.

Comments and criticisms are welcome and encouraged.

~ ~ ~

Chambers Industries

Industrial Zone

Business Office

Capitol City


~ ~ ~


Marcus Sanders sighed. Here we go again…

He turned away from the monitor that displayed a satellite view of his boss’s latest ‘project’ and faced the hologram of William D. Chambers III’s red, somehow bloated face floating above his desk. Although that was not unusual for a man approaching one-hundred-ninety years old. Especially one who did not live a healthy lifestyle. And Rejuv treatments could only go so far. “Yes, Sir?”

“You’re supposed to be keeping me updated. What’s the ETA?”

“I got the Shivas out of hibernate mode, loaded the program I wrote and sent the Shivas out of the warehouse without anyone seeing them. I can’t give you an accurate time-of-arrival, Sir” Sanders replied, a waver in his voice. “I programmed them to stay hidden, so they’ll have to cut their way through forests, around mountains and through valleys so they won’t be seen until they reach Liberty.” Sanders knew the old man expected things be done on his schedule and was not sure how he would react. “Some of the areas they need to go through are inhabited and staying out of sight will be difficult. They can do it but that makes the trip two-hundred miles to Liberty.” Sanders shook his head, a beleaguered expression on his face. “There’re too many variables involved to know when they’ll get there.”

“Then, give me an estimate.”

“All I can tell you is that it probably won’t be before Saturday or early Sunday. I’m tracking them on satellite and they’re making good time, but that’s my best guess. Sir.”

To Sander’s relief, Mr. Chambers did not bother to reply before he cut the feed and the hologram disappeared. Sanders wiped a drop of sweat from his forehead and turned back to his monitor. It was clear from the way Mr. Chambers had cut the connection without saying anything more that he was not satisfied. Nothing is ever good enough for him, Sanders’s thought. The ‘project’ he had assigned Sanders was intended to take revenge on Lucas O’Connell’s grandfather, one of the founders of the protected preserve around Liberty valley. Chambers petition to join had been rejected and he thought it was O’Connell behind it. But it had not been him, although he did not like William Chambers. The Board of Directors had refused Chambers’ request due to his unethical business practices, many of which that skirted the line of being criminal. Chambers knew that but wanted to blame someone other than himself. And with O’Connell being the main funder of the project to rebuild the town of Liberty he had convinced himself that O’Connell was behind him being denied membership.

Sanders knew that and thought it ridiculous to hold a half a century old grudge for and did not like being blackmailed into the project; he felt certain someone would get hurt. But with his job on the line, and the safety of his wife and son, he saw no way to get out of it.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 10

~ ~ ~

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