Things You Won't Believe Your Mum Was Right About

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Things You Won't Believe Your Mum Was Right About

Our biggest source of advice and warning comes from our parents but especially our mothers. However, sometimes we don't always appreciate the things they are telling us at the time or just don't see how they are relevant to you because your mum was never your age, right?

1. Don't like it? Have you tried it?

How many times as a child did we hear this question (or close to it)? Whether it was salmon, spinach or even just not in the mood for that particular food, we have all felt like a victim at dinner time. Now we can go out to eat and order all the foods we once hated with a vengeance.

2. Are you wearing dry clothes?

Now I don't know about you but i used to hear this a fair amount. I would hate doing the laundry and get super impatient with that final load and just not let it dry completely, only to realize I needed it the next morning and it was still damp. The only comment was an "I told you so" when I complained about feeling poorly 24 hours later.

3. You'll start to sound like me soon.

How many times did you hear your parents say, "I sound like my mum/dad." You don't need to have kids for this one to occur.

4. Coffee is the only way forward.

Anyone who has to do anything remotely adult-like can now understand why your Mum didn't speak to you before her first cup of coffee in the morning.

5. Nerf gun battles are not just for children.

Have you ever come home to find the living room a state and your parents hiding with Nerf guns? Who said that it gets boring after the kids grow up?My mum certainly didn't say that. There's certainly never a dull moment in my house.

6. Stick to that commitment.

It doesn't matter if it's the worst sport or you're the worst baker, you signed up for it and you're going to stick with it until the end of that season or classes. How else are you going to understand what commitment is?

7. You are never too old.

Whether you want to learn how to speak a language or fall in love or even to do the dishes, you are never too old to do anything if it means something to you.

8. It's okay NOT to be okay.

Everyday can't be a great day but there are great things in everyday. It is okay to be sad because it's not going to last forever, even if it feels like that at that moment in time.

9. The only thing stopping you is YOU.

Don't let fear of failing stop you from running towards your dreams and goals. The only way to achieving your happiness is by chasing it.

10. Go ahead and dream.

It's okay to dream and wander off into the future as long as you remember the only way of achieving those dreams is through a lot of hard work and feet placed firmly on the ground.

11. Superheroes Exist

Mums go through so much on the day to day and some have to battle illnesses of either themselves or their children. Mums are the biggest superheroes in disguise and as they watch their little sidekick grow up they get to reveal their biggest power; the ability to step back and allow you to flourish and to be the hero in your own story.

These are things I have learnt since I moved out. However, I also know people who are parents themselves still discovering just how much their mums were right. So the only piece of advice I would give you is, just listen to your mum, even if you might not ever believe what she is telling you is right, you'll one day discover she was.

Thank you, mum, and as often as I don't say it, you were right.

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