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This pancake stall, explode the circle of friends

The story behind to see hundreds of millions of people crying ......

By AhmarovaPublished 4 months ago 8 min read

The "Thirty Only" that broke the circle of friends, hot search round after round, netizens were touched by the stories of Gu Jia, Wang Manni, and Zhong Xiaoqin.

But I was deeply moved by a special presence in the drama.

It is the pancake stall family that is cut into the end of the film.

They don't have a single line of dialogue, but they are so warm, so happy, and so touching.

What is the definition of happiness?

What is the definition of happiness? What do children need to focus on when they grow up?

From this ordinary family, perhaps we can get more thoughts and enlightenment.

The most ordinary fireworks, the most simple love of parents.

Shanghai, once a ten-mile foreign city, is now the Magic City of the East.

In this glamorous city, they are the lowest and most ordinary family.

Their mother stalls pancakes, their father delivers deliveries, and a small mobile cart and a humble rented room are all they have.

The hardships of life are engraved on their rough faces, but what is visible in people's eyes is their smiling faces.

"When the pancake is cooked, the fragrance of oil overflows and Mom's stall wakes up the vibrant morning, Dad rides his delivery truck into the traffic.

In this city, they seem to be dispensable, yet indispensable.

Whenever the camera sweeps over them, this ordinary fireworks atmosphere, always makes people feel grounded and at ease.

In the play, Gu Jia loves her son so much that she takes on debt to buy a mansion for him, puts down her dignity to please the wife upstairs, and squeezes Xu Ziyan into a top kindergarten.

The pancake stall couple cannot provide their son with privileged living conditions, but the love and care they can gives no less than hers.

Mom would spread countless eggs a day, not bothering to eat a single one herself, but she would carefully pour out the used egg shells and gather the remaining egg whites inside a little and fry them for her son.

She would always look at her son with tender and loving eyes, with a smile.

Dad would come to visit his son on his way to deliver a delivery and give him a small hand-made picture book to make his heart content.

In the rental house, the family of three took turns to be the barber, laughing and giggling.

At night, mom, dad, and the child are crammed into a bed, a mosquito flies into the mosquito net, and gives the couple wakes up one after another to catch the mosquito, and then carefully lies down, afraid to worry about the son's good dreams.

All the images of the three of them together warmed my heart.

Their heartfelt happiness and satisfaction have nothing to do with money or status.

What flows in this family is the warmth, as soft and quiet as the moon, as refreshing as the fragrance of flowers.

They are like the most common and ordinary kind of parents around us!

They may not have any great skills, but they live joyfully and love their children sincerely and simply.

They can't provide tens of millions of dollars of schoolhouses or thousands of dollars of high-end toys, but they have a vigorous and soft heart.

Their love may seem simple, but it's delicate and thoughtful, and continuous.

What children need most is never extravagant material things.

A child nourished by love in a humble home is just as healthy and rich.

It is not a sadness to repeat the life of the previous generation.

The pancake stall family has a small clip called a "band-aid".

The mother gives one to her son, and the naughty little boy pulls it off and puts it on his father's neck.

After that, he carefully put the used Band-Aids on the window glass to make a house shape.

A small house and a family together is the happiest thing in a child's eyes, right?

And I couldn't help but think: What will be the future of this child?

Will he settle down here, own his own house, and make the leap?

Or will he grow up to be like Wang Manni, floating on the edge of the city, repeating his parents' life path?

The BBC classic documentary "Seven Years of Life" spent decades following the growth of 14 children, and the results show that class solidification is a norm.

Many children have big dreams at an early age, but end up living the way their parents once did.

They do ordinary jobs and live ordinary lives, not distinguishing themselves from others, not getting the limelight, and even the little talent and aptitude they had as children have been lost in the storms of life and the wear and tear of the years.

Isn't it a sadness to repeat the path of the previous generation and live an ordinary life like our parents?

A girl in the documentary replied with a smile, "This is the state I want to be in."

Ever notice that we are becoming more and more like our own parents.

Life habits, behavior, speech, and mannerisms, even if we once disliked and dissatisfied, and even fiercely resisted, but in the small stream of time subtle approach and synchronization.

The little boy at the pancake stall, who understands and is well-behaved, accompanies his mother out of the stall every day, helps her carry down the cooking oil with all his strength, and blows a fan for her in the hot weather.

There is a small fragment in the play called "Light".

"The lights are on, the night is bright, a family of three closing the stall and going home, the little boy is sitting in the car, reaching out his little hands to catch the light that is suddenly bright and dark, with an innocent smile on his face."

This is the light of the city, but also the light of hope, jumping in the hands of children, with infinite possibilities.

The mother takes the child's hand and sends him to school, maybe in the future he will get ahead, maybe not.

Like his parents, he will live as an unimportant person in the city.

But he will also inherit the quality of hard work and enthusiasm from his parents, and try to live an optimistic life.

It is also a good ending to be a simple and true self with a heart of a child!

Teach your children to pursue excellence while accepting their ordinariness.

In The Moon and Sixpence, Maugham writes, "I have lived an ordinary life with all my might."

We once longed so much for our different lives, but gradually woke up to the harsh reality.

Our parents are ordinary people, we are ordinary people, and our children, too, maybe just as likely to be the nobodies in life.

The final debate of the sixth season of "Oddball" was: "If you spend your life as an ordinary person, do you regret it?"

A quote from Huang Dezhong resonated with many people.

He said that there are so many stars in the sky, we will not say which one is dimmer, even if the dimmer stars are strung together to form a constellation that can guide the direction.

The world is not only the brightest stars are worth hanging in the sky.

Each person is a unique star, standing in its place, with its light.

The ordinary is the truest color of life, we can strive to get the most brilliant and eye-catching moments.

But if you can't, you don't have to feel sorry for yourself, just stand there peacefully, and live up to the beautiful night sky, it's already a landscape.

The poet Wang Guozhen said, "Perhaps we will always be ordinary, ordinary also has a quiet poise."

Although extraordinary people may be more easily seen and remembered.

But being ordinary does not mean loneliness and pathos either. There is a stable and calm mind, as well as life can be lived with taste.

Many years ago, writer Liu Jirong's article "People Sitting on the Curb and Applauding" caught the internet and became the essay topic of the Zhejiang Provincial College Entrance Examination in 2012.

In the article, a girl was called "No. 23" because she always ranked 23rd in the class of 50 students in every exam.

In addition to her grades, she also has no outstanding talent. On field trips with her classmates, other children either sing or perform skits, but her daughter is the only one who can't do anything but applaud happily.

But such an ordinary qualified daughter has become the most admired classmate in the class.

Because she is generous and cheerful, optimistic and humorous, and eager to help others, everyone is willing to be friends with her.

My daughter said.

"The teacher told a maxim that when a hero passes by, someone always has to sit on the side of the road and applaud.

I don't want to be a hero, I want to be the one who sits by the side of the road and applauds."

The author concludes his essay by writing.

"How many people in this world, who aspire to be heroes when they are young, end up as ordinary people in the smoke and mirrors."

If healthy, if happy, if not against her heart, our child, and why not be a good ordinary person.

When she grows up, she will become a virtuous wife, a gentle mother, even a warm-hearted colleague, and a kind neighbor.

In those long years, she can live the life she wants peacefully.

As a parent, what better future do you want to pray for your child?"


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