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Tired as a Mother...

When did I become your slave?!

By Mother SuperiorPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

I'm tired, and not like the normal tired. The tired of being a mom, tired of being a student, tired of being a wife, tired of being tired. I'm busy, like always, if I'm not taking care of kids, getting my husband set up for the day or doing schoolwork, then I'm doing laundry or cooking or doing something. When does it end? When do I get appreciated? Don't get me wrong I love my kids and my husband but why am I everyone's slave? My husband and I have been together a little over 3 years and we came to the marriage with 3 children (2 girls from his previous and 1 boy from my previous) we then added one more boy. All our children are under 8 years old and though we have 3 of them part-time, I'm a full time mom. Oh, side note, we also live with my in-laws, yes they’re great but that’s 2 more mouths that I’m responsible for feeding. That’s 2 more people I need to make sure have dinner plans before I just decide I don’t want to cook for.

For my husband, he was raised a down right southern man, me on the other hand I'm a first generation born in the U.S. kind of woman. I was raised that a marriage is equal, yes my mom did all the housework and cooking but both parents worked, a lot, but my mother didn't "cater" to my father. There were nights that my mom worked until after midnight so dad picked us up, cooked, cleaned, bathed us and put us to bed without hesitation. But now here I am, waking up on days I can sleep in to make my husband's sandwich, coffee and get his shit together so he can wake up 15 minutes before we have to leave, 10 which is spent on the toilet checking out Facebook videos. Which seriously drives me nuts, why does it take you over an hour to poop, shower and come out? What else are you really doing in there? Are Facebook videos so much more entertaining than your wife? And then I make him dinner every night, that's normal but I have to make his plate too? What the hell? Are your legs broken?

I’m not sure if he just expects it because that’s what his mother does for his father or he thinks just because I don’t work I shouldn’t mind doing these things. Most times I don’t mind but sometimes I want to be able to sit down first and eat instead of being the last one to sit down which is right around the time everyone wants seconds, so eventually when I sit down I’m eating cold food. I'm tired too, maybe I don't work but I work my ass off at this house to take care of kids and make sure you have clothes to wear. I love him, I really do and that's why I do these things for him, I appreciate that he works his ass off every day so I can stay at home for now and so I have the things that I have but a simple "thank you" or some flowers here and there would be awesome. And my kids? Yea they're great most of the time, when they're not bickering at each other or crying for some stupid reason "she took the car I was going to play with". Dude there's 500 other little cars in the box! STOP CRYING! I just want to cry myself to sleep or in the shower just to let out some aggression! I'm tired...

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Mother Superior

I’m a full time mom and full time student.. 4 kids and a husband.. I’m busy, I’m tired and sometimes my kids drive me bat shit crazy!

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