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A Female Fantasy

My first short story like this...

By AngelBeePublished 14 days ago 4 min read
A Female Fantasy
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

This is my first short story like this. I write a lot of poetry but short stories I do not have nearly as much confidence or skill in. So all I ask is that you be patient and kind in your reaction to it. This is a story of love and sex, which seems to be in my mind quite often lately. Please let me know what you think. Thank you for your time and consideration...

It's raining. It's a bit cold, but it is a pretty scene. She wore nothing but a sleeveless gown. It's red. The color he likes on her. The rain sticks the fabric tightly to her. Clinging onto her body. Dripping down her smooth face. She doesn't realize it, but she looks beautiful.

He pulled up in a black vehicle. When she is inside she is grateful for the heat but stays in love with the sound of the rain.

"What are you doing without a jacket on? You're going to catch a cold."

There he goes with his overprotection. She can't help but smile at that.

"I enjoy the rain."

He smiles. His eyes lingered on her beautiful face.

"As long as you're happy..."

He is beautiful as well. His black suit complimented his well-placed face. His hair is abundant in experience. His eyes. Though they have seen a lot more than her. They are bright with curiosity. With the craving to live. And to love.

The rest of the ride went on in silence. But there was no awkwardness in it. Just peace. And the beautiful sound of the rain. The hotel was big. Elegant. He parked and stopped the engine. Her stomach reeked of butterflies and her body grew restless in her seat. He watched her with his beautiful eyes.

"Are you ready for this?"

She was nervous but so was he. The sexual tension between them will finally be released. Which was exciting. But the fear of the unknown keeps her from expressing her emotions. And it was something about the silence of this young woman that further excited him.

So, "Yes." Was what she told him. And she believed she was.

He led her in touching her lower back. His posture was mature in gentle assertion. He murmured nice and gently into her ear. His breath softly tickled her.

His voice was like the low hum of a cat. Her body reacted immediately to it. She flushed uncertain what to say. He loved it when she reacted this way. He loved making her fluster and press her pretty long legs together the way she does. She doesn't realize she has such a habit. But she enjoys it when he murmurs into her ear that way. It was his voice that turned her on. That husky seductive hum that flicks something in her brain.

She had no idea what the person at the front desk looked like. Neither did he. Her mind was occupied. Busy. Wondering what will happen in that room. They've waited so long for this. Her mind was suddenly drawn back to the present when she realized his hand was lowering to her ass. It stopped with a gentle squeeze. It took all her strength not to gasp in surprise. But yet she did. She sucked in through her teeth. While the person in the front was talking he flickered his beautiful eyes to her. In them, she loved and recognized what I saw. Excitement. And mischief.

They were finally there. In the room. They both ate together. Stake I believe it was. And a glass of wine. They lay together. On the bed. Not sure what to say. She is the first to stir. Laying on her side she touched his face. The beautiful face she has longed to kiss. She finally does. She kisses his cheek, his nose, his chin. She refuses to kiss him directly. She wants him to do it. So she moves down to his neck she enjoys the rough skin under his chin from his stubbed beard. She presses her lips all over his neck. She finally stops and sits up. He follows.

Both sitting up now he watched her. He watched her and smiled. As he enjoys the heat that rushes up her face as he gently traces her exposed collarbone and pulls her spaghetti strap off her shoulder. His hand lingered there prolonging the moment. He traced her collarbone with his lips before moving up to her ear.

"How do I make you feel?"

She bit her lip. Her legs were beginning to press together again and he noticed. He stopped it by putting his hand where she attempted to cover. Under her dress over her panties.

"Relax." He whispered kissing her neck.

Her emotions were beginning to feel unbearable. And in between her legs, her sex was beginning to sob. He eventually put his hand inside her panties. And watched her as she gasped. He began to explore her with his hand. Watching her face the whole time. Enjoying how warm and wet her sex was. He watched her.

"Please," She begged.

He smiled at that. He enjoyed watching her squirm like this. Beg for more of his attention.

So he kept going. But he stopped first to kiss her. He said he needed both hands for that. One hand held her lovely face. The face he adored. The face that held the brilliant mind he loved. The other hand held his own body as he led her on her back underneath him. His lips pressed firmly but gently against hers. Stopping only now and then to breathe. Or to taste each other's lips and tongues. Time no longer existed. So I do not know how long they stayed this way. Lost in each other's mouths and bodies.

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