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Varisu movie review

The film revolves around the incident of brother brother and father

By Ganesh AgmPublished 10 months ago 2 min read

Varish - A Family Drama Review

Director: Vamshi Paidipally

Writers: Vamshi Paidipally, Hari, Ahishor Solomon

Cast: Vijay, Rashmika Mandanna, Shaam, Sarathkumar, Yogi Babu, Prakash Raj

Varish - Exploring the Dynamics of a Family

Varish, directed by Vamshi Paidipally, delves into the complexities of a family unit. The film revolves around Rajendran (Sarathkumar), the authoritative and competitive father who heads a business conglomerate. Sudha (Jayasudha), his wife, plays the role of a long-suffering mother striving to maintain harmony within the family. As the story progresses, we encounter their elder son Jay (Meka Srikanth), an inefficient businessman and womanizer, and his wife (Sangeetha), who constantly wears a gloomy expression. Their rebellious teenage daughter adds to the chaotic atmosphere.

Another son, Ajay (Shaam), finds himself in debt due to his poor business decisions and falls into the clutches of unscrupulous corporate forces. His wife (Samyuktha), like the other female characters in the film, lacks substantial dialogues. Lastly, the prodigal son, Vijay (played by Vijay himself), returns to restore order to this fragmented family. But I won't spoil the details for you.

Varish doesn't aim to be groundbreaking or innovative; it embraces the familiar tropes that Tamil cinema has offered for years. True to Telugu cinema's style, the film boasts a multitude of characters continuously vying for attention. Prakash Raj portrays a meek antagonist, Ganesh Venkatraman takes on the role of a loserly financier, and Prabhu plays the endearing family doctor. Yogi Babu appears as the amusing "kitchen uncle," while Suman, Sriman, VTV Ganesh, Sathish, and even SJ Suryah make cameo appearances, adding to the already bustling cast.

With such a lively ensemble, there is never a dull moment in Varish. The film adheres to a predictable template, injecting moments of excitement whenever the plot threatens to become mundane. Whenever the family's shenanigans become tiresome, the film breaks into song and dance sequences, featuring Rashmika Mandanna, who captivates the audience with her vibrant performances, sometimes even overshadowing Vijay himself.

Varish doesn't shy away from action either, with typical fight scenes showcasing flying goons, neck-breaking maneuvers, chest-kicking encounters, and the occasional scene of carrying a half-dead man on one's shoulder. Thaman's songs and background score evoke a sense of nostalgia, intentionally or unintentionally.

However, the comedy aspect of the film falls short. Vijay resorts to blackmailing board members of a public limited company using trivial personal information, leading to their votes in his favor, even culminating in a dance routine during a board meeting. Vijay's "startup" project, mentioned throughout the film, seems underdeveloped, as we never witness him actively working on it, except for scrolling through maps of India. Vivek's dialogues often feel like a compilation of lines borrowed from Vijay's previous films, occasionally feeling forced. Furthermore, there is an unfortunate fat-shaming joke targeting Yogi Babu.

In the first half of Varish, the predictability of the plot and the setup-punchline structure of scenes might leave viewers eager to move forward. The wait for the interval point feels somewhat protracted. However, Vamshi Paidipally compensates for this in the second half by intensifying the mass appeal, shattering obstacles, and sprinkling witty remarks throughout. While the film aims to please the fans, it also offers enjoyment to those who can appreciate the references and embrace the film's absurdity. Overall, Varish can be considered a tolerable watch.

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