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This can be the ultimate word for expressing love mom

I have never been able to find a relationship, a love, a word for my mother.

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Start writing... Mom. This can be the ultimate word for expressing love. We say 'my father is like my mother', 'my wife is like my mother', 'my sister is like my second mother', 'the teacher is also my mother', wherever we look for love, wherever love is expressed, we say 'mother'. I have never been able to find a relationship, a love, a word for my mother.We all sing, 'You are a painting that does not rotate above the rotating earth', 'There is no life that does not call itself mother'. But, how many of us feel the true depth of the words? How many of us openly show love for mom?It was only then that one realized that what we had on Mom was love beyond love. The same goes for mom. The Savior who rescues us from danger is always the Mother.Friend Karthik once wrote about how his mother saved him when he was stung by bees."I do not recognize anyone. Twenty to thirty people were running as male and female. I just took the whole bee bite in my body and kept screaming I couldn’t bear it. Then a voice, that familiar voice, sounded. The front of a saree was tucked around my running shoulders."Alas, I would not have put on my dot shirt, I would have run so selfishly," she screamed as the bees clung to my mother's body, clutching at me without hiding herself. Surrounding me he did not turn his back until the bees' fury subsided. I know better. That attachment will stay with me for as long as I live. ”How can it be done only by the mother?It is the mother who shows this hope, not in words, but in action every time. My mother has done the same thing many times. He has just taken the blow to save me from the dad who gets angry over the nose. When my finger got stuck in the car door and I unknowingly put something in Dad’s trash at home, I got exactly half of the kicks that fall to Mom. When I was in college, I knew that there would always be a mother who would come to the teacher and say, "I know about my pussy" when she spoke ill of me for violating the law that a man should not talk to a woman.Wherever she finds her baby's favorite food, I 've seen a mother who brings it home without putting it in her mouth, a mother who stays up at night until she's finished reading, a mother who leaves her child at home with a fever and goes to work, and a mother who carries a baby in her lap and a match in her hand for some refinement. How can so much patience, love, and strength be available only to moms?Stories about mom never end. Stories about my grandmother, stories about my mom's girlfriend, stories about my grandmother's mother go on today. Their stories are profound and full of embarrassment.I know the story of a mother who drank only coffee because of food shortages. I have also seen a mother standing in tears Malki asking for help to get her child to study. The question often arises in me as to how so much love and patience is imbued within them. The mother still has the pain of being denied education in her heart; That anger, that energy is coal. If we are in a good position to study today, is the mother the primary reason for that?The reason our mother does that is because of her mother; She has her mother. Going back like this, there will be an Adi mother and Adi father who first educated their daughter despite the opposition of the society. Our lives today are made possible by them. What can we do for them? We thank our children for giving them a good education without discrimination!.What I mean by education is not the purchase of ‘degrees’. The ability to perceive the diversity of the world; The maturity to understand different human beings; Education is the thought that makes the slightest difference in our time.Education is when a woman realizes that she is not the object of marriage and that the man understands that he is in no way superior to a woman. In short, education is liberation. Freedom from feelings of ignorance, jealousy, hatred and hostility. Education is about achieving an outsider who is only full of love and virtue. Giving such education is the only debt of gratitude we owe.The mother who is always with me.


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