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Things I Must Give Up in Order to Fill My Gas Tank

My bucket list is too expensive

By Thomas EgelhoffPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Image by Merio from Pixabay

Let's face facts. The economy in the United States is clearly off the rails. Paycheck to paycheck has taken on a whole new meaning and redefined the American Dream.

Everything on store shelves has elevated in price. There is sticker shock down every aisle.

The only people benefiting from today's economy are those on a strict no food fast diet.

Gas prices don’t affect everyone equally. I drive a planet killing, gas guzzling, Ford Windstar Mini(?) Van.

I love that car. Whatever it takes to keep it running I'll probably do. My local mechanic will always have a good customer.

But loving my car does come with a cost. Adjusting the mirrors takes half a gallon of gas.

As gas prices pass $5.00 in some areas and inflation hits 8 percent, I must ask, “How am I going to keep my lavish lifestyle with these two wallet draining events only getting worse?”

In order to maintain my palatial way of living I'm going to have to drastically change some things.

But in view of today's economy I'm going to feel some obvious pain and sacrifice.

To Start I Must Give Up Some of My Favorite Foods

OMG. I’m such a foodie. This is going to be tough. I'm not a foodaholic in the strictest sense of the word but I like to eat.

I love my food but must give up some things s0 here goes.

No more asparagus, collard greens, sauerkraut, lettuce, cauliflower, seaweed, turnips, liver, broccoli, spinach, carrots, beets, alfalfa sprouts, Brussel sprouts, kale, okra, nuts, seeds, or grains.

I’m sure you’re already feeling my pain. But what doesn’t kill us just makes us stronger.

I’ll have to replace the more natural, organic, and overpriced foods with a more frugal modestly priced diet of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Skippy Peanut Butter, pork and beans, homemade doughnuts, Oreo Cookies, and candy bars.

That sacrifice alone should be worth a quarter of a tank a week.

I’m Pausing My Health Club Membership

Driving the two and a half blocks to the health club wastes too much fuel.

Some cuts are not always painful.

Plus, when I get there there’s never any parking places close to the door.

Raising and lowering the recliner footrest should suffice as 30 minutes a week of exercise until gas comes back down.

I’m Going to Reinvest My Gas Money Savings

Since I’m going to be driving less, I’ll save enough to purchase Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, Prime Video, Peacock, Vudu, Showtime, and the Hallmark Channel.

This reinvestment will also help with the recliner footrest exercise program above. Two birds with one stone.

It feels good to save and have a massive right arm.

Should I Buy an Electric Car and Not Need Gas at All?

Would buying an electric car work for me?

Let’s take a moment to review and think this through.

If I didn’t have the planet killing, fossil fuel guzzling SUV, I could have Kale, Okra, and Liver back? Is that your thinking?

There might be a planet where that thinking might make sense but it’s not in our solar system or even our Milky Way.

Some Final Thoughts

No, I think my initial plan is the way to go. Yes, there is considerable sacrifice involved but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

All the great thinkers and leaders of our time have had to face and overcome adversity.

I know that with my readers support I can accomplish my goals and come out better and stronger than when I went in.

And when gas goes back below $2.00 the Kale and Okra are on me. Thanks for having my back.

I hope you enjoyed reading that and that you'll support me by subscribing and passing this on to your friends and family. Thank you.


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  • Carol Townend7 months ago

    Tesco, where I live, are charging £99 for use of their pay-at-the-pump A.T.M,s and that charge is on top of the unleaded petrol my husband has to pay for to keep his car running. We were horrified to see it!

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