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Why do women tend to close their eyes when they are in AA?

by Aioryur Korif9 2 months ago in divorced
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Why are women prettier when having sex? When a woman enters the stage of sexual excitement, the blood flow will accelerate, and the endocrine will also play a role, so there will be a blush on the cheeks, the skin will also become shiny and elastic, coupled with the woman's own spirit coruscate, it will naturally look better than usual.

So why do women always close their eyes?

In sexual health counseling, it is found that the reason why men are willing to look at women with wide eyes is not only to get visual pleasure, but also to observe the reactions that appear on women's faces and to determine whether their actions are effective or not. in order to get psychological satisfaction and spiritual pleasure. On the other hand, when women have sex, most people are willing to close their eyes (we don't rule out the occasional opening of their eyes), even if they are long after sex. Why don't women watch their sexual partners have sex with their eyes open like men? There is obviously another mystery here.

If some of your friends are interested in this question, you might as well think back to your entire sex life. In general, all the actions in this process are done by men, so men not only have to work hard on it, but also concentrate on collecting feedback from each other in order to adjust their behavior. In contrast, women have much less responsibility, and they can devote all their thoughts to psychological activities to experience and enjoy the feelings of sex. Since you want to pursue experience and enjoyment, it is better to close your eyes.

Although women close their eyes at this time, their mental activity does not stop for a moment. It can also be said that it is precisely because women do not need too much behavioral input in their sex life, which promotes their psychological activity. Of course, at this time, their imagination will not have nothing to do with the ongoing sex life, but since it is imagination, it will not be an objective repetition of reality, but a beautification of reality, for example, the environment during sex is not good, but they can imagine that they are under the blue sky and white clouds; each other's movements are not ideal, but they can imagine themselves fascinated by those movements. When they are in a bad mood when they have sex, they can imagine that they are in a very good mood; they can even imagine that they have been greatly satisfied when they feel sexually average. If imagination is so useful, why open your eyes? If you open your eyes and the beautiful imaginary world is destroyed by reality, it will be a big spoil!

So when having sex, most women keep their eyes closed. Men must not misunderstand.


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