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What You Need to Know About Baby Detergent?

Is laundry detergent safe for your child's skin

By Muhammad Asif Published 6 months ago 6 min read

Baby Detergent

When you consider everything you have to worry about as a parent, doing baby laundry shouldn't be one of them! to find products that were safe for his little niece's skin.

My friend was born out of a real need for gentle cleansing and washing products for delicate skin, but he actually did a great job! With that in mind, this week we're going to focus on the laundry basket and share what you need to know about using baby detergent.

Do We Really Need Baby Detergent?

So do you really need to use different products to wash your baby's clothes? We think the answer is yes, but not quite! Although the entire WBM Care range is safe enough to use on your baby, we recommend it too!

You don't need to buy different laundry detergents that will fill your cupboard. You only need a bottle of Laundry Lover Non-Bio liquid detergent for the whole family.

This addresses the "no" part of our answer. But what about the "yes" part? We believe that the harsher standard detergents used in some traditional detergents are not suitable for your baby's skin.

The Difference Between Your Baby's Skin and Yours

We recommend that you use baby detergent to wash your baby's clothes, as anything you put on baby's skin will be absorbed by their body due to their thin skin. So it stands to reason that any detergent you use to wash your clothes touches your skin afterwards and is therefore absorbed. And since your baby's skin is so different from yours, it can be a problem if you use a harsh, chemical-filled detergent.

Baby skin is made up of much smaller cells than adult skin, and the collagen fibers are finer too! Studies suggest that the epidermis of a baby's skin is 20% thinner than ours. This means that your baby's skin is more likely to become dry and irritated. In other words, your baby's skin absorbs substances much more easily than ours.

The general purpose of fur is to act as a barrier, and the fact that your baby's skin is thinner makes it easier to see why the things we use on their clothes should be as soft as possible. Products with harsh chemicals on their ingredient list are more likely to weaken the skin's valuable barrier, leading to inflammation and allergies. Not good!

What to Look for When Buying Baby Detergent?

Go for as short an ingredient list as possible and always opt for non-organic ingredients. Non-organic means that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can leave a lot of residue on fabrics that later damages your baby's skin.

Always read the label to make sure the product is right for your baby. And if you're not sure, contact the manufacturer.

Opt for more natural ingredients than chemicals. You may be surprised, but non-organic baby detergents can be powerful for cleaning too! We only use 13 ingredients in our Laundry Lover detergent, while some heavy-duty equivalents can contain up to 30! And use the super powers of coconuts and vegetables!

Another thing to consider is perfume: when washing baby clothes, be sure to opt for an allergen-free perfume or fragrance-free detergent so you don't risk irritating delicate skin.

How to Identify a Baby-Friendly Laundry Detergent?

Regardless of the decision you have made about which detergent to use, one for adults or one designed specifically for babies, be sure to check the contents of a product before purchasing it. Pay attention and make sure that the one you choose:

• It is one of the hypoallergenic detergents: this must first be written on the label. However, it's pretty hard to be sure until you try it. Therefore, when you use a detergent for the first time, pay close attention to the reactions of your baby's skin. If in doubt or suspicion, remove these clothing.

• Does not contain perfumes: they can, in the first place, cause allergic reactions. Also, a newborn baby should smell like breast and breast milk, not the artificial scent of clothes. Here it is worth mentioning that unscented is not the same as unscented. In the first case, there are some artificial odors, however, they are not so evident or masked. Therefore, make sure that the product you choose does not contain any fragrance. At the store, open a bottle and check the smell for yourself.

• Does not have dyes: Again, these products can cause an allergy to baby detergent.

• It is made up of vegetable substances: on the contrary, products that have chemical content tend to be more irritating to your child's skin. So look for an organic baby or adult laundry detergent. They tend to create fewer problems.

Safety Always Comes First

Since it is important for parents to take care of their children's skin, they pay special attention to the quality of the products they choose for their children. However, it is essential to remember that any chemical presents a danger to your child. Your carefully selected mild detergent can become a real threat to your child's health and even life if she finds it somewhere in the bathroom.

So the number one rule is to store all chemicals out of the reach of children. You must be very careful not to let your curious child play in the bathroom or in the closet where chemicals are stored.

When it comes to clothing for babies and toddlers, the nature of the stains becomes different: food and chocolates, grass and dirt. Achieving a clean state of these garments is increasingly difficult. However, it is always best to avoid using bleach, rinse aid, and laundry detergent pods. The latter are becoming very popular as they have great results. However, it is the most dangerous. These detergents are highly concentrated. Therefore, it is better to avoid using them for children's clothing. Your child's skin is still quite sensitive, so it is better to opt for a hypoallergenic detergent.

Safe and Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent: Important to Know

Is laundry detergent safe for your child's skin? This is the most common question from parents trying to protect their children from potential threats from the world around them. Here are some additional considerations and tips to pay attention to.

First of all, your baby's skin is too thin to withstand strong blows from any source. The sun, the air, the chemicals and everything around it is new to a baby who has spent 9 months in the most comfortable environment. When it comes to clothing, it is the product that is in direct contact with your baby's skin. Adults are already used to many chemicals and are not even sensitive to the most aggressive additives. While a baby's skin will react immediately. So, always be careful when trying something new for a child: whether it's a new laundry detergent for sensitive skin, shampoo, or even food.

Also, never forget to rinse your clothes twice, as well as choose the best pods for washing machine you are going to use. Those with high performance machines should check if a detergent is suitable. In this way, the result will be more satisfactory, at the same time that there will be no damage to the machine. On the bottle, look for the WBM which stands for high efficiency.

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