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Top 10 gifts parents should give their children

How do parents show their love?

By Richard ShurwoodPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Top 10 gifts parents should give their children
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Every child needs love, and many need it far more than a gift or two of toys. But how can parents show their love?

Suggestions: tap your child on the shoulder; give your child a kiss before bedtime; wave your hand when you say goodbye to your child; give your child a greeting when he or she comes home - these are all ways to show love to your child.


Your child's healthy development will require you to provide some rules of conduct in order to teach him the importance of not doing whatever he wants in everything and the importance of self-discipline.

Suggestion: Use stern but understandable discipline to discipline your child for bad behavior, and then calmly explain to him, "Whenever you do it again, I will stop it until you can correct it yourself."

Lead by example

The most important message you send to your child is often not achieved with words. Throughout a child's formative years, he will imitate and model his parents' behavior.

Suggestion: Always remind yourself that your child is watching you, so you must be very aware of your actions. If you don't want your child to smoke, you better not be around cigarettes yourself. To set a good example for your child, parents must lead by example.


A child's self-esteem is developed through the respect shown to him by his parents. Corporal punishment is a form of disrespect for the child. Respect means that you must see your child as uniquely "this one" and allow him to develop his own hobbies and pursuits.

Suggestion: Respect your child's individuality even if his development is not in line with the goals you have designed for him, or if some of his behavior is difficult for you to understand. You should care about him, but not make everything for him. You should encourage him to think independently and explore, and let him know that you are always watching out for him.

Good self-image

It is important to praise your child appropriately for good behavior, but if the praise is overstated, it can be detrimental to your child's self-esteem. On the contrary, excessive blame and ridicule sends the message that "you are not capable of doing this and I must do it for you." This approach of taking care of everything can undermine your child's sense of accomplishment.

Suggestion: Let your child work on something independently until he has complete mastery, and then say, "Good job!" Give your child a sense of accomplishment.

Good Healthy Habits

Parental behavior is important in developing healthy habits in children. By consistently brushing their teeth, working out, or focusing on eating healthy, parents are unintentionally instilling in your child the idea that they need to take care of their bodies.

Suggestions: Have your child go to the hospital regularly to get the necessary health checkups, and also make your child aware of the dangers of bad habits on the body.

Spend more time with your child

Even if you are busy and tired at work, you need to let your child know that he always comes first in your mind.

Suggestion: Plan an activity with your child once a week, then let your child look forward to the moment and let him know that you are very happy to be with him.

Motivation to learn

All those parents who are willing to learn are in effect setting an example for their children. However, care should be taken not to push the envelope. Too much pressure on children can affect their intrinsic motivation to learn.

Suggestion: Start your child learning to read at an early age, and then have him read aloud to you when he is older. Nurture his curiosity about nature and his surroundings. You should always listen to your child's ideas and explore some issues with him.

Sense of Humor

Laughing with your child will help him see the lighter and happier side of things. Don't always be serious with your child; laughter can make us love life more.

Suggestion: Read humorous books and watch comedy movies with your child. Parents should show appreciation when their child tries some humorous behavior.


From the age of two, children need to play with children of the same age or slightly older. Children can learn to compromise, empathize and cooperate, and also develop new skills, interests, responsibilities, etc. All you have to do is to give them some guidance at the right time.

Suggestions: Don't always keep your child at home to play games that are already designed, but encourage him to play more often with children of the same age so that he can broaden his horizons in free and easy activities.


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