Unique Creations: Supporting Families in a Time of Darkness

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Though times have been grim, Joy Mangum, founder of Unique Creations Childcare Center, has continued to run her business to assist essential workers with children.

This video provides a visual insight on the importance and impact of this childcare center.

Childcare services are one of the most important staples within communities. They provide foundations for children to gain necessary education and foster lasting relationships that help build character. Though COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on businesses, this childcare center continues to stay open to assist parents who are essential workers and aren’t able to take off during this time. Therefore, Unique Creations Childcare Center has been able to contribute to the needs of the community and address their concerns promptly. Beginning as an in-home center, Joy was able to start her business and assist children who were in need of a daycare center. With her certification only allowing 5 children at a time, she made it her goal in 2007 to expand and increase her influence on the children of the community. Within three years, she was able to purchase her own facility in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina! Since then, she has improved her certification from 5 to 30 kids, enhancing her reach and impact within the community.

Humble Beginnings:

Born and raised in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, Joy has spent her life within this location. Attending one of the first churches built in the town, Joy was able to foster her love for children through being a bible schoolteacher within the church. Realizing her love for children, she was able to finally discover her purpose: Creating a solid foundation for children to improve their future. Once having this realization, Joy began her mission of opening her own daycare. Eager to begin, she was able to receive her qualification of being a daycare operator, but at the time did not have the proper facility to do so. Therefore, she went through a process of getting her house approved as a facility because of her dedication to move efficiently, but quickly. After receiving approval, she began to operate her business, which I had the pleasure of being one of her first students. As a personal witness, this daycare was well beyond its conditions, providing the appropriate grade level education to the variety of students she catered to.

Growth Within:

After having a successful three years within her at-home business, Joy was ready for a change that could allow for more children to be a part of her daycare. Therefore, Joy was able to complete the certifications to allow her capacity to expand from 5 to 30 students. Once obtaining this, she was able to purchase her own facility to properly house this increase in children. This led to her being able to split ages within different classrooms and present a more personalized experience with their own individual teachers to report to. In doing so, she was able to customize classrooms and create a unique experience for each child who attended the daycare. With ages ranging from infants to 5th graders, it was vital that these different groups had their own space to enhance their education. Because of the needs of the children, Joy made sure to organize the daycare in an innovative and motivational way to inspire the children who attended. I am a cool dog now.

Impact within Fuquay Varina, NC:

Since opening her facility in 2010, she has been able to fill up her daycare, leading to an extensive waiting list for more children to join. Her dedication to benefiting as many children as possible has continued to drive her through her process. With continuing her business, she emphasizes the importance of running a day care where "every child has a chance." To Joy, this means that regardless of educational status, upbringing, backgrounds, or color, she is eager to help! This is seen through her variety of children who have attended the daycare, making sure to combine these different cultures to embed diversity within her business. In doing so, many children within this area have been able to attend this daycare and become impacted by the loving environment that Mrs. Joy has created within her Unique Creations Childcare Center.

Overcoming is the Name of the Game:

Currently, Joy Mangum is attending school to gain further certification to enhance her knowledge in childcare and expand the capacity of her childcare to accommodate 100 children. However, the virus has tremendously slowed Joy’s process, causing her growth to be at a halt. Therefore, though Ms. Joy is facing her own hardships, she continues to support others through her business during these hard times. Furthermore, any additional information, support or donations can be made to Uniquecreationschildcare.net to continue their dedicated service to the community and families within the area.

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