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A Charismatic Jean-Claude

A superficial plan of treasures and Ridiculousness

By Acacia Lynn StonehockerPublished about a year ago 1 min read

It was the perfect plan, unsavory, unkempt, and downright deplorable. But, who better to snatch those invaluable treasures, hidden away within the caverns than the infamous Jean-Claude himself? He hadn’t been honest with his intentions to Illithak, his naïve-hearted Half-Goliath counterpart. His disheartened intention to use Illithak’s beloved goat as a distraction, while they plundered enough treasures to sustain their lifestyles until their passing into the Separatist realm.

Dragons love goats, right?

However, it was soon apparent that Illithak would not agree to Jean-Claude’s deplorable plan. Taking hold of the goat while Illithak slept and strapping it to his back, he took off quietly to not wake the soon-irate Half-Goliath. Commencing his climb over the cascading rockslides and potentially catastrophic heights, Jean found himself above the dragon’s main chamber.

However, his luck would run short as Illithak had woken and was quickly encroaching, uncaring of the mountainous terrain, only one thought within his mind, his dear goat. Jean-Claude misplaced his footing trying to run, plummeting into the chambers, and landing weak-footed on the dragon.

He would never have the chance for revenge, however. As Illithak saw Jean-Claude limp from the caverns, only an egg in hand.

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About the Creator

Acacia Lynn Stonehocker

An avid author who loves to explore horror, and macabre, with a hint of humor in combination with painting scenes that almost anyone can enjoy! Most of my stories are horror in nature with elements that entice and allow a vivid picture!

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Comments (3)

  • Mack Devlinabout a year ago

    Great ending. Micro fiction masterfully executed.

  • Stephanie Downardabout a year ago

    I love your novel! This makes me want to read it again! A great entry for this challenge! ❤️

  • Thank you for sharing this and a great entry to the challenge

Acacia Lynn StonehockerWritten by Acacia Lynn Stonehocker

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