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100 passengers rescued from disabled J train in Queens

Chopper 2 was over a disabled train on Tuesday afternoon in Queens

By M khalid habibPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

NEW YORK - - Chopper 2 was over a debilitated train on Tuesday evening in Sovereigns, where travelers were subsequently saved.

The train, which was going on raised tracks, stalled out between Jamaica Road and 131st Road at around 3 p.m. It was coming up from the underground Jamaica Place/Parsons-Bowman station when it became incapacitated.

Chopper 2's Dan Rice revealed seeing travelers in each vehicle with the exception of the lead vehicle. Firemen were seen going vehicle to vehicle keeping an eye on the travelers. The FDNY said there were around 100 individuals on the train, yet no wounds were accounted for.

The MTA dispatched a salvage train that got every one of the riders off the impacted train.

Teams were proceeding to research an evident mechanical issue.

Because of the disaster, there was no J train administration between Sickle Road and Jamaica Center/Parsons-Bowman early Tuesday night.

J train administration continued around 7:30 p.m. with extreme postpones in the two headings.

On Tuesday, August eight, 2023, at approximately three:00 PM, a J educate have become disabled on the increased tracks among Jamaica Avenue and 131st Street in Queens, New York. There have been about 100 passengers on board the teach on the time.

The educate became disabled after it struck debris at the tracks. The MTA right away dispatched emergency responders to the scene.

The New York City Local group of fire-fighters (FDNY) utilized stepping stool trucks to save the travelers from the instruct. The travelers had been brought all the way directly to the cold earth accurately and with none wounds.

The MTA moreover dispatched a salvage instruct to the scene. The salvage train coupled to the handicapped instruct and towed it to the Sutphin Lane Bowman Road JFK Air terminal station.

The travelers from the impaired instruct had been moved to the salvage teach and taken to the Sutphin Lane Bowman Road JFK Air terminal station.

The MTA is researching the explanation of the teach crash.

Coming up next are a portion of the fundamental thing focal points from the occurrence:

Roughly 100 travelers had been protected from an impaired J train in Sovereigns on Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

The train have arise as impaired after it struck garbage on the tracks.

The New York City Local group of fire-fighters (FDNY) utilized stepping stool vehicles to protect the travelers from the train.

The travelers were presented all of the way right down to the floor precisely and with none mishaps.

The MTA is examining the explanation of the instruct wrecking.

The occurrence is a sign of the significance of security on open transportation. The MTA is committed to conferring steady and trustworthy supplier to its clients.

The following are a few hints for staying safe on public transportation:

Be privy to your surroundings and take note of announcements from the train operator or bus motive force.

If you spot some thing suspicious, document it to the train operator or bus driver right now.

Do no longer crowd the doors or try to board or go out a moving train or bus.

Hold directly to a handrail or strap always at the same time as the educate or bus is moving.

Be careful of your assets and do now not leave them unattended.

If you're worried in a teach derailment or other public transportation twist of fate, follow those recommendations:

Stay calm and do not panic.

If you are capable of circulate correctly, get off the train or bus and faraway from the tracks or roadway.

If you are injured, searching for clinical attention straight away.

If you see a person who's injured, help them if you could adequately accomplish that.

Cooperate with emergency responders.

TheMTA is grateful to the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) and different emergency responders for his or her short and green response to the incident. The MTA is also grateful to its customers for his or her endurance and cooperation.

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