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10 Unsolved Mysteries of World War I

Untangling the Threads: 10 Riveting Unsolved Mysteries That Haunt World War I

By HalintonePublished 10 months ago 8 min read

10 Unsolved Mysteries of World War I

Even after the passage of over a century since the conclusion of the First World War in 1918, numerous captivating aspects of this historic event remain veiled in secrecy. Surprisingly, despite the abundance of information and extensive research conducted on the subject, many of these enigmas persist unresolved, destined to remain tantalizing puzzles. The evidence that could potentially shed light on these mysteries now lies buried beneath the weight of subsequent conflicts, such as World War II. This enigmatic phenomenon holds the tenth position on our list.

Private John Parr born in

1898 in North London John Parr joined

the British war effort as a

reconnaissance cyclist it was his job to

ride out and gather Intel on enemy

positions though unfortunately his life

would come to an end merely 17 days

after Britain entered the war John Parr

would be the first British soldier

killed on the European front during

World War one though till today we don't

know exactly who killed him or how Parr

was last seen before the Battle of mons

in August 1914. according to accounts

from the battlefield he was most likely

killed from rifle Fire by a German

Cavalry Patrol and it probably happened

during the battle however no one saw it

happening and his partner returned to

cam from their reconnaissance trip

unharmed moreover German units hadn't

reached British positions until well

after his estimated date of death so

there's a chance that par was killed by

a local or worse or one of his own

comrades 9. the Lost Romanov treasure

before the first world war broke out in

1914 Russia and the third largest gold

Reserve in the world after the US and

France much of it was transported out of

the country by the anti-communist white

Army led by Admiral vassaler which call

Jack that seized power after the Russian

Revolution of 1918. it could be traced

right up until 1920 when the white

forces were decisively defeated by the

Bolsheviks with all of their treasure

seized and returned to the Russian

government when they checked though more

than 1600 tons of the gold was missing

we still don't have a clue where it

could be one Theory says that it's

buried in several sites inside the city

of omps because that's where the white

Army was positioned in the largest

numbers it could also be at the bottom

of Lake by car which is the largest

freshwater lake in the world by volume

making exploration rather difficult

number eight nurse Mall suitcase back in

February 2013 a mysterious suitcase was

discovered in the psychology department

of abate University in Scotland it was

filled with items from the first world

war including photographs postcards and

letters while we now know that it

belonged to a nurse working at the

Dartford Wars the building Kent named

Margaret mall that's all we really know

about it we don't know how it ended up

at Abate or why it was never claimed by

any of Maul's relatives in the past

there are no records of all ever having

visited Abate and some speculate that it

may have been donated to the university

by a family member who didn't realize

its significance or simply left behind

by an ex-student related to mall in some

way while the suitcase's contents are

fascinating and provide a first-rate

glimpse into the so-called Great War

there's still quite a bit of mystery

surrounding exactly how it ended up

where it did 7. USS Cyclops the USS

Cyclops disappeared in early March 1918

making it one of the first Mysteries to

emerge out of the now Infamous Bermuda

Triangle is a Collier or a type of ship

used to transport large quantities of

coal as well as one of the largest ships

in the U.S Navy at the time it's a lot

along with more than 300 Sailors aboard

remains a mystery to this day curiously

two of its sister ships the USS near us

and the USS Proteus disappeared

somewhere in the same area years later

in 1941. theories range from German

submarines to huge sea monsters though

most of them fall flat due to a lack of

evidence the sheer size of the vessel

combined with the lack of distress

signals or signs of wreckage has led

many to believe that something unusual

happened to the ship in its crew some of

their descendants have continued their

own investigations into the incident

though to little success number 6. the

Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen more

famously known as the Red Baron was one

of the most renowned Pilots of world war

one he was a German flying ace credited

with shooting down 80 enemy aircraft

during his career as a fighter pilot his

death in April 1918 however has been

shrouded in mystery ever since we know

that it happened in the Somme region of

France where it was engaged in a

high-stakes fight against the Canadian

Ace Wilfred May though it's unclear

exactly who shot his plane down we also

know that the killing bullet was fired

from an Australian Vicar's machine gun

which entered his right lateral chest

and exited through his left chest while

many British French and Australian

soldiers had fired at him with similar

weapons and a few have even come forward

to claim it in the years since we still

don't know who made the Fatal shot 5.

bellicus bellicus was a Hungarian serial

killer drafted into the austro-hungarian

army during World War One while he was

gone rumors about his death on the front

led to his landlord going to his house

and clearing it out for the next tenant

there he found 24 dead bodies in various

stages of decomposition resulting in a

large-scale search operation across

Hungary and nearby countries kiss was

never found as the wartime chaos in

Europe made it impossible to precisely

locate him according to One account he

was almost caught in Serbia later that

year though he reportedly escaped by

placing a Dead Soldier in his place as a

decoy in the year since his

disappearance kiss has been allegedly

spotted in various locations around the

world including Romania turkey and even

New York City number four the mystery

sketch diary sometime in the 1970s a

mysterious diary is found in the

archives of the University of Victoria

in Canada filled with sketches from the

front lines of the first world war the

only initials found on it were JM and we

still don't know who that was the

contents of the Diary are varied

depicting Landscapes buildings and

people caught by the war in various ways

often in great detail the dedication on

the front page reads to my daughter

Adele and the diary features the emblems

of the British royal horse and

roll-filled artillery units which is

assumed to be where JM served her in the

war that has led some people to believe

that he was a British soldier serving in

France or Belgium though his precise

identity remains largely unknown number

three the Florentine Diamond at 100

137.27 metric carats the Florentine

Diamond was easily one of the largest

diamonds ever mined it was acquired by

the Portuguese governor of Goa ludovico

Castro in the late 16th century and

eventually ended up in the hands of the

Medici family in Florence it was passed

on to the Habsburg Dynasty after the

medicis died out where it stayed right

up until Austria's defeat in the first

world war the stone was last seen in

1918 as part of an exhibition in Vienna

and has since completely disappeared

from public view one Theory says that it

was taken by someone close to the

Austrian Imperial family and smuggled

out of Austria possibly to South America

or the United States another suggests

that it was sold to a collector in

Europe and the stone has been in their

private collection ever since 2. the sea

monster in October 2016 the remains of a

German submarine from World War One were

discovered off the coast of Scotland

sonar scans and video taken by

underwater drones revealed the rectu

boat relying nearly upright on the

seafloor raising many questions about

what happened to it according to Marine

archaeologist and historian in his

McCartney it could have been a ub-85

submarine though that's really all we

know about it per accounts of German

crew Manning the submarine this

particular ub-85 was attacked by a giant

sea monster when it was at the surface

recharging its batteries during the war

it was severely damaged in the fight

forcing the crew to abandon it before it

sank to the depths of the Atlantic the

British forces in the region however

claimed that it was instead sunk by

their patrol boat the HMS coreopsis on

April 30th 1918 though the incident has

never been officially confirmed by

either side 1. who started the war for a

war that changed the world in more ways

than we can count due to its sheer scale

is surprisingly difficult to pinpoint

exactly who started it the answer is not

as straightforward as one might think as

well we know the immediate trigger the

assassination of Martial Franz Ferdinand

by a Serbian nationalist we don't know

how that turned from an international

incident to one of the largest Wars in

human history different historians have

different takes on the topic while some

believe that Germany was squarely

responsible others say that it was the

collective Imperial interests of Germany

France Britain Russia and

Austria-Hungary that ultimately led to

the Carnage some have even blamed Serbia

owing to the Serbian State's complicity

in the assassination that started it all


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